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Preparing for College with Teaching Textbooks Math



{disclaimer ~ this is a sponsored post in partnership with Teaching Textbooks}

I am sure by now, if you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know we LOVE Teaching Textbooks Math! We have used TT math for all three of our kids for many years! Our oldest son, who just completed 11th grade, completed up through Algebra 2 using Teaching Textbooks. Our middle son {7th grade} is finishing up Pre Algebra now and our daughter {4th grade} is finishing up Math 5. Today I want to answer the question that many families have, the BIGGEST question I had.

   Will Teaching Textbooks Math   

prepare my child for college?

My oldest son just completed his first year in a program called Career and College Promise at our local community college. Through this program he was able to take college classes for dual credit. He had to take a placement test last summer to get into the program and his test scores were VERY high in math, the administrator pulled me aside to talk about how well he did on the test! I feel we owe this to Teaching Textbooks!

Years ago, when I first began looking into homeschool math programs, I really wanted to use Teaching Textbooks, but I was scared. I wanted to give my child the best and do everything I could to prepare him for college math and testing. I am finally near the end of our high school math journey and I can tell you that Teaching Textbooks did prepare my child for college!


Recently I was discussing TT with my oldest son and asked him what he thought about how the program prepared him. He had a rough teacher {you know the type} for his college Pre-Cal class and he said that her teaching really didn’t “teach” him much. He was able to pull knowledge he gained from his Teaching Textbooks experience and said that helped him more than his actual teacher. He solidly told me that he felt very prepared thanks to Teaching Textbooks.

One of the reasons I began exploring his thoughts is because I am in the heat of Pre- Algebra with my middle son. You know, the time when math gets harder and most kids do no love that fact. Currently I am sitting with him while he does his lessons to make sure he is catching some big concepts being presented. I love that Teaching Textbooks makes it easy for me to join in without having to be the main teacher. It gives me the teaching tools I need to be a successful homeschool math teacher – even though I wasn’t the greatest at math when I was in school.

Below you can see a peek into our setup when we do lessons together. I use the book {we had the book version of Pre Algebra before switching to the online version}, and have the answer key open in front of me. I take notes during the lesson to model how to take notes and we both work the problems out. We do not do this for every lesson, but for some of the more tricky lessons, I sit with him like this to be sure the concepts are fully understood.

Teaching Textbooks Math Teaching Textbooks Math-2

In addition to my oldest son doing well with college math, all of my kids continue to score well on their end of grade testing. I am confident with Teaching Textbooks as our choice for homeschool math!

The summer is a great time to give Teaching Textbooks a try and trying is FREE, so why not? You’ll never know what you’re missing unless you give it a shot!


When you end up loving it, you can download my free Teaching Textbooks checklists here!


See our full review of Teaching Textbooks 3.0 – the new online version, here!


5 Reasons to Give Teaching Textbooks Math a Try!


{disclaimer ~ this is a sponsored post in partnership with Teaching Textbooks}

It’s no secret, we LOVE Teaching Textbooks Math! We have used TT math for all three of our kids for many years! Our oldest son, who is currently in 11th grade, completed up through Algebra 2 {he is taking Pre-Cal at our community college right now – and doing very well}, our son {7th grade} is using Pre Algebra now and our daughter {4th grade} is using Math 5. What was once my most feared homeschool subject to teach is now the easiest for me!!  Read on to see 5 reasons why!

Welcome back to school text on laptop screen on the classroom

#1 The Trial is FREE

Yes, this is the most important reason I believe you should give TT a try. What do you have to lose? The trial is FREE and you get to test out the first 14 lessons – full lessons, full features. Get your free trial here.

free trial

#2 You are NOT the main math teacher!

The program is! Seriously, this is such a blessing for me {the non-math momma}. The program is the lead teacher and I step in with assistance if needed. I rarely even need to step in and usually if I do, it’s because a child didn’t fully pay attention to the lecture portion. I questioned the ability of a program to adequately teach math in the beginning, but I now know that the program is a WAY better teacher than I could be {for math at least!}.

#3 The New 3.0 Version is ONLINE!

Y’all this has been a game-changer for me. Not having to use a specific computer for each child every single time is a dream come true. We can do math while on the road if needed and can easily jump onto an available computer if necessary! My kids all use older computers and sometimes they just stop, so having the option of switching computers, even mid-lesson, is heavenly!


#4 Self Grading!

I don’t have to grade math. Amen. The program not only grades the lessons one question at a time {instant feedback for the child}, it also give the overall grade at the end of the lesson and tracks it in a digital gradebook. I like having a paper copy too, so I use these checklists to record the grades that TT gives me!

#5 Reasonable Cyclical Review

I am a HUGE fan of cyclical review in math but I also believe enough is enough. Too much can really ruin a good thing. TT has just the right amount to keep skills fresh without totally overwhelming the child with repetitive review.


There are many more reasons to give Teaching Textbooks a try, but those are my simplified top 5 for you. It all comes down to one though – trying is FREE, so why not? You’ll never know what you’re missing unless you give it a try!

CTA Free Trial

When you end up loving it, you can download my free Teaching Textbooks checklists here!

Teaching Textbooks Math Checklists

See our full review of Teaching Textbooks 3.0 – the new online version, here!

Teaching Textbooks Math 3.0 Online Subscription Review

Teaching Textbooks Math Online Subscription Review

Teaching Textbooks Math 3.0 Online Subscription Review

{disclaimer ~ TT is a blog sponsor and I was provided online subscriptions for this review}

As if I didn’t love Teaching Textbooks Math enough already – now there is an ONLINE version! If you aren’t familiar with Teaching Textbooks Math, you might want to begin by reading my post sharing why we love TT, and possibly my review of Level 3 here. Then come back to this post to read about the new 3.0 ONLINE version!

Teaching Textbooks 3.0 is the all-new online subscription, which means no more discs! The 3.0 is a per student online subscription that lasts for a full year (12 months). This is great news to many homeschool families, ours included! If you are someone who still loves the 2.0 version, with the discs and physical books – no worries, those will still be available too!

All academic content in this new online version is exactly the same. In the new version you have an online e-book textbook {which can be used online or can e printed}, but this book is the same material as the printed manuals, so if you have a physical manual for a certain level, you can still use it with the online version!

The Parent Home Page is fabulous, allowing you to access all of your students in one place. This is also where you will find the answer key and the ability to change the hints and second chance rules. All grades are stored permanently on TT servers and can be accessed anytime from anywhere (even after a subscription has ended). Below you can see a screenshot of the Parent Home Page.

TT 3.0 Parent Homepage

My kids absolutely love the new buddies. As a mom, I don’t really get the excitement, but man, they love this!

Teaching Textbooks Math 3.0 (7 of 1)

I must admit, the little worms that tell jokes after he gets three problems correct have me laughing along. Here’s a video clip showing one of the jokes from the buddies {this is level 7, the buddies are different for each level}.

TT 3.0 FAQ

How long is a subscription?

12 months! This is fabulous – especially if you homeschool year-round, or have a student that take a bit longer with a level.

Can I pause a subscription?

Yes! You are allowed 3 months’ pause time on each subscription (to allow for things such as extended holidays, vacations, illnesses, etc.). With or without using the pause feature, students can easily finish the course within this 12-month period simply by doing 1 lesson per day, but if extra time is needed TT can make allowances.

How much does it cost?

See pricing information here {scroll down to see each level – they are priced differently}.

Is there a large family discount?

Yes! If you have 4 to 8 children, the price is $197.08, which is a flat price. That means your per student price goes down as the number of students increases. With 4 students it’s $49.27 per student. With 8 students it’s only $24.64 per student per year! Those of you with larger families will really benefit from this!

Can it be used on a tablet or phone?

Yes! Read more about that here!

Why I Prefer 3.0 over 2.0

In closing, I want to share why I prefer this version {online} over the 2.0 {disc} version. I was very excited to try it but love it for reasons I hadn’t actually thought of until I got started.

Multiple tabs can be open at one time which greatly benefits my ability to help one of my kids FROM my desk rather than having to get up and go to each student. I am often working while my kids do Teaching Textbooks but occasionally they will need help, so I am usually in the schoolroom working on my computer so I am available if anything comes up. This is no SO simple! I have two TT tabs open on my computer – the  the eBook textbook and the actual main interface my child is doing her/his lesson on.

TT Math 4 Lesson 3.0 TT Math 4 Book 3.0

That way I can quickly jump to whatever I need to help without even having to leave my computer! Math help goes much faster now! My child can be logged in on a different computer at the same time I am logged in. I love this!

Another benefit for us is the simplicity of taking it with us. We travel a lot for gymnastics especially and taking math was something we could never do. Now we can! I can’t say my kids will be thrilled about this, but I sure am!

I love the fact that my kids can log in on any computer. My kids work on our old {mostly worn-out} computers and if one acts up and gives trouble, I can easily have them jump to a different computer, even just for that day. With the disc version, each child was stuck to one specific computer since the gradebook was stored there. It could be moved entirely to a different computer, but not back on a frequent basis.

The cost is simply better. Yes, TT discs have a high resale value, but honestly I am not a re-seller. For me, and I am sure many of you, simply paying less to begin with is a better idea. This version also takes up less space in your home – as in NO SPACE. I am a bit of a homeschool curriculum hoarder so having one less set of discs/books on the shelf is a bonus. See pricing info here.

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 free trial

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Teaching Textbooks Math Checklists

Teaching Textbooks Math Checklists P

Each year I share our homeschool curriculum choices with you. It is almost time to do that again, as many of you are in planning mode – while also in finish-up-THIS-year mode!

For the past couple of years I have created checklists for my kids to help organize our homeschool year. These have saved me LOADS of sanity once the school year begins!

Teaching Textbooks Math Checklists (18 of 2)

I switch curriculum publishers sometimes, but there is one I am completely stuck on and that is Teaching Textbooks Math. I have not changed any of my kids away from TT since we started and have no plans to switch at all. We love TT. I was a TT user for years and then they became a blog sponsor. Now I get to provide you with fun reviews, giveaways, and exclusive content. Although this post has nothing to do with that – it’s just me, the homeschooling mom, sharing an organizational tool with you!  But stay tuned – a full review of the new ONLINE Teaching Textbooks 3.0 is coming very soon!

I bundled all of our match checklists together into one file for you! I don’t have one for Pre-Calculus, but I do for all of the other levels!

Here’s a peek into our notebooks this year, they are so helpful for my kids and for me! They {or I} record their grades daily so that we have a visual record off of the computer screen. It is nice for us to be able to see how far along we are and how much we have left to go!

Teaching Textbooks Math Checklists (17 of 2)

New to Teaching Textbooks? See our We Love Teaching Textbooks Math post here.

You can find a placement test online which I recommend having your child take before deciding on a level to begin with. Most kids will work a level above their grade. My 3rd grader does level 4, my 6th grader does level 7.

Teaching Textbooks Placement Tests

Download our Teaching Textbooks Math Checklists here!

Teaching Textbooks Math Checklists

Teaching Textbooks Checklists

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I am so excited to share this amazing giveaway with you! It is being hosted by Teaching Textbooks, on their Facebook page here! If you have any questions about the giveaway you can message them! I was just giddy to know one of you would win a complete Teaching Textbooks Math set, but then when they added all of the other goodies, I was blown away!

Go here to see the giveaway, and when you click on the different options, it enters you {different than the Rafflecopter giveaways I have hosted here}. Any trouble, let them know!

Teaching Textbooks Math Giveaway

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