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~Ladybug is currently 33 months old~

It was a totally off week for us between a few days out of town for our staff retreat, and sickness all around.  We started our Animal ABC Letter C, but only got a tiny way in so I will wait and share all of her letter C work next week!


I re-created our winter sensory bin and the kids loved it!IMG_0057

They even got out blankets to set around the room to be icebergs…IMG_0059

We added in play dough from our Busy Hands Box and combined items from the sensory bin with the play dough to explore and have fun!IMG_0076




She played with Blokus a lot, working hard on fitting pieces in just the right spaces!IMG_0143

On one particularly sniffly day for the kids, we curled up in our bean bags and watched The Blue Planet: Frozen Seas on Netflix.  Since we are learning about The Arctic and Antarctica through our Calendar Connections, it was a perfect fit and all 3 kids enjoyed it.  They also enjoyed piling blankets on top of Ladybug at the end!IMG_0148


Instead of taking a nap while we were away on our staff retreat, she chilled with the pad for awhile and relaxed.  This shot was from Instagram, which I have just gotten into.  I was using my iPad, which is a bit bulky, but then my mom gave me her expired iPhone {she got an upgraded one through her job} and now I can use it as an iPod!!!  It has a camera, so hopefully I will become a more regular Instagram user!!ipod 053

Here she was playing The ABC’s of God, which she loves. See more iPad apps we love here, iPad apps part 2 is here!! IMG_0064

Life SchoolWe spent a few days at a retreat center with our church staff family.  One of the favorite activities for the kids is definitely the warm indoor pool in the middle of chilly January!  Ladybug was a little fish and loved it!ipod 066

This was the result of an afternoon of swimming with no nap.  She crashed in our arms at dinner!  She NEVER falls asleep outside of her bed, this was a first!  We enjoyed the snuggles! These are Instagram shots too!

ipod 072  ipod 069


I put little twisted buns in Ladybug’s hair one night after her bath and this was the curly result!  She loved her curly hair so much!IMG_0114

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