Friend Makin Monday ~ Confessions

random mommy confessions

  1. I stink. Right now. I NEED a shower.
  2. I had planned on doing school with Pac Man this summer after taking just a week off. Hmmmm it’s been longer than a week. SO much for plans.
  3. I KNOW I am supposed to eat breakfast. I KNOW coffee isn’t breakfast. Ooops.
  4. I find myself longing for the next time Ladybug needs to nurse, just so I can sit peacefully and have an excuse to not get up to wipe a butt, referee a fight, issue a time out…you know all of the really fun stuff.
  5. I will throw off all else when it is time to take and edit portraits. The house can be a mess, I can be a mess, my list can be miles long-but those portraits WILL be done and edited immediately…even if there’s screaming all around me. Example below, from yesterday (sweet Ladybug is 2 months old!). Good thing I don’t have a portrait of the room she was in while I took these.
  6. I contemplated giving up our Y membership out of laziness. Thankfully I didn’t and hit “confirm” at the last minute as I was signing Krash up for his classes. It is so hard to drag the kids up there, but I know I need to do it, for them and for me. I came SO close to canceling though, registering him on the very last day. But I did it, we start back up next Sat.
  7. I am NOT the extrovert many think I am. I love to be alone, I love to be at home, I am not hospitable in most cases. I hate the phone, let me repeat-HATE the phone. I recently got free texting and now my cell phone actually has a use!
  8. I try to get everyone I know to start a blog.
  9. I let my kids watch way too many movies when I need a break. I choose movies because I can get over an hour rather than a tv show for just 30 minutes. I figure my sanity is more precious than them wasting an hour 1/2 of their lives. Better than getting yelled at by a stressed out Momma.
  10. I started a lovely diet a few weeks ago, even walked on the treadmill for a week. I was eating well and following my plan for a few weeks. Then I stopped. I am now trying to muster the energy to get going again and actually lose the extra 30 pounds of Ladybug fat.