Tot School

~”Krash” is currently 33 months old~

We are still in potty-training mode around here so I set up an area similar to this each day for Krash. I set out a soft blankee, strip him down to his booty, put his potty seat in there and we play all morning long! You can see some of his Tot School tools on the floor around him. In this shot he is watching Leap Frog – Math Circus-he has just begun to watch this one. His little area often ends up looking like this…He grabs every pillow he can find and he lives up to his bloggy name…KRASH!

In honor of potty-training, we are still being blessed with some unique outfits, and though this shot has nothing to do with Tot School, I had to share it with all of you moms of tots! 🙂 He was playing Nerf Dart Tag with his big bro, and let me tell you-Daddy and I were rolling with laughter watching him run around like that!He stacked his bears for a LONG time (I can’t find these online anywhere, but we have these too that he loves)He spent some table time cutting and coloring. He still loves his little dollar-section Buzz Lightyear notebook!We played pound the letter, first he chooses a letter and we find it together in the alphabet puzzlehe gets it part-way put in…then he POUNDS away as he yells out the letter…obviously his favorite part!He’s still not very into our Learning Wheels, mainly because he thinks the clothespins are too hard. So this week, I put them all on and yelled out a color for him to pull off. He liked it much better.We also had lots of fun instrument time. This particular day he was exploring sizes with them-trying to see what would fit into his little Jamaican drum!I snuck up on his quiet play time-which I believe is part of Tot School…letting tots learn to entertain themselves and play on their own. He was very focused on getting a tiny helicopter hooked up to a truck so the helicopter could “fly it.” I love watching what he comes up with on his own!Snow finally came and K got to build his first snowman with his Dad and brother!And he got to participate in a great snow fight (Daddy won)!

Finally, here is a book, A Silly Snowy Day, that is VERY special to Krash right now. Daddy read it to him one night, from our *winter books * collection we have out right now, and K fell in love. He now sleeps with it, carries it around almost all day, and asks us to read it right when he gets up and before sleeping and any other time he can get us to read it! He’s never really had a book that he has loved THIS much, it is sweet to see! The best was the other night when he went to sleep reading by a little glow light he has. Later Daddy found him asleep with his face in the book :). This is also a special pic because surrounding him he has his other current *loves* …his blankee, his Shamu, and his dolphin…he was reading to them in his little reading corner!

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