Kids Helping Kids

Do you ever just bubble over with joy when you know a child who is working to make a difference for Jesus in this world?  Don’t you want to do all you can to encourage, uplift, and aid them in their journey?  That’s where I sit today.  In awe of two kids I have known since before they were born, since their mom is a great friend of mine. 

This is Haven, she is 10.Day 03 (83)

This is Josiah, he is 11.Day 05 (35)

Their family is closely partnered with Won by One To Jamaica, a ministry in Jamaica.  You can see their whole family here on the staff page, Wendy is my long time friend and is the communications director for Won by One To Jamaica. Haven and Josiah have traveled to Jamaica with their family to serve many times, and have a huge passion for the people there, especially kids!

They have big dreams and they work to make them a reality.  One way they do this is through Kids Helping Kids, here’s a bit about it from Haven:

We have been collecting school shoes for years and giving them to kids in Jamaica who need them as a part of their school uniform.  IMG_8407At the beginning of this summer, we started Kids Helping Kids when we realized we could do more then just collect shoes and it could help more then just a few kids in Jamaica. We want to tell kids that have it good that not everyone’s world is easy like ours.  We can meet our needs and some people can’t.  We want to show kids they are not to young to help in big and small ways.  Our general vision is kids in Jamaica and America will learn out of this. In Jamaica the kids will learn educationally with the supplies and some will be able to go to school. Kids in America will learn the importance of helping others, friends or not. We hope kids will continue to help others in other ways.

Here’s an article the Charlotte Observer wrote about Kids Helping Kids!

Now, they have a way for YOU to help!

{below is written by Haven}

Kids Helping Kids is selling math kits that have supplies that will be helpful for kindergartners to 6th graders. My name is Haven. My brother and I have been to Jamaica on mission trips before and have seen the poverty and the poor education that these children live with each day. We had access to these school supplies and organized math packets with these supplies that can help homeschoolers. For every math packet you buy, some money will go to help kids in Jamaica – we will use some of the proceeds of this sale to purchase books, uniform shoes, and other necessary school supplies to help the kids there. My brother and I are two regular kids helping other regular kids just like us. You can make a difference.

Each math kit is $18, with free shipping.

Each kit includes chips/counters; counting frogs on a log; hundreds, tens and ones place value blocks; blank dice; a spinner; a clock; money (bills and coins); and a set of fraction bars.

Email us at [email protected] to order or to ask questions.

Thanks for helping us kids help other kids!!

Day 04 (12)

Specifics of what is in each math kit ~

{linked when possible to an online source}

  • ETA Cuisenaire Fraction Tiles {rainbow}
  • Base Ten Blocks {red, 1-hundred, 10-tens, 20-ones}
  • Frogs on a Log {10 colored frogs, one log}
  • Pretend Money {ten dollar bills, five dollar bills, & one dollar bills}
  • Pretend Plastic Coins {an assortment of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters}
  • Clock {4.5” square}
  • 2 make your own dice with dot stickers {one white, one yellow}
  • Blank Game Spinner {4.5” square}
  • Counting Chips {red/yellow}
  • Ruler


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I know that if you purchase one of their kits, not only will you be helping kids in Jamaica, but you will also uplift these two kids and encourage their efforts to do more in this world! I thank you for considering this and if you do purchase, my deepest thanks for so many reasons! They have a limited amount of these kits and I would love to help them sell out!


To purchase a math kit, please email Haven and Josiah directly…

[email protected]

They will send you an invoice via PayPal, and answer any questions you may have!

On another note, I too have served with Won by One to Jamaica! In 2005 we were blessed to go on a mission trip to the exact area where the money raised will be going!  195