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Tot School ~ CHRISTMAS!

~Krash is currently 43.5 months old~

We arrived down south on Dec 21 and have been enjoying both sets of grandparents!  Krash has soaked up the fun in every way!  Before Christmas, his favorite thing was definitely having room to ride (unlike where we live)! IMG_7696

He is amazing on his Strider Bike, we LOVE this bike!IMG_7817

He has enjoyed having our dog, Bower, outside to play with more!IMG_7825They are quite funny together! IMG_7827Christmas brought Krash many new toys (way too many actually), and he was a sweetheart through it all!  He loved everything he got and was very thankful!IMG_4593IMG_8239 Santa showed up for a quick visit as he was out in my parent’s neighborhood!  K was scared of him, unless Daddy held him!IMG_8177We wore the little guy out!  He fell asleep on the couch on Christmas Eve during the family get-together!IMG_8338 It was a fun, but BUSY week.  I am thankful for all of our family Bible nights in December when we focused on Christ, quietly as our own little family.  Christmas with tons of extended family is fun, but it isn’t very spiritual.  We have 1 more week down here to enjoy family, then it’s back to real life!

Merry CHRISTmas!


Wishing you a wonderful time celebrating the birth of our Savior!

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Tot School ~ No School

Krash is currently 43 months old~

We had a week off of school, as we will for the next 2 weeks while we head down south to visit family, but learning still continues in the life of a tot!  Here’s a few moments I managed to capture of Krash this week!

We read lots of Christmas books!  He really liked Spunky’s First Christmas, a LOT!!!IMG_7459

He helped Kirsten (our college “daughter”) bake some… IMG_7444

He he babysat Ladybug for me, and made sure she had all of her toys piled in her lap!!!  As he proceeded to run around the house with his wrapping paper tube…his new favorite toy.IMG_7451


I snowed a TON where we are and Krash played in it for hours with Pac Man!   IMG_4226IMG_4232 IMG_4247They even went out at night!  We were amazed with his lack of whining, we thought he would only make it a few minutes!  Little did we know!IMG_7574 I will be posting Tot School for the next 2 weeks while we are away, and plan to use this to recap K’s holiday and travel fun.  I may or may not be on the blog much other than that, depends how I am feeling while away!  Sometimes I get all anti-blogging, sometimes I am all over it…I will just go with the flow ~ you may or may not see me between Tot School posts!

Raising Rocks Stars ~ CHRISTmas…Nativity Story


We read the Christmas story from The Anytime Bible, which continues to be one of our favorite Children’s Bibles (my full review is here).  We also used our Fisher Price Nativity to highlight the characters in the story.   IMG_7428It was a good idea in theory, although K was out of sorts this night and all he really cared to do was make the stable sing “du-du-du-du-du” (when you push the top it sings Away in a Manger and he loves it).  It took some real effort to get through the entire story (from the angel to the wise men).


We were blessed to have guests with us for our family time, “Kiki” is our college “daughter” (she lived with us for over 2 years while she was in high school), and a good friend J.  They helped us color our Happy Birthday Jesus coloring book…IMG_7433

Krash also worked on his puzzle from our Christmas Tot PackIMG_7437

He also dot-painted the Happy Birthday Jesus sheet (which he was extremely disturbed about since I created the circles a bit too big for the dot paint)…note to self-make sure the circles are exact to avoid trouble from this particular little guy.  IMG_7440

We also talked about getting a gift for Jesus for HIS birthday.  We talked about what He wants most from us, discussing love and service to others mainly.  We selected an item to give to Jesus from the World Vision Gift Catalog.  We let Pac Man select and he chose a fishing kit and 2 chickens.  We discussed how these gifts would help someone else and why Jesus would want this for Christmas.IMG_7438


Resources used this week:

Visit the Raising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts!


Tot School ~ Christmas Break Style

~Krash is currently 43 months old~

Learning Toys/Trays

Get ready to be impressed with our amazing Tot School adventures. All completely well thought out and planned by yours truly…or NOT. Just happened to have the camera sitting around to capture some of K’s Tot School-ish moments that he created on his own just playing in the schoolroom! We haven’t followed ay sort of schedule (see this post if you missed it), and have been winging it and having a bit of fun and a bit of stress ;-).

He cut shapes a lot!IMG_6991

He played with his musical instruments a LOT… IMG_7161

He finally decided he likes drawing on our big wall dry erase board. This is a chomper beetle and K’s fingers are his chompers going around the board eating other bugs. IMG_7183


Theme ~ CHRISTmas

We did do some Christmas Tot School, along with many crafts for Christmas gifts. Here’s a few of the fun things Krash worked with this past week. He made a Christmas sticker scene (got these from OT, although I can’t find them online now)… IMG_6984

He worked with positional words using our Where’s the Present mini bookIMG_7152

He matched up A-E using his upper/lower case candy cane letters.IMG_7156

He did it but did not enjoy it as much as he loves marching around his giant J singing ABCs…IMG_7159


Life School

We caught our own pet!


Now before you go lecturing me about how you can’t keep wild mice as pets, don’t worry, she has already left us. But for a few fun days we had a pet mouse who was oh-so-cute. Those are words I never thought I would ever say.

Pac saw Miss Mouse running around the school room the other day. Daddy bravely caught her in a jar. Instead of disposing of her right then and there he made the mistake of taking a peek at her. He thought she was cute. Then he made the bigger mistake of showing her to me, and I thought she was cute. Of course that led to the boys begging to keep her.

Daddy drug the old lizard cage out of the basement and they set up house for her. We gave her some bread and cheese, watched her drink out of her water dish and bury herself in the construction paper bedding the boys prepared for her. Karsh loved watching the little mouse do her thing for a few days.

Then, her final moments came. She got cold in the schoolroom the other night and she kicked the bucket on her own. Probably for the best since she was scheduled for a little tour of the toilet soon anyhow.

She was fun while she lasted, although I don’t think I will be hoping to find a new pet mouse anytime soon.


Tiny Tot school

Hard to believe in just 4 months this little cutie will be the Tot School TOT in our house! She has begun to hang out with us more and enjoys sitting in her Bumbo and exploring different things we have. She really enjoyed exploring the stacking cups for a long time this past week. She is almost 8 months old now, where has the time gone?IMG_6981


Mommy’s Favorite

Could you just eat him up?

Yeah, me too. Oh how I love my crazy Krash. IMG_7357