Tot School ~ She WALKS!!!!

~Ladybug is currently 20 months old~

We had a pretty normal beginning to our week but by Wednesday BIG things began to happen for Ladybug and thankfully my regular camera was returned to me that same day!!  Ladybug finally started walking!!!!!!!! {You can see more on my Lil’ Ladybug blog} Her walking has been the highlight of our week and my camera has been snapping away, this is a teeny-tiny sampling of the hundreds of photos I have of her standing tall!

 IMG_3520 IMG_3517

IMG_3577 IMG_3591

IMG_3682 IMG_3764

You can hear her proud giggle in this video as she walks to me!!!


My parents arrived last night and got to the business of playing right away.  Ladybug is in love with my Dad “Baba” and monopolized him for the evening!  IMG_0015

She loved showing him her blocks which we have to go with our new Education Cubes membership.

 IMG_3743 IMG_3783

She also has really enjoyed the sensory bin and really likes it when Daddy plays with her!


We are looking forward to a fun filled Christmas week ahead also!

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