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Thanksgiving Preschool Pack

Thanksgiving Preschool Pack

We haven’t even printed our Thanksgiving Preschool Pack, but since it is time-sensitive, I wanted to share it ASAP!  Below is a sampling of what is included, you can print it all or just pick and choose the things your tot, preschooler, or even Kindergartner would like!  I hope you enjoy and as always-please let me know if you find any typos!

 Thanksgiving Preschool Pack Play Doh Mat

Thanksgiving Preschool Pack Color by numberThanksgiving Preschool Pack ColoringThanksgiving Preschool Pack Sorting

Thanksgiving Preschool Pack T TracingThanksgiving Preschool Pack TracingThanksgiving Preschool Pack numbers

Again, I photographed our Thanksgiving toys and used those images for a majority of the printables.  I got asked last time by a few people how I do this and as much as I would love to explain-it isn’t an entirely easy thing.  I know how to do these sorts of Photoshop/photography things from back in my days as a pro photographer!  I am sure there are fabulous tutorials online somewhere, I just don’t have the time to write them!

You can download the entire Thanksgiving Preschool Pack here!

See even more Thanksgiving ideas here on my Thanksgiving Theme Pinterest Board!

Christmas Ideas ~ Tots



See our more recent version of Christmas Gift Ideas for Tots here!

Gift Ideas..all I get asked a lot about gift ideas, so I thought it might be helpful to throw a few out there with some of my thoughts on a few of them. We personally own everything I recommend, and I will never recommend something we don’t love! I will also link to any reviews we have done or Play with Me posts where we have featured the item on Totally Tots.

I am also a believer in LESS is MORE, so although I recommend things, please know that things don’t make us happy…they are just a small addition to an already full life in Christ. I don’t in any way believe that Christmas is about stuff. I realize gifts are a natural part {especially from grandparents!}, and I love getting recommendations also, which is why I share with you! I may add to the list as I think of other ideas, so be sure to check back!

This is my list of ideas for tots, which is actually a wide range, gearing towards ages 1-3. I will link to everything where I find the best online price {most of the time it is Amazon}. Most links are affiliate links, some are not {if I am not affiliated with the particular company}. If you purchase anything through an affiliate link, you give back a percentage to our family…thanks!

Gift Ideas..


  • Baby Bible ~ This is the best Bible we have for the really young tots with a short attention span!


Books {just a few of our favorites}




Songs for Saplings (2)


  • Signing Time ~ We have #1 {pictured below} and are hoping for more! Ladybug signs so much more than Krash did and I think it is from this great DVD!
  • Praise Baby ~ even my boys still enjoy these, the praise music is simply beautiful and timeless.
  • Laurie Berkner ~ We LOVE this DVD, all of us!!!!

imageimage image

Learning Toys

image IMG_9642imageIMG_9005IMG_2936IMG_4166imageIMG_1438 copy

In case you are visual like I am {all images are linked to Amazon}…

imageimageimageimageimageimage imageimageimageimage



Little Bits ~ My mom makes these with ALL of the profits coming directly into our missionary account! You can see premade items here on the blog {which are ready to ship immediately}, or custom order your own special Bit through the website. {yes, that is Krash on the home page of the website!!!}120x90 LB image

Ladybug’s current favorites are her blankees {all premades here, custom here}, pillow, color squares, and her ball {premade here, custom here}. As a mom I love her lap bibs ~ they are perfect for messy tots!




Craft/Art Supplies

IMG_0736 IMG_0340IMG_0753IMG_0376


The BIG Gift


I will be adding to this list if anything else pops into my mind. I am also working on lists for preschool, boys {similar to Pac Man} and moms! Throughout the season I will keep the buttons over near the top of the sidebar so you can refer back to these posts easily. I hope these lists help you as you purchase gifts for your own children or other children you love!


Looking for gift ideas for kids a bit older, check out Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

Gift Ideas...preschoolers

I also have more gift ideas on my “What We Love” page on my website.

Behind the Scenes ~ Storing Legos

Organizing Legos

Honestly, my boys haven’t been as into Legos as I thought they would be, especially Pac Man.  I always thought he would be my builder, but he ranks Legos in the same category with other activities.  He likes playing and building but isn’t over the moon about it. Organizing Legos hasn’t always been an issue for us, until recently!

Recently Krash got into Legos and I was left with a dilemma…storage.  I began searching the web and was inspired by a few photos I saw, and ultimately went and wandered around Joann Fabric to see what I could find.  I ended up finding the PERFECT solution for us and it was 50% off that day!!!! I bought 3 of these amazing storage bins {yup, Amazon carries the exact model # I got} and hoped it would be enough, it was!Organizing LegosI then set to the fun task {yes I am nuts and I actually enjoyed the sorting} of putting each piece where it belonged.

Organizing LegosOrganizing Legos

When I was finished {yes, the boys helped me too}  I breathed a large organizational sigh of relief and admired the Lego beauty I had created.Organizing Legos


These little containers are genius, as they have handles on them as well and can be flipped all around and the little pieces stay separated.  I set them up on a shelf in our old school room so the boys could build, build, build!  Above the shelf I put 3 trays {yes our Tot Trays}, and told them they could only have 3 different items built at a time.  When they were ready to create something new, they had to break down one that was up.

Organizing Legos

I stored manuals in the little drawers…

Organizing Legos

Gave them a “to be sorted” bin, so if they found Legos around the house, or were in a hurry, could drop them in there.  As you can see it’s already full ;-).  Someone needs to get to sorting.

Organizing Legos

It is working out well for us!

Here are a few of the sets we own and ones that are on our wishlist!


Edited to add {6/2014} We no longer use this method, mostly because we acquired too many Legos!  When we had a smaller amount this method worked great.  We now use a method that works but makes me cringe because it looks messy!  My mom made us one of those lay on the floor mats that cinch up into a bag.

Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 18.5 months old~

So, not only is this post up WAY late, but I have been really off of my Tot School Momma game lately.  Especially in the photo department. But as we all know-tots are learning whether I am super intentional about it or not and certainly even if I don’t take photos!  ha ha! 

Learning Toys

Her 3  “new” {rotated} learning toys {Discovery Toys Faces, Farm Puzzle, Guidecraft Animal Sort & Match} I kept these 3 out all week and we just went to them when she wanted to and I played with her and just had fun!  She also played a lot with them on her own too. The boys enjoyed them too—added bonus!IMG_1156

We got the faces/bowls from a consignment sale and they only had a few of the beanbags included, so we don’t use them the way I think they were intended.  They are so cool though!  Sturdy enough to even stand on!IMG_1161

I love how she checked to see if her beloved seahorse would fit in the bowl!IMG_1164

 Puzzles aren’t only for completing, the pieces are certainly for stacking also…IMG_1168

Ladybug really enjoyed the magnetic board in our Animal Train game.  We worked with this a lot {review coming soon!}IMG_1233

Once again, she dug into K’s Star Boxes and REALLY enjoyed his fishing ABC game {also an amazing consignment sale find that I cannot find online, but I did find this one that is similar and made by the same company}


Yet another consignment sale find, our awesome builders and benders {which I could only find here online}IMG_1196

Drawing is still a big deal for Ladybug, she loves to scribble {something neither of my boys enjoyed so I love it}IMG_1215    


Life SchoolKnee walking is her normal mode of transportation…IMG_1297

Our new tent {THANKS NANEE} is a big hit!!!!IMG_1307


A common sight for me, Ladybug begging to be held while I am needing to do other homeschooling things with the boys… IMG_1353


Pumpkin carving with Ladybug…


Giving it love and kisses…


Amazed by the light…


Ladybug was a flower {$3 at a consignment sale too}, and enjoyed our church party!  She was precious and actually wore her suit the entire time!  IMG_2736-2


Moms Favorite

I am lovin’ her 18 month old photos 😉

 IMG_2417 IMG_2480

This Weeks Tools  

More Tot School Links…

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