Raising Rocks Stars

It’s official, I have decided to make my *vision* a new weekly feature here on 1+1+1=1. I have been talking it over with my husband and sharing my thoughts with him. I was sharing with him about the blog and that if I started a weekly feature, it would hold me accountable to preparing these things for our kiddos each week. Just knowing I am going to share here with other moms makes me a better mom! I love that about my blog–I am such a better mom because of this blog.

We had already started a weekly family Bible time and family morning prayer, so it seems God might have been preparing me for this!

I want to raise my own ROCK STARS, and I want to do a good job of planning for this each week, so… I am going to begin sharing each week! We actually already started, so I am going to try and have my week 1 post up this week, and I will decide on a weekly posting day.

I even made a snazzy notebook, which I will share also, in case any of you are interested in joining us! Stay tuned for another post soon with details about how you can join in! For now, I will share my basic plans of what I will be sharing each week.

Our Raising Rock Stars Plans

  • Weekly Bible Theme focused on Krash (simple themes, starting with Creation), I am involving Pac Man too.
  • Weekly Bible Verse (all ages) starting with Songs for Saplings ABCs CD verses.
  • Weekly Family Bible Time…Sunday nights with Daddy we will read a Bible story all together (based on our weekly tot theme), and do a family activity (or a few).
  • Daily Family Prayer…praying together as an entire family each morning before Daddy leaves for work, also keeping a prayer journal.

Each week I will share what we did the week prior, and share links to any resources we used. I will also post my plans for the upcoming week. I will also post a tentative monthly schedule ahead of time so you can see where we are headed.