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I have been busy behind the scenes in the past months! It is finally time to share! As you may know, I have been a speaker for Teach Them Diligently for 6 years now and have been to many locations and met some of you! What always makes me sad is the fact that so many families want to attend in person but just aren’t able to for various reasons. When David and Leslie Nunnery contacted me about partnering with them for this online event I was THRILLED! They asked me to record two new sessions, that haven’t been shared in recent TTD convention seasons, so I got busy!

      TTD 2019 Back 2 Homeschool Join Me

With more than 45 speakers and incredible workshops to enjoy from the comfort of your own home, we pray this new event will go a long way towards helping you kick off this new homeschool year with more confidence and resolve than ever before!!

TTD 2019 Speakers

If you homeschool– or are even considering homeschooling, I encourage you to register this week for only $19!! (Regular price $25) The conference goes live the week of July 22-26 and you will have lifetime access to the workshops after that.

Back2Homeschool- Register Here

  • Workshops going LIVE during the week of July 22-26, 2019
  • More than 45 Speakers {see PDF list or speakers and sessions here}
  • More than 60 Different Workshops
  • Lifetime Access
  • Swag Bags for All Who Register
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall with more than 40 companies like Apologia, Alpha Omega, Notgrass, Creating a Masterpiece, Mystery of History, and many more.
  • Plus SO MUCH MORE!


Invest in your homeschool and your family, and pursue your calling to the best of your ability by joining us for the Back2Homeschool Virtual Conference!

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South America Country by Country

South America Country by Country Geography Curriculum

Recently we released AFRICA Country by Country and EUROPE Country by Country today we have our next set in our new Country by Country seriesSOUTH AMERICA! We have also released a GROWING BUNDLE option which you can purchase to gain access to ALL of our Country by Country products, including our new Jeopardy games {more about this near end of post}!

Each country has one page with a place to write the country’s name and the capital city’s name. There is also a small map of each country and a large blank map of South America to color in the country’s location on the map. I also included the country’s flag to color and one interesting fact about each country. I had SO much fun choosing the facts and I highly recommend taking a few minutes to do a quick online search for “Fun Facts About _________” as you go through each country. We are doing our countries in alphabetical order, but you can do them in any order!


A few other helpful pages are included in this set, which will help with some of the items on the individual country pages.

South America Maps

South America Country by Country (4) South America Country by Country (5)

South America Country by Country (6)   South America Country by Country (7)

Flags of South America and Countries & Capitals

There are 12 countries included as well as 4 dependent territories. Click on the graphic below to enlarge for details.

Slide11 Slide12

In addition to the pages for each country, there’s also a sheet at the front to record each country as you learn it. The map gets filled in as your child works through the countries one by one.

South America Country by Country (2)

Another fun page I included is a sheet to record countries you’ve been to!

South America Country by Country (3)

I used our binding machine to bind the pages together to create a book that’s easy to work through. Not sure how I made it so long as a homeschooler without my binding machine!


Below you can see a video walk through of our AFRICA Country by Country which is set up the same as our new South America version!

Grab your copy of South America Country by Country here in my Shop!

Need the GROUP USE version? Grab that here!

SOUTH AMERICA Country by Country


Or purchase the Country by Country Growing Bundle here!

Note, when you buy while the bundle is still growing you get USA State by State as a free bonus! You also get a lower price the earlier you purchase access. Learn more here!

Country by Country Bundle

Country by Country Jeopardy

Our Jeopardy games are created to make learning about the world fun and ongoing. What is the point of learning locations, capitals, flags, and more if only to forget when you close the book. Jeopardy is a fun way to keep the facts fresh for everyone! See South America Jeopardy here.

South America Jeopardy-2 South America Jeopardy

Enter to Win

SOUTH AMERICA Country by Country & JEOPARDY!!

Enter using Rafflecopter below, giveaway is open worldwide and ends 7/26/19. Winner will be announced here and emailed!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

South America Country by Country   SOUTHB AMERICA Country by Country Jeopardy

See more about AFRICA Country by Country, EUROPE Country by Country, and USA State By State!

Europe Country by Country AFRICA-Country-by-Country5 USA-State-By-State45

11th Grade Homeschool Year-End Review

11th Grade Year End Review

When we adopted the motto – one year at a time, one kid at a time, I knew it might someday bring me peace when plans changed right before my eyes! When presented with the opportunity to take classes at our community college, for free, for dual credit, we enrolled our oldest son! He took all but 2 courses at the community college for 11th grade through a program called Career and College Promise. It was a learning experience for all of us and wasn’t always easy. I missed him while also feeling the freedom of having only 2 kids to teach. He loved his new freedom while learning that the classroom experience is majorly different, especially at the college level for your very first experience!

Below is a list of the courses he completed for 11th grade

1st Semester

  • English – Writing and Inquiry
  • Math – Precalculus Algebra
  • Music Appreciation
  • Intro to Sociology

2nd Semester

  • English – Writing/Research in the Disciplines
  • General Psychology
  • College Transfer Success – required course for the program he is in

At Home

  • Literature portion of English
  • US History – Notgrass  

Some of the courses are by choice and some are required for the program he is in. We had to choose a pathway and within the Associate in Science Pathway, he was given courses that fulfill the requirements.

Moving forward…

For the upcoming year {12th grade} he will take the following at the community college for sure:

  • Biology 1
  • Biology 2
  • Math – Precalculus Trigonometry
  • American Literature

He has also decided to give the technical pathway a try and take a course in the electrician path to see if it’s something he likes. I love that he is not set in stone on the college path and is exploring all options of what the best journey might be for him. We are huge fans of finding the right fit for each person. It just isn’t the same for all!

He may end up at college, he may decide to be an electrician. He may go away to college, he may complete his bachelor degree online. His options are still open at this point, but we are still making sure he is prepared for the go-away-to-college route if that’s what he chooses in the end. If he does that, his top choice is still Charleston Southern University. Decisions will need to be made soon, so I bet you will see things unfold on Instagram as we walk this final year together!

Outside of School…

He does many other things besides school! He has worked at Chick-Fil-A for over a year now and loves it. He is spending several weeks of his summer volunteering at camps for adults and kids with special needs {which he has done for the past few summers also}. It brings me so much joy to see him enjoy serving others! During the school year he volunteers with the special needs ministry at our church.

IMG_0210 IMG_8923

It seems just yesterday I was starting this blog and he was in Kindergarten.

Before Now…

Curious to see what he did in the past {since I’ve been blogging}?

Homeschool Curriculum Choices and Reviews from 1 1 1=1

Peek & Find – Ocean Animals

Peek and Find Ocean Animals

We have a new Peek & Find featuring Ocean Animals! Peek & Find is a great activity for for Tot Schoolers, Preschoolers, Kindergarteners and beyond. There are a few variations to this activity can easily grow with your child’s ability!

You can also add in some fun elements to the activity, or simply print, cut, and play! Below I will share the free printable, ideas for different levels of play, and fun variations.

There are two main elements of the Peek & Find activity.

The “FIND” boards, available in color or BW…

Ocean Animals Peek and Find (3)  Ocean Animals Peek and Find (4)



The “PEEK” cards…

Ocean Animals Peek and Find (1)  Ocean Animals Peek and Find (2)


Print the board, selecting color for younger kids to make it easier and selecting BW for older kids to make it more difficult. Print the cards, on cardstock if possible and cut them out. Laminate if you plan to use these cards repeatedly.


Looking for a great color printing option? See our favorite printer and ink here!


A few options for play…

Option #1 {single player}

Print the Peek & Find board.

Print the cards and cut out.

Mix up the cards, choose one at a time and find the object on the Peek & Find board. Color, circle, or mark the object.

If you have an artistic child who loves to color, challenge him/her to copy the colors and color the board to match the cards!

Option #2 {2 or more players}

Print a Peek & Find board for each player and one set of cards. Cut out the cards.

Flip over a card and race to see who finds the object first on their board. Using Dot Paint with this game is fun!

Winner keeps the card.

Person with the most cards at the end is the winner!

See a video of my daughter and I playing {we were using the SPRING theme board in this video} …

Option #3 {sensory, fine motor activity}

Create a sensory bin and bury the cards.

Use a fine motor tool {child tweezers} to dig for cards and pull them out and then find the object on the Peek & Find board and mark it.

Option #4 {gross motor activity}

Hid the cards around the room and challenge your child to find one card at a time and bring it back to the board, find it, mark it, and repeat! This is a great version for those of you with energetic younger kids!

Options for marking the board…

  • Mini Shells
  • Dot Paint
  • BINGO Chips
  • Bottle Tops
  • Pouch Tops
  • Mini Pom Poms
  • Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils
  • Beads
  • Mini Erasers
  • Beans

Ocean Books for Kids

    Download your FREE Peek & Find Ocean Animals here!

    Peek and Find Ocean Animals


    How To Make Your Own Visual Reading List

    How to make your own visual reading list for your kids

    We have been making visual reading lists for a few years now and they really help my kids. I spend the summer choosing books for each child and then compile the book covers on a page so they can choose throughout the year. Last summer I shared a video about these visual booklists, and why we love them! You can watch that here!


    In that video I offered to make a tutorial video and many of you asked me to do that! I finally got it done and hope many of you will be able to make your own visual book lists now!

    Here is the video tutorial and below I will share basic written steps.

    1. Download the book cover image to your computer
    2. Add the image to a document in PowerPoint
    3. Resize the image by dragging the corners and moving the image around
    4. Align the book covers by using the align feature {align middle and distribute horizontally}

    We print 2 copies of our book lists, one for the front of their grade level notebook, and one for the rating stickers. After a book is finished a colored dot sticker is placed on the book image with a 1-10 rating.

    Our Book Lists


    Here is a blank reading record for your child to write the title, author and rate the book 1-10 based on his/her opinion.

    Here’s another reading log we have used. It is very similar to the one we are using now.

    See our Book Lists Pinterest board here!

      Library Book Reading Corner and Favorite Library Books for 1st Graders 1st Grade Library Book Favorites 2nd Grade Homeschool Reading Plan147704087 Reading Readiness Signs for Young Children Free Printable Reading Log