Homeschool Village ~ Refreshing


How do I refresh for the upcoming school year? 

This is a tough one for me, because we don’t really stop schooling around here!  We are more of year-round homeschoolers, with a very go-with-the-flow attitude.  We are light for the month of June, which I mentioned last week, but will begin a summer schedule in July and then “start” with our full schedule in late August.

As for refreshing, we leave for the beach tomorrow…doesn’t get much more refreshing than that!  I have packed up a few things to do while we are away, but only things I truly enjoy!  After we return from the beach, I will be without the boys for almost 2 weeks, while they visit with grandparents.  Around here we will have a mission team, and I will be gearing up for out annual summer reading program that I lead, Reading Rocks.  By the time the boys return, I hope to have several more units of Raising Rock Stars Preschool complete, as well as Pac Man’s 1st 20 lessons of 3rd grade planned out for the summer {we always get 20 lessons ahead so we can be more relaxed throughout the school year"}.  Planning is refreshing for me, so this will be wonderful!!!  I will probably do a little bit of organizing, which is TOTALLY refreshing for me too!

Join in and share how you refresh for the upcoming homeschool year!

On another note, FYI…I do have posts scheduled for the blog while I am away!  I will have limited access to internet, but how much I am on next week will depend on my mood ;-).  I wrote posts and scheduled them just in case I don’t feel like opening the computer much!