Family Binder ~ Back on the Wagon

I have been making my own organizational forms for years.  I have even had my own family management binder for years.  But, this past year I totally fell off of the wagon.  I was a complete family binder dropout.  Last week I got back on the streak and decided to just join ListPlanIt instead of reinventing the wheel, again. 

Lists to Put Your World in Order

There was a coupon code in the back of 31 Days to Clean so I jumped on it one evening and began printing away!

I think I am successfully back on track and oh does it ever feel good!

List Plan It Family Binder

A few of the pages were things I have used before.  But I have added a few new pages after inspiration I got from browsing through the forms at ListPlanIt.  One of my favorite new sections is my “A Month of Blog Topics” sheet.  You can see portions of it in the 2 bottom photos in the collage above.  I am filling all predictable posts {Moments to Remember, Tot School, and my Totally Tots posts}, then using the rest to brainstorm and assign days for upcoming posts so I don’t forget!  Another thing I did was add a few sections that are in sheet protectors, so I can use a Vis a Vis to write on them and just erase-to save printing.   I also went back to using the 3 ring pouch to store these pens as well as my pencil {I always use pencil in my binder}.


Two sections I am still working on are our family medical section and our financial info section.  In all I have the following sections so far: Calendar/To Do, Blogging/Online Management, Family Medical, Contacts/Financial Info, Bills, Shopping Lists/Misc.

I am thankful that I jumped in and purchased my membership to ListPlanIt.  Even though some of the forms aren’t as prettied-up as I might make them, they are printed and being used-that is the important part! DO any of you use ListPlanIt?  Have a blog post about your own Family Binder?  Leave a link in the comments below, I’d love to see it!