Down for Days…

I got hit with the nasty pregnancy symptom mimicking flu-ish bug last Thursday night. I woke up around 3am and it all began. I finally emerged Monday around 10:30am, and have slowly regained my motor skills. I literally laid in bed for 3 days. It is the only time I have ever felt this sick since I was pregnant with Ladybug {and with Krash}. I had Hyeremesis with both, but much worse with Ladybug. I DON’T miss those days at all, some of the worst ever.

So, I am thankful that this sickness won’t last {I am NOT pregnant} and that I am already feeling about 70% normal again…just still weak from not eating and laying around for days. I am way behind on email and hope to do my best to catch up but it just might not happen. We are in the home stretch of the homeschool room renovations and we also go on a 2 week vacation in a few weeks {1 week at the beach and 1 week visiting our home supporting churches}. Pac Man has begged to get ahead on his lessons so he doesn’t have to take any schoolwork with him, so I am honoring his request and buckling down with him every spare moment. Honestly, I am very proud of him, usually he is a procrastinator. He did well today {I didn’t do any school with him while I was sick}.

BEST part about being sick…seeing my man step into the most amazing MR. MOM EVER. He totally rocks at full-time Daddy-duty.

WORST part about being sick {other than the obvious}…missing out on all of the cuteness for days. I just stared at their faces tonight as we played. It’s amazing how emotional a momma can get just being absent for a few days.

OK-back to catching up with all that was left undone the past few days!!!