Summer Preschool Fun

As our summer comes to a close I wanted to wrap up with a post sharing some of the fun activities Ladybug enjoyed this summer.  I threw out any type of homeschooling plan for her and just focused on fun.  We were so busy and going everywhere so having a plan would have stressed me out anyway!  I tried to pull out intentional activities for the kids, here are many Ladybug really enjoyed! We did way more than this, but I went through my photos from the past month or so and this was what I found!

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She really enjoyed K’s Cat cards and played with them a lot!  I think she liked them more than he did!

Preschool Fun -5262


Marble painting {she would do this everyday if I’d let her}…

Preschool Fun -5268

Which then turned to finger painting

Preschool Fun -5276

Which ended with marble finger painting!

Preschool Fun -5278


Finally remembered to get the water beads out again, I think she played at the table at least 2-3 hours the first day they were back out! These photos were taken at the beginning, she loves to sit with them as they grow!

Preschool Fun -5335

Preschool Fun -5338


She chose many learning activities on her own, I love seeing what she gravitates towards naturally.  Here she was working on ABC order totally spontaneously with the magnetic fish from this set. You can see a little video of her singing ABCs here on Instagram!

Preschool Fun -5350


She loves making creations with the iTrax pieces

Preschool Fun -5614


Straws and Connectors are one of her VERY favorites…

Preschool Fun -5155


I discovered her new favorite hobby, Perler Bead Crafts!  I randomly got them out when I was reorganizing some stuff and she saw them.  I thought she’d last about 5 minutes.  Man, was I WRONG.  She made 4 full crafts in one sitting all by herself!

Preschool Fun -5714

Begged to do them again the next day and worked for about 2 hours straight!

Preschool Fun -5740


Saw this idea on Pinterest here and thought it was worth a try!  I got those cute bins at Dollar Tree recently and grabbed some sponges and cut them up.  Add water and she’s happy for an hour {at least}!  Even her biggest brother sat and played with her for almost that long!

Preschool Fun -5716

Preschool Fun -5715 Preschool Fun -5720

Preschool Fun -5722

It has been a busy summer and I am really ready for a routine to get back in place.  I can tell the kids are too.  I am a bit off my rocker when we are all over the place running around.  I like the peace that homeschooling brings, I enjoy being at home mostly. Looking forward to a new year with my preschooler!

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