A House For Hermit Crab ~ Lapbook

We used the great ideas from Homeschool Share’s, A House for Hermit Crab lapbook. Over on the right in the orange book, we put all of the animal info pages from Enchanted Learning. In the middle he did two drawings from Draw Write Now, Book 6: Animals Habitats — On Land, Pond & Rivers, Oceans Right flap folded in..
On the back I printed the Bible Verse using our Start Write software (I still love this).
I made up little Popsicle stick puppets which we used every time we read the story (which was MANY times). I got most of the patterns here, but also added the rocks and anemone (at Pax’s request) which I got from Microsoft clipart. He really loved these.
We did this lapbook last month as a intro to our summer ocean lapbooks. It was a great beginning, we both really enjoyed it.