Our 1st Day…officially!

Today was the day. I was prepared. Because I was prepared I can say the day was a success. We successfully had crying, complaining, throwing, time-outs, and a little bit of school work. That’s what I was prepared for, so the day was a success.

Had I prepared for the day I wished we could have I would have been highly disappointed. I have learned in 2 short years of homeschooling to expect the worst and hope for the best. If we get a good day…YAY!!! If we have a day like today, that’s OK, it’s not the end of the world.

Our day began like this…all happy at the breakfast table together, don’t they look sweet…

Then we moved into the school room where I had All About Me books for both of them. K’s BookP’s Book (thanks to Brenda for the heads up on this one)I am glad I got these photos when I did because K only colored on his for about 1 minute and before long P’s looked like this…Yup, he threw it, along with his markers on the floor in an outrage over the fact that he actually had to write the words all by himself…oh my- am I horrible or what???!!

After some time in his room, and a little talk with Daddy (who just happened to drop by the house for something right after P had come downstairs), he was able to move on. He learned VERY quickly that there is no negotiating and he better get used to it.

Finally, he completed the writing on his book and realized that it wasn’t so bad after all…imagine that!We got through the rest of the day successfully and happily with no new problems. He wasn’t entirely thrilled with the amount of work but he did it all and we are done for the day.

How was your first (or 2nd, 3rd…) day?