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Feelings Tot-Book…

I am so glad to be starting Krash’s new school year off with a unit on FEELINGS! Of course he had to have a snazzy new Tot Book to work with so I got to creating. I got going and decided he was ready to try a full sized folder this time, plus I had a few ideas in mind that would need more space than the 1/2 sized folder. Here’s how we are laying ours out…

The cover…The Middle…Here you can see what I made, I will tell you a bit about each one…

  • Top Left: I printed these cards on cardstock and did not laminate. I am going to have K color the feelings faces. After he is done I may laminate them.
  • Top Middle: These pages can either be made into a book unlaminated or you can laminate each one like I did and hook them with rings at the top of the folder. I did this so we can take them out and work with them. I made the first letter in each word bigger so we can get a little bit of Letter ID in too! Mine are printed on regular paper and laminated.
  • Top Right: Laminated mini-cards for matching.
  • Bottom Right: a mini book about feelings (printed on paper, unlaminated)
  • Bottom left/middle: The base is laminated and so are the little faces. They all have velcro dots on them for K to put the feeling faces on the boy and girl. I also made a small discussion card to give some ideas for questions to ask your tot.

The back, K’s isn’t stuck down yet, I will have him choose a feeling to draw when we are all done and put this on the back.
You could easily leave some things out and make the traditional 1/2 folder Tot Book if your tot isn’t ready for a big one. Or you could always just use different components and keep them in a manilla envelop (like I do with some of our Activity Packs)

You can download all of the pieces in PDF form here
. Also on the webpage are links to many of the books we will be reading to go along with our Tot Book, and also our new Kimochi friend we are using!

If you share this with others, please link to this blog post or to the webpage, but not directly to the PDF files. Also, remember if YOU make this Tot (Lap)Book with your tot, I’d love to see it, email me and I will add your link to the webpage!

Gearing Up for the START

I am in BIG TIME planning mode, especially with Workboxes in mind for Pac Man. Thought I would share a bit of what I have prepared for him this evening. I am still gathering, printing, laminating, cutting, etc. I was trying to rush to being our school year but have since given myself a break and have decided to allow myself the time I need to prepare and be FULLY ready to begin. Once I made this decision I have been excited again. We’ll officially begin when I am ready, in the meantime he has 6 workboxes and we do a very relaxed form of school.

Here’s what I have been working on tonight…

One of my all time favorite homeschool blogs, Walking By The Way, had this great post, which led me to this awesome site. I have printed some of the posters and most of the Crazy Cat Tales (similar to MadLibs) for Pac Man’s workboxes. So excited about these, thanks Ami for sharing this great site!

Ami also shared some math fact cards she was using for her son. I quickly went into Publisher and made some for Pac Man (I will upload mine when I get time…sorry I am too busy planning right now!). Pac Man needs tons more practice to memorize his facts.

Awhile back, Jolanthe shared a review about the Write Shop: StoryBuilders. In her post she mentioned a free download for one of their Ebooks. I finally got around to printing it all out and preparing it for Pac Man to use. Thanks Jolanthe!!

Another great one from Jolanthe, this Notebooking page for the book Children Just Like Me. We have had this book for a LONG time and now I finally have a great idea to go along with it!!! Thanks again Jolanthe!!! I have put our book and some blank pages together so I can give him this for a workbox every now and then.

Barker Creek offered this great ebook for free awhile back and thankfully I downloaded it then! I finally got a section printed out and ready to go into Workboxes for Pac Man!!! He will be doing the section on Homonyms first.

I also had another free USA ebook (which I cannot find online now) and I got it all printed and ready for the boxes also!!!

I am so excited to be planning again, I LOVE planning (am I weird??). I will share more as I go…

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1000 Subscribers Celebration ~ No Throw

Krash has something cool to share with you!


No Throw just seemed to be the perfect fit for my little sweetheart Krash. Anyone who has been reading here for any length of time will know why, as I am sure you can imagine him, you know ~throwing things!! No Throw generously sent us this adorable lime green zoo animals tether strap for Krash to test out…

I immediately loved the color/pattern, and Krash did too, although he had no clue what it was for at first! 😉 Once I showed him he was excited!!! I put it on his car seat first and then we tried it on his stroller…
It worked great both places!!! I now keep it in my van so I can strap his cup on when we get in, we also take it with us if he will be riding in a stroller or store cart at all. I have even used it for Ladybug to strap her toy to her car seat so it wouldn’t fall! The best place I have used it is most definitely the grocery cart, it has been a sanity-saver there for sure!

No Throw is a product developed by 2 moms, who are also twin sisters! You can purchase your own No Throw at Walgreens or any of these listed retailers.

1000 Subscribers Celebration ~ Giveaway #2

Something Lil’ Ladybug is wearing is up for grabs!!! Wanna know what it is? Head over to our Celebration to see and enter to win!!!

1000 Subscribers Celebration ~ Back Seat Drawing Jr. Review

Wanna know what’s making Pac Man smile?


Out of the Box games recently sent Pac Man this wonderful game to review for you…our wonderful 1+1+1=1 readers!! Backseat Drawing Junior

When they offered to send it to us, I was thrilled as I love the game Apples to Apples and this new game is made by the same company! I briefly looked at the game online and just knew Pac would love it and I was right!

He was really excited to start playing but I made him read the directions first so I could see if he could understand the game without me having to explain it to him…

He did! He is 7, and the game says it is meant for ages 7 and up, so I was thrilled that it was simple enough for him to understand right off the bat. You can go here to read the detailed rules if you’d like.

I was really excited to play with him, and LOVED that just the 2 of us could enjoy it together. The competitive game is played with 3 or more players, but mom and child or just 2 children can easily just take turns and have tons of fun giggling together-which is what we did!

This game is GREAT for communication skills, listening skills, and much, much more. The “director” has to tell the artist how to draw what is on the card and get the artist and the other players (if there are any) to guess it. ONLY certain types of words can be used (like positional words, directional words, shape words, etc.) so it makes it tricky! Here’s Pac Man drawing while I was directing him…
He had NO CLUE what this was, even though it did indeed look like the picture on the card!!! Do you know what it is?

Here’s more examples of a few we did together, he got the others, but did not get grapes!!! I drew the candle and the bag based on his directions.

He really enjoyed being the director, and I loved that he really had to think about how to describe what he was wanting me to draw!

I think you have figured out by now that we LOVE this game, I am so glad we now own it and I will be buying it for gifts in the future, it is that fun! There are 2 levels of pictures in this game-the junior edition, we played the easy level, and the harder level looks challenging enough for me as an adult! They do have an adult version of this game also though!

Educational aspects of Backseat Drawing can be found here, I read through these after I had decided on my own educational aspects list and I agree entirely with what they have-this game is great for so many reasons!

Out of the Box Games is donating this wonderful game to one of my readers in honor of Pac Man!!! A huge thanks to this great company!