what, where, why?

I wasn’t feeling very called to do a what, where, why post this week but then P’s Valentine’s gift came in the mail and I was inspired! I love unusual educational toys, preferably open ended toys…with more than 1 use! I love when P comes up with his own uses for things, uses I would never even think of and certainly uses that aren’t listed on the box!

Before I share the actual Valentine’s Day gift, I must give a little background info so you can see why this was the perfect gift, in the perfect timing!

We got a great educational game for Christmas, called, What’s Gnu? . We hadn’t even played the game until earlier this week. He enjoyed playing the game (which is a great 3 letter word building game),

but even more than playing it, he loved doing this with the game cards…

He was so proud of his card house and had SO much fun playing and building.

Jump ahead a day and he gets this in the mail, Cardworks Builders Challenge

A REAL card building set!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! And, my parents had NO idea! So, you can see why I thought this was such a great gift. Already it has provided hours of play time, and I love it as he is learning without even realizing it!

If you’d like to share something you love, I’d love for you to use Mr Linky to link to your blog psot about it. For the guidelines, please see the original post. Basically, be sure to link to your exact blog post (not your blog homepage), tell WHAT you love, WHERE someone could find it, and WHY you love it…use photos if you have any! If you have an educational toy that you love, let us know! Or if your kids have any alternative uses for toys, let us see their creativity!