Lessontrek Online Lesson Planner ~ FREEmium

Lessontrek Online Lesson Planner Freemium Offer 2018

{disclaimer ~ Lessontrek is a blog sponsor, we are thankful for their support!}

Lessontrek is offering a freemium version for teachers who want to get in on the ground floor of a powerful online lesson planner that has the market buzzing. We have used Lessontrek for several years now and it continues to be a sanity-saver for me. If you click here you can see all of the posts I have shared about Lessontrek in the past.

The last time they offered this free version, Gradebook and Transcripts were not integrated, but now they are! They’re in the process of adding more features such as shared subjects across multiple students.

In order to take advantage of this incredible offer, you must enter the code in CAP LOCKS in the 14 Day Trial Referral Box, or else it will not work. There will be no ability to fix this if you do not enter the code correctly.

The code is: FFL15

Visual Directions

Here’s a screenshot showing you how and where to enter the code to get your FREEMIUM version!

First, go here and click on the 14 Day Free Trial option…

Lessontrek 1

Next, sign up with an email address and password and then enter the code: FFL15 into the box that says Referral Code. Note: you must enter this in all CAPS for it to work properly!

Lessontrek 2c

Finally, click to confirm your sign up!

You can ignore the wording about the 14-day Free Trial, since you will be getting the FREEMIUM version for life, thanks to this special offer!

Lessontrek 3c

I hope you love Lessontrek as much as I do!