Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 18.5 months old~


Learning Toys

Her 3  “new” {rotated} learning toys {Thanksgiving Toys}, she wasn’t nearly as interested in these as the boys were! IMG_2851

Foam block building on a flipped over Ikea drawerIMG_2804

Letters with Pac Man, in the bean bag!IMG_2835

She loved this {totally spontaneous activity from her awesome big brother}IMG_2837


     Tot TraysShe really liked putting packing peanuts through a paper towel tube-into a colored cup.  She played with this for a really long time!

IMG_2863  IMG_2862 

Straws into an empty container…or raining straws!



Life School

I don’t know how Pac Man ever gets anything done!IMG_2808

She is also very into destroying Krash’s learning area.  I caught her up on his table taking out all of his writing/drawing supplies!IMG_2903

She loves her little wooden horse {$5 at a consignment sale}IMG_2912



Moms Favorite

Ladybug is into her sign language, BIG time!  It is so cute!  We signed with both boys too, but Ladybug has taken to it in a way neither of the boys really did.  I finally caught a photo of her signing her favorite word…kitty {you can see the cat rubbing against her in the bottom left corner too} 😉 IMG_2864This girl loves her kitty-kitty, and even though he is old and not always the friendliest, he adores her.  He is so gentle and patient with her, it’s so sweet.

IMG_2871  IMG_2878 




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