My Last Minute Additions

Seriously, don’t miss this! If you have missed my posts this past week, let me help you with some direct links since you don’t have a lot of time until this sale is finished.

Helping You Build YOUR Bundle ~ see what I bought, how I organized what I bought to get the best deal and the basics about the BYB.

Homeschooling Kindergarten with the BYB ~ if you have a rising Kindergartner, this is the post for you.

Binding Digital Curriculum and a peek Inside of what I bought!

History, Geography, Science, & Bible in the BYB ~ where to find it all!

BYB 2018 Today is the last day

Even I miss some amazing products in the BYB and I wonder how I missed that! Thanks to posts from other homeschool bloggers sharing what they bought, I made one last minute purchase of a Premium Bundle of 5 to get my hands on these highly recommended resources from bloggers I trust!

BYB 2018 Last Minute Purchases

Did you see that value? I honestly looked right over these 5 until I read info from other bloggers! This is why I spend this entire week {BYB week} writing posts to help you {hopefully} navigate the sale and find the goodies!

It’s worth your time to look, and if you have a full shopping cart, TODAY is the day to checkout! Don’t wait until late tonight, the site gets overloaded and slow! Place your order as early in the day as possible!