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Up for a Challenge? Boat Building


We are a bit behind on with the challenges, but we don’t mind a little delay, we are still having fun! Last week we got around to our Boat Race Challenge and had a blast! This challenge was totally up Pac Man’s alley, he’s a natural boat builder…constantly asking me for junk to make boats with.

He completed this task in under the time limit and had total success!




Of course, Krash was VERY interested when he woke up from his nap and came down to find this!


One proud boat builder!IMG_6299 Click here to see other solutions to this fun challenge! Thanks to Michelle for providing some much needed fun for Pac Man! I could never come up with this stuff on my own! Next we are going to give the Cup Holder a try!

Tot School ~ Thanksgiving

~Krash is currently 42.5 months old~

It was an off week for us, with no planning at all and tons of playing and celebrating! Krash did do Tot School for about 15 minutes on one day, and it was a hit! I had this puzzle, Ladybug Letters, back when Pac was learning ABCs and just now brought it out for Krash and he loved it!


He also really mastered the art of choosing his clothes and dressing himself! I was SO proud of him and yes I let him stay like this all day long. {it’s a jammie shirt on backwards}IMG_6301



Thanksgiving Preparation…

We cooked all day long on Wednesday to prepare for an Open House for Thanksgiving. We invited people from my husband’s ministry, from our church and some friends. We are usually down south with family, this is the first time we have hosted for friends! Krash cut the bread for the stuffing…IMG_6323

He also helped in tons of other ways, including stirring the pumpkin pie… IMG_6345

and tasting it! IMG_6355ps~just so there is no confusion, I do NOT cook, my husband did all of this! I made a measly little dip for an appetizer! Am I blessed with a good man or what? 😉



Thanksgiving Party!

The boys called our Open House a party and had a blast hanging out with all sorts of different people. Krash was a great host,IMG_6426

He was his usual entertaining self, keeping the laughter flowing all day long…IMG_6401 He has so many people he adores, we are so blessed to have so many friends we consider family!IMG_6486



Decorating for Jesus…

Krash really enjoyed the house decorating this year, now that he is older. He did not like the fact that the ornaments weren’t toys though. 😉 IMG_6624


Raising Rock Stars ~ Thanksgiving


We took a week off and did an evening of Thanksgiving 😉 to help the boys prepare for the week ahead! Krash was a bit sick so it was a simple, short family night. Here’s Daddy reading the book, Let’s Celebrate God’s Blessings on Thanksgiving


Pac Man and I worked all week coloring this project to surprise Krash during family time! I got the pieces and idea from, which is a paid subscription site. I was a member a few years ago and let the membership go, but now that Pac Man is older I rejoined, it’s worth the $20 to me.

I laminated all of the pieces and used a glue gun to hook things so we can use this over and over again at Thanksgiving. I am not very crafty, so this really impressed my husband when I pulled this out!IMG_6193

We also shared our special Thanksgiving Bible verse with the boys from Songs for Saplings. They recognized it from listening to the cd all the time, but had no idea it was the verse specifically for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Psalm 100

Resources used this week:

Visit the Raising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts!

Hazelaid Giveaway!

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Tot School

~Krash is currently 42 months old~

** links to all toys and books are at the bottom of the post


Learning Toys/Trays…

I was shocked and amazed when Krash asked to do Perler Beads and proceeded to complete the entire heart by himself (with a few *fixed* by Mommy). It is now waiting to be wrapped up as a wonderful hand made Christmas gift for some special family member! IMG_6006 copy

He continues to love his latches board…IMG_5756 copy

This awesome shape truck is from Ikea, he loves it!IMG_5759 copy

Fun with our letter puzzles (cheap-o from Ross last year)… IMG_5774 copy

Krash chose these markers (both sets) from the weekly treat basket (a part of Accountable Kids ~ which I am trying to find time to write a post about, but in short we love it), he drew TONS this week…IMG_5754 copy


Of course Jolanthe visiting was a HUGE excitement for Krash, he LOVED her! She showed him patterns on his Unifex cubes…IMG_5779 copy

…and sang songs with him while he played with his instruments. I believe the wipers are going swish-swish-swish IMG_5768 copyIMG_5781 copy

He noticed me working on this puzzle with Pac Man and insisted in doing it too. It took a tad bit longer to do it with Krash 😉IMG_5869 copy

Pac Man took an impromptu trip to the library with Daddy and came home with a few surprise books for K, I caught him like this as he read to himself…IMG_5972 copy

Noah’s Ark continues to be a big deal around here, he LOVES this hand made toy and has played with it for hours this week!IMG_5986 copy




Our letter was Tt, so we made trains, inspired from here.IMG_5882 copy

He also dot-painted a T is for Turtle, which we got from Confessions of a Homeschooler!IMG_5763 copy


iTouch Learning Fun…

We love Shape Builder! Krash plays this one a lot and I love it too, it is great for visual discrimination, fine motor skills, and also teaches great vocabulary! He is given a white shape with random puzzle pieces to drag to the correct spot. Once the pieces are all in, the image appears (see photo on right for the letter I for insect). It then says the word and often *does* something cute. You can see this and other apps we love here on our website!

Shape Builder

IMG_5785 copy IMG_5787 copy




Recess Fun…

He was coloring with chalk on the wall and was so stinkin cute, but refused to let me take his picture 😉IMG_6023 copy

IMG_6064 copy

IMG_6119 copy IMG_6122 copy


Life {FUN} School…

Krash got to make some new friends and explore the great outdoors all in one day! He absolutely LOVED Miss Jill’s house and all of her children! He got to do many of his favorite things, like play hide n seek…4116343870_4688c209f0_o copy4123527066_e2e83fb33b_b copy

Roll down a BIG grassy hill…4123535490_a1947e7cd5_b

and RUN…IMG_5915 copy

…and run… IMG_5910 copy

THANK YOU again Jill for hosting us and having such lovely children for my kiddos to play with, they loved every minute of their time at your house!


Mommy’s Favorite…IMG_6019 copy