what, where, why?

Since Tot School began on the blog, I have let my idea of “what, where, why?” go, but decided to come back to it today since I found something new I love and want to share!! I want to be sure to share now because a certain nationwide store has these available on MAJOR clearance right now (which is how I got mine). So, here’s another edition of what, where, why…



WHERE…well, of course you can order them from Amazon (see above), but check your Target store first!!! I got the Anamalz for $1.48 each for K for his upcoming 2nd bday! and I got both of my boys several Automoblox cars for $1.98 each, on 75% off clearance!!! We gave P his for his 6th bday last week and he and K already love them so much! We have K’s hidden away for now!!!

WHY…I love these toys for several reasons, but the simple is that they require creative thinking and they are just cool. The Automoblox come all apart, and hook back together in many different formations, and they are just cool little cars! The Anamalz are adorable and pose-able, which I love. I wanted to share about both of these now, in case you have a Target near you that has them on clearance like mine did!