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Tot School ~ Bears

~Krash is currently 45.5 months old~

Learning Toys

I am honestly amazed with how much Krash loves this Flip Along Fun book. He asks to read it often, and loves to look at it by himself! IMG_1442

Tot TraysA little button sorting, or “feed the cars their favorite color of food” play time ;-).


tub of funThis is something new for us but not new for many of you. I have gleaned many wonderful sensory ideas form many of your blogs and have finally decided to make this a part of our time! It has been on my to-do list for over a year…talk about procrastination! I plan to have a new tub each week.

This week I filled it with our jewels (they are those colored glass jewels you can get at Michael’s or Dollar Tree). I added in some bears, a few neat spoons, a cup and a tube. K is only allowed to play with this after he finishes his other school work for the day, and then only at that time. This kept it fresh and exciting and he enjoyed playing with it every day!IMG_1281


Lately Krash has been loving the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, so it was finally time to explore our own Tot Pack. I made this pack last year while pregnant {and sick}, for my readers, but we have never actually used it until now! We had a week full of bear books, and Brown Bear printables! You can find all links to the printables shared here on our Brown, Bear Brown Bear Tot Pack page.

Each day we began by reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and using our “Clink Can” {an awesome idea I got from Making Learning Fun}. I LOVE this, and so did Krash. It is a great way to easily make a story interactive, I definitely thin we will be doing this more often!IMG_1264

Each day he worked with a different character, in a few different ways. He made the color word with Play Doh {he used to refuse to make letters with Play Doh so I was shocked that he willingly participated!!!} IMG_1271

He Dot-Painted…IMG_1277

He counted his number cards and practiced recognizing the numbers for the character of the day, and also practiced putting the numbers back in order.IMG_1453

Each day he enjoyed some free Play Doh time with the color of the day. He invented this game and we played each day! I make him balls, and we take turns rolling the balls around playing keep-away while the other person tries to trap the ball with the Play Doh ca and feed the balls to the animal. Giggles galore…he loved this!IMG_1425

A little size sequencing practice…IMG_1272

He enjoyed making some silly matches and giggling 😉IMG_1569We played a real game of memory with the cards a few times also. IMG_1571

He loved the shadow matching…IMG_1718

When we got to the end of the week, I decided to pull out everything we had left to do and we had one big Brown Bear party together! Krash enjoyed Pac Man helping him finish up his dot-paint sheets, and all of us working with the Play Doh mats together.IMG_1709I was blown away with Krash when I looked over and saw what he had been working on while I was preparing snack. He had made this entire word by himself! This is the first week we have done this and he was mostly relying on me to help a lot with it. He did this on his own and I was so proud . 😉IMG_1715

These are the bear books we personally read {over and over again} this week, with The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear being the favorite-funny it doesn’t even actually show a bear!



Post SubTitles ABC

We made our D is for Dinosaur, and read one of K’s favorite books Dinosaur Dinosaur!IMG_1614


Rock Star Tot

We revisited our 10 Plagues lesson after the bad attitudes we had for family Bible time. The 2nd go around was much better and more fun!

IMG_1727 IMG_1731


Tiny Tot SchoolLadybug loves her books! I LOVE that she loves her books {the boys didn’t nearly as much as babies}. This is one of her favorites, That’s Not My FairyIMG_1321

A few of her other very favorites right now…Fisher-Price: How Big?: A Sooo Big Book, and Baby Faces. I just LOVE that she loves books! Reading to the boys when they were babies was a bit of a chore as they only ever wanted to play with and eat the books!

I am trying to give Ladybug unique {non-baby} items to explore under my close supervision. This week I decided to try bells. She loved them! She only tried to lick them a few times, but responded well when I stopped her. Plus I think the metal tastes nasty! She went wild a few times shaking the bells, putting her whole body into it!



Pac Man had the idea to tie a string to one of the bells and this created a whole new twist. It was neat to see her explore in a whole new way with the string attached.


IMG_1516Finally on this day, we added a metal mailbox {from our Valentine’s Day stuff} and put the bells inside for her to get out. She was HILARIOUS with this. They were loud inside of the can, and she was banging them all around. She couldn’t get her hand into the box at first and it was so cute watching her try, try again. She finally figured it out and got them all out…we did this several times!IMG_1531Another day I put the bells in the yellow basket for her. She had fun figuring out how to get them out of the basket! I had fun watching her ;-).IMG_1619She was still enthralled with the bell on the string. IMG_1637We also added a paper towel tube and rolled them down it together. IMG_1650Daddy got in the action another day, using the bell as encouragement for her to actual scoot forward… IMG_1682To our shock, IT WORKED!!!!! She scooted for the very first time when I snapped this photo!!! IMG_1683 IMG_1684Later Daddy set up a little course for the ping pong ball to roll through, He was playing with Pac Man but Pac was gone for awhile, so Dad built a track for L-bug to watch, she was SO into it!


She was a lovely helper-readjusting parts of the course at every opportunity she could find! IMG_1700


Life School

We have had a lot of snow lately and I just can’t muster the energy to get them all dressed, and undressed in snow gear to go outside every day. This has made for a bit of cabin fever and a bit of energy overload for Krash. Knowing he needs some intense physical activity each day, I popped in our Kick to Get Fit Jr. – For Kids and wore him out! He loved it and was adorable to watch!

IMG_1288 IMG_1291


Moms Favorite

My fav just had to be of Ladybug this week….Piggy Tails!!!!!IMG_1335 copyfb

This Weeks Tools

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Flip Along Fun ~ Giveaway!


Yes, I found him like that ~ completely enthralled with his new book.  Want one for your kid?  Head on over to enter to win!

Raising Rock Stars ~ 10 Plagues

10 Plagues

I had grand plans, as you will see. They were plans that I just knew both boys would enjoy {loud and interactive}. I do believe they enjoyed them, but attitudes were flying and we spent more time disciplining than teaching about Moses! In hindsight I can laugh, but let me assure you-I was not laughing at all while it was occurring!.

Daddy read a modified version of the 10 Plagues from The Anytime Bible… both boys really like this Bible and have been enjoying learning about this, so this part was OK.IMG_1247

Then we used the props I created for us to reenact the story together. I made images for each plague {I printed on cardstock, cut them out and taped them to popsicle sticks}… 10 plagues1and also signs for Pac to be Moses “Let My People Go!” and Krash to be Pharaoh “No!”. I was “God” bringing the newest plague {that’s why I don’t have any action shots…Daddy was busy entertaining Ladybug as she ate the plagues}.


As fun as this was, seriously the bad attitudes were just invading all of the fun, it was very discouraging. We did get through it, and actually I plan to do the whole thing again this week with the boys during school time when moods are a bit better!

After our little drama, we sang Pharaoh, Pharaoh. The best was Daddy dancing Ladybug around like an Egyptian!IMG_1262 So, once again, I share with you and remind myself that family Bible time does NOT usually go as planned. Our sinful hearts are stubborn and strong willed. Ugliness often attacks right when we are trying to do the very best thing for our families-teach them God’s word! I know Satan would love nothing more than to attack this time, but we will not give up!

Resources used this week:

Visit theRaising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts!

Tot School

~Krash is currently 45 months old~

Learning Toys

We have had this Diego 123 game for months and I kept forgetting to bring it out {I got it on MAJOR sale at Ross}.  It finally made it’s appearance and Krash loved it!  We didn’t play the real way yet, just worked on matching the numbers for now.IMG_1147 A little Aquadoodle scribbling.  He still loves his mat but rarely uses it for any actual writing!IMG_1154

We were sent this adorable Flip Along Fun book to review {our giveaway will be posted soon} and Krash loved it!  IMG_1080



We continued with our LOVE theme, and finished up a few of the other activities I had for Krash.  He loved the love-bug matchingIMG_1114

And was adorable counting and matching his hearts {this is from COAH-Erica}. IMG_1116 IMG_1118


Post SubTitles ABCWe did 2 letters this week and Krash really enjoyed them!  First for B we made a bee and read the book, Busy, Buzzy Bee, which he LOVED.  It was fun to explore a random topic, I love that about these projects-as they don’t fit in with our other ongoing themes but give him something random and fun in the middle of something else. I let him use a Sharpie to color on his bee {aren’t I brave?}


IMG_1104He was super proud of his bee!IMG_1108He asked to read the book over and over again for the next couple of days so we expanded on the “bee theme” a bit more.  Here he is drinking nectar from the “flower”.  We worked on colors and I had him buzz around and “sting” the correct color, or “drink nectar” from the correct color.  It was a fun way to get out energy and work on colors and listening skills. {the mats are from our Candy Land DVD Game…which we don’t play at all now but LOVE the mats for various activities}IMG_1140

We also made our C for crab and read A House for a Hermit Crab.  He enjoyed this too, and really enjoyed pinching people with the crab’s pinchers 😉IMG_1173


Getting Ready

This week I added a few activities to our morning calendar routine.  I was inspired by an old blogging buddy, Jennefer from Smooth Stones Academy.  One thing we added was a USA map and a set of flashcards {I don’t have a photo of this}.  Each day one of the boys chooses a card and we color in that state.

The other thing I added is a set of time flashcards and a little mini clock.  Each day we will make the time together.  Pac Man already knows how to make and tell time fully, but this will be a fun way to expose Krash early.  He is very interested in time, so he really enjoyed this!IMG_1131

He is continuing to love his Kumon cutting workbook and is a super star cutter ;-).IMG_1164


Tiny Tot SchoolLadybug is not the most mobile child, to say the least.  She is just like PacMan, who didn’t crawl until 11 1/2 mos or walk until 16 1/2 mos.  We are working with her though and she is super funny when we walk with her!  She won’t move her feet at all and when we help her, she just giggles.IMG_1210She is finally figuring out that she can move.  I think she is just a few weeks form crawling, but we’ll see!  We put her toys out of reach and she is hilarious reaching for them! IMG_1235

Pac Man still loves to play with her, the ring stacker has been a fav this week.  He is trying to teach her how to put them on! IMG_1242She is VERY into books now and I am loving it.  I can give her a book and she will flip through the pages and really look at the pictures for awhile, it’s so cute!  Krash would never sit and listen to a book at this age, so I am enjoying our reading time together! She really loves this book {Tails} and loves all of her touchy-feely books.IMG_1160




Life School

We had a fun family night on Friday and had Family Game Olympics.  We chose many different games and made teams to compete for Gold and Silver medals.  Pac Man was my partner and K was with Daddy.  Here’s some shots from our fun night, which Krash LOVED!!!!IMG_1182

They won this round! IMG_1183 IMG_1189I loved seeing Pac encourage and Help Krash, even though they weren’t on the same team. IMG_1194

The “Pickle Boys” in action {Krash named them}. IMG_1220Krash beat Pac Man in Wii Resort sword fighting!!!!! IMG_1227


Moms Favorite

What can I say?  When I looked over from feeding Ladybug dinner and caught this view I just had to grab the camera.  Little man had removed his shirt and was just chillin with his dad watching him play Pac Man.IMG_1198


This Weeks Tools


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Behind the Scenes As many of you have probably noticed, I switched my comments over to Disqus.  I did this after much researching and watching a few other blogs who were using it to decide if I felt it was best for my blog. I finally made the switch a couple of weeks ago and I love it so far.  In order to help you understand it better, I thought I would tell you a bit about it, so you can get the most of it here on my blog.  It really has some neat features that can make the commenting section more interactive for us all.

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Here are the basics of why I switched and how I think it will benefit 1+1+1=1 and you!

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  • It gives me your email!  This is something I have always wanted, but many Blogger profiles are not set to show emails so I can’t reply to you if you ask me a more private question.
  • The best feature, I think-is that it will email YOU when people comment on any comment you leave.  So, if you ask me a question in the comment section, and I later reply-you don’t have to come back to check-it will email you my reply and the replies of anyone else!  I think it does this automatically when you set up a profile, but just be sure to find this page (Notifications) and be sure the box is checked…

Publication5 a

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