Where in the World?

We have had the game, Where in the World for awhile now, we were blessed enough to find it at a used curriculum sale last spring. It has been sitting on our geography shelf since then and finally came down today!! I now have geography built into our schedule 2 days per week and plan to play games (like USA Sequence last week) and do puzzles most of the time at this stage. This game was perfect and will grow with us SO well! I would pay full price for it if I hadn’t found it at the sale–now that I have played it!

We began with just a simple find the country game, starting with North America. It was hard for both of us since it included many small islands!!!
After North America, we moved onto Africa which was a great review for both of us since we completed our Africa (Rwanda specifically) lapbook last year, and worked a lot on African countries then.What fun things do you do with your younger (K-2) kids for geography? In my opinion our geography shelf will never be full of enough games and learning tools. I have a horrible knowledge of geography myself and don’t want the same for my kids. I hope that I can re-learn right along with them on our homeschooling journey!