Update on my Mommy-Status

Prayers were answered in the way I had hoped for, I can honestly say I feel SOOOO much better. I am reflecting now, what did I do differently? What do I need to keep doing?

One answer is VERY clear to me and I don’t know why it took me so long to get back in the groove. About 4 days ago I began reading my Bible again, I mean really reading-not just a verse here and there. I chose Romans. When I read, I study a particular book. I read through it every day for many days, reading the same book over and over again. I read notes, I highlight, I pray. I will be reading Romans for awhile and am already on my 3rd read-through. I made a promise that if I was able I would read my Bible while nursing Ladybug. What a blessing this has been to me.

I also feel physically better so I was more able to be actively involved with the boys, which made for a much better day. We played out on our new deck…Played in the backyard, did Tot school, did 2nd grade, and had a very “new normal” day. That’s what I meant in my last post about finding normal again. I am searching for our new normal, I know it will be so different, but aspects will be the same and I long for those and the new of normal to set in. Yesterday it did a bit and it felt so good.

Ladybug even napped outside on the swing while I hung out with the boys. Spending time with them (instead of avoiding them) was a big plus for me, they were better behaved and I tolerated the naughty moments much better.
As I sat on our backyard swing, I noticed our beautiful plant blooming in front of me. My husband bought this plant 2 years ago and it bloomed beautifully the first year and last year it only produced 1 flower. As I sat and started at it this year I was amazed…look how many flowers it has…God’s blessings are abundant in my life, just like the flowers on this plant. I am so thankful. I am thankful I am in the Word again, I am thankful for the grace I am offered not only from God but from my husband and children. I am thankful to have a blog with so many friends I have never even met in real life. I am thankful for my real life friends who just know when I am not right and step in to help me. I am thankful for this morning. The fact that it is 6:55 am, I am up, all is quiet, all is well. As I said, God’s blessings are abundant.