Build Your Bundle FLASH SALE

If you missed the Build your Bundle Homeschool sale back in May, this is your last chance to grab some awesome items for your homeschool curriculum. This flash sale ends July 18! 


I have made some final decisions since May and will be using the following items in our upcoming homeschool year!

For my daughter, rising 4th grader, we will be using everything listed below. I was able to put together her entire year of science thanks to BYB!


Here’s a reminder of the posts I shared back in May that can help you see what you may want to grab!

Helping You Build YOUR Bundle ~ see what I bought, how I organized what I bought to get the best deal and the basics about the BYB.

Homeschooling Kindergarten with the BYB ~ if you have a rising Kindergartner, this is the post for you.

Binding Digital Curriculum and a peek Inside of what I bought!

History, Geography, Science, & Bible in the BYB ~ where to find it all!

My Last Minute Additions

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6th Grade Year-End Review Homeschool Curriculum

6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Year End Review

The homeschool curriculum choices blog posts are great, but what I really want to know is what families thought AFTER they used the curriculum they chose! I will be sharing a series of posts with you; evaluating our choices in each grade level from this homeschool year.

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We shared our 3rd grade year-end review here. Next up, 6th grade!  Here’s a reminder of the original 6th Grade Curriculum Choices post.

6th Grade Subjects

Ocean Animals Coloring & Counting 0-10

Free Ocean Animals Coloring and Counting 0-10

Going to the ocean this summer? Print these fun ocean animals coloring pages for your little one! Practice counting to ten!

Find the following pages in this FREE set. Print them out and bind them for a simple summer vacation coloring book!

Ocean Animals Counting 0 through 10 Coloring Pages (2) Ocean Animals Counting 0 through 10 Coloring Pages (3)Ocean Animals Counting 0 through 10 Coloring Pages (4) Ocean Animals Counting 0 through 10 Coloring Pages (5)Ocean Animals Counting 0 through 10 Coloring Pages (6) Ocean Animals Counting 0 through 10 Coloring Pages (7)Ocean Animals Counting 0 through 10 Coloring Pages (8) Ocean Animals Counting 0 through 10 Coloring Pages (9)Ocean Animals Counting 0 through 10 Coloring Pages (10) Ocean Animals Counting 0 through 10 Coloring Pages (11)

Ocean Animals Counting 0 through 10 Coloring Pages (1)

If you want to scale them down to print several per page, see how to do that here!

Save Money on Printer Ink FB

Download your free Ocean Animals Coloring & Counting  here!


More Ocean fun…

Ocean Animals Coloring Pages Ocean Animals Dot Fun Printables Ocean Animals Q-Tip Painting Printables Ocean Animals Preschool PrintablesColor by Number Ocean Animals Ocean Theme Calendar Conncections Ocean Theme Printables Collection Dolphins and Whales Coloring Pages

Ocean Pinterest Board

Chickens for the Hinsons ~ Weeks 10-12

Chickens 4 the Hinsons Week 10-12

Catching up on our chick adventures? You can see week 1 here and week 2 here, week 3 here, week 4/5 here, week 6 here, week 7 here and weeks 8/9 here.

We have 2 Rhode Island Reds, 3 Barred Rocks and 7 Black Sex Links {a hybrid of the Barred Rock & Rhode Island Red}. The Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds are 9/10/11 weeks old in these photos and the BSLs are 10/11/12 weeks old.

Chickens  (7 of 13)  Chickens  (8 of 13)


The girls LOVE watermelon! We have really had fun bringing them a watermelon treat almost daily this summer!

Chickens  (2 of 13)

Chickens  (1 of 13) Chickens  (4 of 13) 

Chickens  (5 of 13)

We have started letting them out to roam while we are able to supervise them. We have too many hawks and fox for them to free range as much as I would like. So we settle for supervised free ranging. We LOVE watching them explore!

Chickens  (13 of 13)

Chickens  (11 of 13)

Chickens  (6 of 13)

Our daughter continues to be the biggest fan of the chickens, especially her favorite – Freckles.

Chickens  (9 of 13)

Chickens  (10 of 13)


Our dog, Baxter loves to visit the chickens too. He’s a bit too rambunctious to be able to play with them in the yard, but he visits them through the gate!

Chickens  (3 of 13)

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See the chickens here #chickens4thehinsons

Chickens-4-the-Hinsons-Week-122222  Chickens-4-the-Hinsons-Week-212222Chickens-4-the-Hinsons-Week-334322  Chickens-4-the-Hinsons-Week-4-and-51[1]Chickens-4-the-Hinsons-Week-632  Chickens-4-the-Hinsons-Week-735Chickens 4 the Hinsons Week 8 and 9[4]

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