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In the Works ~ Money Lapbook

We spent tons of time today on our money lapbook and are almost finished. I made 2 more things for it, based on what I really wanted P to learn at this time. The first is a triangle fold book, talking about giving, saving and spending…with a Bible verse on the inside. The second is an activity learning to spell the names of coins. I printed it on cardstock and cut apart the letters for him to use tomorrow to practice spelling each coin name.I will probably post photos of the completed lapbook tomorrow, he only has a couple of things left to do. I know this particular lapbook will be great for review and I’m sure we’ll drag it back out a lot! Here is the link to all of the pdf files of the things I made for it!

Inspired Ideas ~ Money Lapbook

First, a thanks to One Little, Two Little for sharing these great money cards, which are found here. Finding this, and also the fact that we are right smack in the middle of our coin identification math lessons has inspired me to do a money lapbook with P!

I have started just making my own stuff if I can’t find exactly what I want. I wanted a mini book, couldn’t find one I liked, so I made this one, “What’s It Worth?”. You can download a pdf of the minibook, here.We are also using a poem, most have seen it, I’m sure (it was around years ago when I taught K!). I just put my own graphics on it, you can download a pdf of the one I made, here.I also found this site, that has some good money resources,

It will be a simple lapbook, focusing on identifying coins and adding coins. We’re having fun with it! I will post photos when it is complete, or if I add anything else along the way! Let me know if you have any resources for an early elementary money lapbook!

Your Big Backyard

We love the magazine, Your Big Backyard! And, no this photo is not staged! Our new magazine came in the mail yesterday and it immediately went into his hands like this! I just happened to have the camera sitting by! He has favorite sections of the magazine that he loves to look at each month. We also LOVE the great animal photos and neat info about the animals. It is a great magazine!

Penguins ~ Little Laplinks

It’s time for January’s Little Laplinks! We are going to do a lapbook about penguins and since Valerie put up a great lapbook that she created, and Squidoo has an awesome penguin lapbook lens, I thought I would share my list of books I plan to order or check out from the library to supplement our lapbook!

Penguin (Watch Me Grow)
Busy Penguins
Plenty of Penguins
The Penguin Family Book
These Birds Can’t Fly (Rookie Read-About Science)
Penguin Chick (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science)
The Penguin: A Funny Bird (Animal Close-Ups)
All Aboard Science Reader Station Stop 2 Emperor Penguins (All Aboard Science Reader)
SeaWorld Library #2: Baby Penguin
Nanu, Penguin Chick
The Emperor’s Egg, a Read and Wonder Book

And in case you REALLY want to spoil your kid, here’s this adorable Webkinz Lil Kinz Penguin! If you don’t know about Webkinz, you can check out their site here. My son has one little dog and he enjoys his computer time playing on their site. I enjoy the learning that takes place while he thinks he is “playing.” 🙂

And, at the last minute I found this cute penguin to make! We used to do projects like these in my K class when I taught school. They are great for listening to directions (also cutting, shapes, colors, etc.).

Added 1/31/08…

Here’s out completed Lapbook Photos and links for items we used!
The Cover…
The Inside…
Bottom Left: Penguin cards
Bottom Middle: Penguin Growth
Top Right: map of the southern hemisphere, showing where penguins live

The Back… Drawing and copywork from Draw Write Now, Book 4: The Polar Regions, Arctic, Antarctic (Draw-Write-Now)

Sight Words

We are still using the great book, Sight Word Puzzles and Activities, Gr. K-2 for enrichment in the area of sight words. We are up to lesson 5 (each lesson has about 15-20 words, plus 5-10 activities) and he’s still loving it! We actually took some time off from it in December and he reminded me, asking…”where are our folder words?” He was ready to get back into it! It is amazing to notice how far he has come since we first began using this book, his ability to complete the worksheets on his own amazes me. Even though it is a worksheet activity, it is very interactive and we always work together and have fun with it. Yesterday he was funny as he hung up his crossword puzzle under his desk light as he read each sentence to me so we could figure out the word together. Here’s the link to my first post about this book, which has photos of the mini lapbook we make when we complete a unit.