Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 21 months old~


Learning ToysLadybug has mastered this puzzle and can do it completely on her own-to my great shock.  This is one of our more difficult tot puzzles, but she has figured it out!IMG_5466


Wedgits continue to occupy her for many hours per week.

IMG_5504  IMG_5503


We have been playing a lot with Pac Man’s Glow Station, working on all sorts of things.  Here Pac was drawing stars for her…IMG_5586

She has been very into our U-Play mat lately, even asking me to get it down when she sees the bag.  We have been working together a lot naming and matching objects.  You can read my full review of this learning tool here on my review blog.

IMG_5599  IMG_5609


A new favorite is another Guidecraft toy we were sent to review.  This is by far Ladybug’s favorite, we have only had it out for a few days and she LOVES it!!!  Krash and Pac do too.  They don’t even know that I have the square version hidden away!

IMG_5569  IMG_5564


The winter sensory bin is still getting a workout, she learned to open and close this tin one day and was fascinated by the process!IMG_5459


Again, her gears toy was played with a LOT!!!IMG_5469


Many, many books were read by my little bookworm!  She is still in love with the bug book.

IMG_5376  IMG_5484


Life SchoolShe finally learned to successfully feed herself AND wanted to do it one morning this past week.  She made it through her whole bowl of oatmeal without making a big mess!IMG_5556

Some snuggles with her brother…IMG_5560

She asks him to read to her a lot and he just loves it.  Her favorite spot seems to be this corner where we keep our bean bag and tons of books!   Pac just eats up the attention from his princess.  He simply adores her!  IMG_5582


Moms Favorite

Love miss innocent smiling for my camera after I busted her sitting up on the school table… IMG_5526


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