Tot School ~Sick Daddy

It is hard to believe that these first few photos were taken the day before our world changed. The day before the word cancer entered our lives. Just another day of homeschooling and Tot School…

Scooters in the house…Exploring his new Word World Tot Book Building with his Automoblox

And putting various sticks into the bottle…The next day Daddy was in the ER, and the following day he was having surgery. Then he came home and we were all changed as we saw our beloved, strong Daddy in so much pain. It was hard for us all and it made me sad to see the affect it had on little Krash-he seemed so confused. My husband’s parents were with us the entire time, thank God for times like this with Pop Pop…It was very hard for Krash to not be able to sit with his Daddy, and I know they both cherished this moment when Daddy did let him up right before they left to go down to NC for awhile as we deal with this here.My little man is down with family enjoying a break from the sadness in our home. Daddy and I are left to sit in quiet as we await his oncology appointment tomorrow at 3pm when we will learn the details about his cancer. Oh how I wish tomorrow were just the beginning of another week of Tot School.
THANK YOU for your many comments, prayers and emails, I am sorry I am not replying to them-please know how much they mean to me and how encouraged we both feel (Frank is reading them too). God bless you all…

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