Ministry Life

Most of you know that we (my family) are missionaries in the inner city. If you didn’t, now you do!!

My wonderful husband works with recovering addicts, and heads up the entire recovery ministry at the church where we serve. Recently we acquired a property through a sheriff sale to be used as transitional housing for men who are in the pre and post stages of their recovery journey. They would live here while going through their initial detox before they enter a program, then they could come back here when they graduate from their program-to live until they get a job and secure their own place to live. We hope this house, The Redemption House will be a place that will lead many to Christ and sobriety.

We have launched a campaign to raise $40,000 to pay for the house in FULL by the August 3, 2009! If you are interested in being a part of this process, by donating any amount, large or small, will you email me or leave me a comment with your email address (either enabled via blogger or written in the comment). I will then send you a link to our personal ministry site where you can see the detailed information and read more about the house, and future ministry.

If donating isn’t something you can offer, will you please pray that the money will come in, and that the future of this house rests in the Lord’s hands? There are so many details to be worked out that don’t even concern the initial $40,000…we need this house covered in prayer in so many ways!

Thank you for being a wonderful group of people I can reach out to, my husband always thinks it is so cool that I have a ton of Christian friends I have never even met! We will never forget when so many of you covered him in prayer while he battled cancer. When we began talking about how to get the word out about this new house and ministry he immediately asked me if I could reach out to you all about it, he KNEW so many of you would join us in prayer!!! It means the world to both of us, thank you.

Update Dec. 2013 ~ the money was raised and the house is currently ready to house 6 women in recovery.  We are now praying for a house manager and finances to support the house.