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My Circle of Love

It’s no secret that I LOVE my 3 children.  Yes, they are the source of pure craziness, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  I adore these crazy little munchkins!  I got a new necklace which honors them, can you see it in this new family photo {which was snapped quickly on our way into a restaurant the other night}?IMG_3714-4Want to see it closer up? Take a peek in my review/giveaway post and enter to win your very own!!!!! I LOVE my new necklace…and my KIDDOS {my husband rocks too}!

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Preschool Printables ~ Shape Tracers


Shape Tracer and Matching Printables

Shape Tracers, Shape Memory, Shape File Folder Game, Shape Flashcards…whatever you want them to be!  I plan to use them for all of the above.  I tried to make a set of printables that could be used over and over again but in many different ways.  You’ll be able to see how we use these in my weekly Preschool Corner posts, I hope you can find a use for them too!


They are printed on white cardstock, and laminated.

You can download Shape Tracers here!

See more ideas for learning shapes here…


Out of the Zone ~ Details about Calvert

I have been asked so many times by so many wonderful readers if I would begin to blog more about my experiences with Pac Man.  I have been reluctant to do this because it is SO far out of my comfort zone and I feel I have nothing to offer.  A kind reader commented on last week’s Pac Man post that it would be helpful for me to actually share what is like to be “Out of My Comfort Zone” which has inspired me to create a new feature on my blog {hopefully weekly} to share something regarding Pac Man and his schooling.  3rd grade and beyond is not comfortable for an early childhood educator ;-), so everything I will share about him officially falls into being out of my comfort zone!  I am excited about learning along with him and growing as a teacher and mom through our experiences over the years.  When out of my zone, I tend to learn the most!

I do better with features on my blog {so I don’t forget}; Tot School, Raising Rock Stars Preschool  Behind the Scenes, Preschool Printables, Raising Rock Stars, In My Spare Time, Thank You.  It just seems to make sense to add a new feature to help me remember!

For the past several weeks I have been labeling Pac Man’s posts “Pac Man Loves” but soon realized that he may not love everything I share about!!!  😉 I will now be calling these posts…

out of the zone2

For my first Out of the Zone post I thought I would share my initial thoughts about our big ol’ stack of Calvert supplies now that I have planned out our first 40 lessons.  We have bumped our start date back a week due to major construction going on to renovate the new schoolroom, so I have a bit more planning time built in now!

Calvert 3rd Grade Homeschool Details

Specifically this is what we got in our Calvert 3rd Grade box…

image Here are the subjects that are not published by Calvert, but are used within the Calvert program {I linked if I could find it online}.  You can see the inside of any of the books on the Calvert website itself using their awesome interactive features.

Calvert has it’s own math program, which we like a lot-it works really well for Pac Man and he LOVES math.  Calvert also publishes a few of their own resources; one I really love this year is called A Child’s Study of Famous Americans.

We also have access to these awesome online resources, the computer component is truly amazing.

I just found this website which helps you find out if you are able to receive Calvert free of charge in your state.  You have to fill out the form and I guess they get back to you.

I have planned out the first 40 lessons of 3rd grade and I am excited!  It is a FULL schedule and will about double the workload Pac is used to.  Next week I plan to share my planning forms and how I have our days planned {I will provide downloads in case anyone else is using Calvert 3rd grade {my forms are specific to this program}.

As we move along I will try to share what is/isn’t working for us and what I think of different parts of the program. After browsing through the books, I am really excited and pleased.  I really like the changes and think this will be a great fit for Pac Man!

Raising Rock Stars ~ Ruth


Daddy read the kids the story of Ruth from the Bible this past week.  I wrapped up the story of Ruth by using a few paper dolls I made from  I made a doll for Naomi, Ruth and Boaz…to illustrate the story as I read it to the boys from our Anytime Bible.

IMG_4298 After listening to me, we watched the story of Ruth on our Bible DVD.  After the short DVD story, we discussed the details that the DVD left out {which were way over K’s head but Pac man totally got}.  We mainly discussed how the DVD said that Boaz simply asked Ruth to marry him, but the Bible shares TONS more details of what led up to their marriage.  This is one reason I love reading from the real Bible and also children’s Bibles.

I wasn’t able to get any photos during our lesson this week 😉

Resources used this week:

Visit theRaising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts!

The History of 1+1+1=1 ~ Part 1

The History of

I often reflect privately on where God has taken this blog, as it honestly amazes me. I thought it would be something worthy of sharing as I know many of you are either new bloggers or contemplating starting a blog of your own. I share not only for others, but also for myself, as I remind myself of God’s mighty hand. HE has been at work through this blog for years now and I still stand in awe at what He has done and has yet to do. I always pray that I am used by Him online.

This is my story,

how 1+1+1=1 came to be,

how the twists and turns led this blog to where it is today…

I began as a blog reader. I was a reluctant homeschooler, and desperately desiring to feel connected to someone in the same position. I began Googling like crazy trying to find homeschooling blogs. Little by little, I stumbled upon great blogs and began to just soak in the information I found.

Awhile after being a blog reader {and never a commenter…I was most definitely a blog lurker}, I found Valerie. I can’t even remember how, but I found her. Back then she had a different blog, “Little Blots of Faith” and she was starting a new meme called Little Laplinks. This is the main reason I set up a blog. It occurred to me that I was taking so much from the blogosphere, that it would be nice to give back in some way. So, I set up this blog as a way to share our lapbooks. That was the ONLY intent I ever had with this blog. I joined in with Little Laplinks here with my first post in October 2007. I began to share whatever I thought might possibly help someone else. I met a few friends online, most of whom I am still “friends” with today. Most of my very first blogging buddies were Little Laplinks participants. Little Laplinks went on for awhile and then fizzled out {although I fizzled out before it did if I remember correctly!}.

I soon began sharing a few lapbook templates on a website I created quickly as a stem off of the website I ran for our church. I already knew how to build a website, and already knew Photoshop {I was a photographer} so creating was something I could do, and already having access to a website meant I could share easily. The name of my site was simply “Lapbooks by Carisa.” As I said, I never had any other intentions with this blog or the site! Needless to say, God had MUCH bigger ideas than I did!!!

Side note ~ the name of the blog was NOT a long thought-out process. It was a quick thought, which must have been totally from the Lord. I remember thinking, I wanted something that could make people think and wonder and then possibly lead them to inquire and possibly learn more about the Lord! At first I thought the name was silly {and I know some still do}, but I just went with it. I certainly never thought the blog would grow as it has, so the name didn’t really matter too much ;-). In hindsight, I am so glad I went with it, as I love the name and the symbolism of it. If you’ve never read what the meaning is, you can see that here. I also selected 3 colors I liked and made those my blog’s colors. I never have changed those, and probably never will-they are a part of who I am online ;-).

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