Tot School ~ Almost back to normal…

~Krash is currently 34 months old~
This is our last *week off* and we hope to transition back into school next week! This week it was all about loving on Ladybug, and enjoying the grandparents while they visited!!!! Krash continues to be in love with his sissy and I am in love with watching them together…The weather also finally warmed up here so it has been living outside for us these past few days!!!!

If you have a tot (approximately ages 1-3) at home, join in the fun and share what you’re doing with your tot! Here’s how to get started if you’re new…

If you’ve never read this: Go HERE 1st for more details– please do!!! Then if you have any ideas you’d like to share, link up your exact post to Mr Linky (if you have questions about how to do that, let me know in a comment or email-links to homepages will automatically be deleted).

New: when you add your name(blog name) to Mr. Linky will you put your tot’s age (in months) after it, like this: 1+1+1=1 (34 mos)? I think this will help new readers a lot as they look for ideas for their specific aged tot!

If you are unsure of how to add your direct link to Mr Linky-I added a tutorial with photos here, scroll down to see it!