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what, where, why?

I wasn’t feeling very called to do a what, where, why post this week but then P’s Valentine’s gift came in the mail and I was inspired! I love unusual educational toys, preferably open ended toys…with more than 1 use! I love when P comes up with his own uses for things, uses I would never even think of and certainly uses that aren’t listed on the box!

Before I share the actual Valentine’s Day gift, I must give a little background info so you can see why this was the perfect gift, in the perfect timing!

We got a great educational game for Christmas, called, What’s Gnu? . We hadn’t even played the game until earlier this week. He enjoyed playing the game (which is a great 3 letter word building game),

but even more than playing it, he loved doing this with the game cards…

He was so proud of his card house and had SO much fun playing and building.

Jump ahead a day and he gets this in the mail, Cardworks Builders Challenge

A REAL card building set!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! And, my parents had NO idea! So, you can see why I thought this was such a great gift. Already it has provided hours of play time, and I love it as he is learning without even realizing it!

If you’d like to share something you love, I’d love for you to use Mr Linky to link to your blog psot about it. For the guidelines, please see the original post. Basically, be sure to link to your exact blog post (not your blog homepage), tell WHAT you love, WHERE someone could find it, and WHY you love it…use photos if you have any! If you have an educational toy that you love, let us know! Or if your kids have any alternative uses for toys, let us see their creativity!

Growing Up…

I can’t believe my baby completed his very first official spelling test today! When we even began the spelling book it made me get emotional, but now as I see the finished spelling test it just floors me! Where has the time gone? I so love him as an almost 6 year old, I loved him as a little guy too. I look forward to him as an even bigger guy. He is such a blessing…growing up sooo fast (aren’t they all!). It seems just yesterday school consisted of this…

(P, age 2, busted by mom after getting into the paint while mom was upstairs for a FEW minutes!)

I guess I prefer spelling tests!

Relaxed Learning…

We do school on the bed. It doesn’t get much more relaxed than that. I never planned on it, it just sorta happened…and it works. We have a schoolroom (it’s downstairs), but right now it is too expensive to heat it, so we are schooling upstairs. We do school in my office, where P has a nice little desk. But more often than not we end up on my bed! We always do reading in there, and usually many other things. I love the flexibility homeschooling provides, to teach in a way that works for your child and you.

Did you know?

Learn more about sponsoring a child.

There’s something big going on in the blogging world? Compassion has taken 16 Christian bloggers to Uganda, Africa to see up close the work they do there. All 16 are blogging frequently about their experience, they just got there yesterday, here’s the link to the all 16 of them on Compassion’s page.

Here’s a few of the actual blogs I am following…
Rocks In My Dryer

This is a great opportunity to see Compassion’s work up close and personal, they will be there for the next week. Here is the link to the posts about the lapbook we did for you to use when you wipe your tears away and click one of their sponsor a child buttons. Seriously, be prepared to be moved, they’ve only been blogging for one day and the few blogs I am reading already are amazing.

Building Prayers ~ Learning to Read!

We got this great book Magnetics Make Your Own Prayers (Magnetics) for Christmas from the grandparents and of course we loved it. However, it got mixed in with other Christmas gifts and sat on the shelf until recently…now it is a favorite! We were keeping the little word/letter/picture magnets in the book, but the other day I thought to put them all up on the washer (which happens to be in our “combo” room upstairs where we are doing lots of school now). Here is P making his prayer, I have to say, I was quite impressed with what he did with no help from me. He is picking up reading skills from everywhere and sailing along, Praise God! He loves this book and I love that not only is he PRAYING, he’s also LEARNING!!!!

His final prayer said… “Dear Father, Thank you for my family. God thank you for trees and the sun. Thank God. Amen”