Valentine’s Day Printable Activity Pack

Valentine's Day Activity Pack

The love month is approaching soon and many of you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day! We have a fun new set of free Valentine’s Day printables featuring tracing, mazes, connect the dots, color by letter and more!

In this free Valentine’s Day printable set you’ll find the following free activities…

Valentine's Day Printables (2) Valentine's Day Printables (3)Valentine's Day Printables (4) Valentine's Day Printables (5)Valentine's Day Printables (6) Valentine's Day Printables (7)Valentine's Day Printables (8) Valentine's Day Printables (9)Valentine's Day Printables (10) Valentine's Day Printables (11)

Download your free Valentine’s Day Activity Pack here!

Valentines Day Activity Pack

Download Here

More Valentine’s Day printables and ideas here!

Valentine's Day Printables and Ideas

Find the Differences ~ Winter Edition

Find Ten Differences Winter Theme

Can you find TEN differences in each picture? Some are pretty tricky! Have fun with this winter themed edition of FIND THE DIFFERENCES! Use your visual discrimination skills to find them all,print multiple copies and have a family race! Work in teams if you have a wide variety of ages!

Want to reuse these pages over and over again? Slip them into sheet protectors and use dry erase markers or crayons with them!

In this free printable set you’ll find many fun winter themed pictures; snowmen, ornaments, stockings, candy canes and more!

Find the Differences in the Picture WINTER Edition (1) Find the Differences in the Picture WINTER Edition (2) Find the Differences in the Picture WINTER Edition (3)Find the Differences in the Picture WINTER Edition (4) Find the Differences in the Picture WINTER Edition (5) Find the Differences in the Picture WINTER Edition (6)Find the Differences in the Picture WINTER Edition (7) Find the Differences in the Picture WINTER Edition (8) Find the Differences in the Picture WINTER Edition (9)

Download Winter Find the Differences here!

Find the Differences Winter Theme


More Winter Fun…

Winter Theme Printables and Ideas

5 Reasons to Give Teaching Textbooks Math a Try!


{disclaimer ~ this is a sponsored post in partnership with Teaching Textbooks}

It’s no secret, we LOVE Teaching Textbooks Math! We have used TT math for all three of our kids for many years! Our oldest son, who is currently in 11th grade, completed up through Algebra 2 {he is taking Pre-Cal at our community college right now – and doing very well}, our son {7th grade} is using Pre Algebra now and our daughter {4th grade} is using Math 5. What was once my most feared homeschool subject to teach is now the easiest for me!!  Read on to see 5 reasons why!

Welcome back to school text on laptop screen on the classroom

#1 The Trial is FREE

Yes, this is the most important reason I believe you should give TT a try. What do you have to lose? The trial is FREE and you get to test out the first 14 lessons – full lessons, full features. Get your free trial here.

free trial

#2 You are NOT the main math teacher!

The program is! Seriously, this is such a blessing for me {the non-math momma}. The program is the lead teacher and I step in with assistance if needed. I rarely even need to step in and usually if I do, it’s because a child didn’t fully pay attention to the lecture portion. I questioned the ability of a program to adequately teach math in the beginning, but I now know that the program is a WAY better teacher than I could be {for math at least!}.

#3 The New 3.0 Version is ONLINE!

Y’all this has been a game-changer for me. Not having to use a specific computer for each child every single time is a dream come true. We can do math while on the road if needed and can easily jump onto an available computer if necessary! My kids all use older computers and sometimes they just stop, so having the option of switching computers, even mid-lesson, is heavenly!


#4 Self Grading!

I don’t have to grade math. Amen. The program not only grades the lessons one question at a time {instant feedback for the child}, it also give the overall grade at the end of the lesson and tracks it in a digital gradebook. I like having a paper copy too, so I use these checklists to record the grades that TT gives me!

#5 Reasonable Cyclical Review

I am a HUGE fan of cyclical review in math but I also believe enough is enough. Too much can really ruin a good thing. TT has just the right amount to keep skills fresh without totally overwhelming the child with repetitive review.


There are many more reasons to give Teaching Textbooks a try, but those are my simplified top 5 for you. It all comes down to one though – trying is FREE, so why not? You’ll never know what you’re missing unless you give it a try!

CTA Free Trial

When you end up loving it, you can download my free Teaching Textbooks checklists here!

Teaching Textbooks Math Checklists

See our full review of Teaching Textbooks 3.0 – the new online version, here!

Teaching Textbooks Math 3.0 Online Subscription Review

Homeschool Organization Ideas ~ Part 1

Homeschool Organization Ideas

It’s a new year and many have organization on the brain. If you’re anything like me, you can always use some homeschool organization tips and ideas! While these are geared towards homeschoolers, since this is a homeschool blog, most of these ideas will be great for anyone with kids! This is the first of a 2 part series for you, which will share our top ideas for homeschool organization!

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Below you will see how we organize our play dough supplies, our toys, our sensory bin supplies, our books and our office/school supplies! Developing good organizational habits has really helped keep our entire home cleaner and assists everyone with finding what they are looking for!

Organize Your Homeschool

Organize the Play Dough & Supplies

Have Play dough?  Need to organize the supplies?  Here’s the method we have used for years to keep our play dough supplies organized! This post also contains free printables for the box label and also an ABC play dough chart.

Busy Hands Play Dough Box

Simplify the Sensory Bin Supplies

In our Simple Sensory Bin Solutions you can see how we organize all of the STUFF associated with sensory bins.In this post you’ll see the items we use, how we store them, and ideas for sensory bins!

Simple Sensory Bin Collection

Tame the Toys

See how we organize and store toys in our house. Keeping them organized is key for my sanity and helps with toy rotation. Learn how to make custom labels for your toy bins and all about our favorite toy storage supplies!

Tame the Toys

Sort the Supplies

We have used this over the door shoe organizer to sort smaller supplies for many years.  This is such a great way to centralize the location of certain items for the entire family. See more about this tried and true supply organization method here.

organizing school and office supplies in an over the door shoe hanger

Color Code the Kids

Color coding kids is something we have done for years but don’t have as much of a need for it now that our kids are older.  Back in the younger kid days this was a much-loved method.

Color Coded Homeschool Supplies


Organize the Books

When my kids were younger and theme based books were used ALL the time, this method made my life so much easier. Inexpensive magazine holders, books sorted by theme, see more about it here!


Stay tuned for part 2, filled with even more homeschool organization ideas!

Here’s a quick recap of the ideas shared in this post:

More ideas coming soon!

Homeschool Organization Ideas

Looking Back ~ Top Posts from 2018

Best of 1 1 1=1 in 2018

It’s fun to look back in life and as a blogger. I love seeing what my readers loved the most and wanted to share what I found with you. Below you will find the top 10 NEW posts in 2018, the top 10 posts visited in 2018 {from anytime}, and our top 10 referring sites!

These are our top ten visited posts in 2018 which were all new posts in 2018.

  1. What Begins With A-Z
  2. Pumpkin Tracing Fun
  3. Fall Mini Books
  4. Christmas Tracing Fun
  5. Christmas Mazes
  6. Winter Tracing Fun
  7. Teaching Textbooks Math 3.0 Review
  8. Color Through the Christmas Story One Verse at a Time
  9. Weather Tracing Fun
  10. Fall Tracing Fun

    What Begins with A to Z Teaching Textbooks Math 3.0 Online Subscription Review Fall Mini BooksTracing Fun Winter Tracing Fun Weather Tracing Fun Pumpkins Tracing Fun for FALL PrintablesChristmas Mazes Color through the Christmas Story One Verse at a Time for Advent Tracing Fun Christmas

Our blog has been around awhile and often old content is the most visited. These ten posts were the top overall visited posts during 2018.   

  1. Preschool, Tot and Kindergarten Packs
  2. All Printables A-Z
  3. Thanksgiving Doodle Coloring
  4. Christmas Coloring
  5. Choose Your Own Alphabet Chart
  6. All By Myself Preschool Boxes
  7. Tot School Printables    
  8. Brown Bear Brown Bear Printables
  9. School Supply Labels   
  10. Owl Opposites Flashcards

Printables Packs from 1plus1plus1equals1 Alll Printables A to Z 300 Choose Your Own Alphabet Chart PrintablesAll By Myself Preschool Boxes Spiral Cover2 Tot School Printables  Brown Bear Brown bear Printables Owl Opposites Flashcards Printableschool supply labels Free Christmas Coloring Printables for Kids and Adults Thanksgiving-Doodle-Coloring-Pages

Top Referring Sites to Our Blog in 2018 ~ THANK YOU!

  1. Free Homeschool Deals
  2. Homeschool Giveaways
  3. Wildflower Ramblings
  4. 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  5. 3 Dinosaurs
  6. Catholic Icing
  7. Every Star is Different
  8. Pre K & K Sharing
  9. Smart Girls DIY
  10. A Little Pinch of Perfect

Instagram Top 9

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1 1 1=1 Top Nine 2018

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