Tot School ~ We’re Finally Home!

~Krash is currently 31 months old~

We finished up our week in NC, and formal Tot School has yet to occur but here is an account of K’s fun filled week!

We made up a bath game (using our Bath ABCs) that K loved!!! I sang him the song from The Laurie Berkner Band (if you don’t have this, get it for your tot for Christmas!!!), the one about having an animal on your head, and changed it to “K’s got an F on his knee, K’s got an A on his head…” He thought this was hilarious!!!He continues to do well with the potty training! He got to spend some time with his good buddy before we left NC, they had lots of great moments like this…And then a couple like this…He went on a few field trips, to Chuck E Cheese, And Monkey Joe’s (a huge bouncy house indoor place)Then, FINALLY on Friday he was reunited with his beloved Daddy!!!!!!He got a brand new big boy bed…With stairs and all! (Pac-Man is on the bottom, Krash on the top) Here’s the link to where we ordered the beds from, I had a few questions about where I got them on my other blog 🙂 We LOVE them!!!

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