Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 28.5 months old~


We had a very off week for our last week of “summer school".  We were hit with a mild version of Irene, resulting in our power being out from Sat night until Tuesday.  This threw the beginning of the week off, so we just took the week off of what I had originally planned and just played a lot! We also left for the beach on Friday and are currently on our final summer vacation right now!  We are looking forward to our official start of school on Sept 12.

Ladybug has begun to enjoy playing Legos with the boys and really loves the Beach HouseIMG_2276


We have a new Guidecraft toy, Twist N Sort, to review and we are loving it.  It is a major challenge for Ladybug and even for Krash.

IMG_2308    IMG_2311

Still loving the Magnetic Rings


Coloring in her Boca Beth coloring book, check out her orange Boca in the lines!

IMG_2323  IMG_2328

Enjoying some Mega Block time with her brothers up in our “tree” fort…

IMG_2335  IMG_2353


Moms Favorite

Miss fashion…IMG_2368

She was telling me NO PITCHER.IMG_2372

Silly girl, showing me her teeth and her eyes.  I was really trying to get her to smile and open her eyes!

IMG_2375  IMG_2377


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