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In the Works ~ Thansgiving Lapbook

We are going to need about 3 folders to fit all of our Thanksgiving stuff in by the time we are done! Today P worked on his “Draw, Write, Now” lesson, beginning the copywork for the Mayflower. He drew the picture yesterday. This is the first time I have actually had him complete the copywork and he did really well. I LOVE these books!

In the Works ~ Thanksgiving Lapbook

We are really enjoying our Thanksgiving unit! P made this Thankful Turkey today and LOVED it! I love it when he loves things we do!

Volcanoes ~ Lapbook

We finished our volcano lapbook! My son absolutely LOVED learning about volcanoes! We both learned a lot! Here’s our finished lapbook…

The Front…
Middle flap… (when folded down)
Geysers and Lava Flows (game board printed from our purchased unit)
Middle flap… (when opened up)
Top: Types of eruptions (purchased unit)
Bottom: Types of volcanoes (purchased unit)
Left Flap…
Top left: photos of special volcano things we did…our chapter book, volcano eruption and mini volcano model
Right Flap…
Top right: Sequencing (purchased unit)
Bottom right: 3 Stages of a Volcano
Top: Volcano Labeling (Enchanted Learning)
Bottom left: Volcano Facts (P told me everything he learned during our unit)
Bottom Right: Volcano Crossword (purchased unit)
P dictated a volcano story to me, I printed it for him to illustrate.

How I do it…

I am a chart/list obsessed momma. I have charts for everything. No, my life is not in super control, I do that because it feels so crazy and out of control. I am always making new lists or new charts, for me, for my kids, for the family…for everything and everyone! One chart that works for me is my lapbook planning chart. We have as many as 4 lapbooks going at one time, but I categorize them in my mind so it feels pretty “sane.”

We have these categories I focus on for lapbooks:
Word Family/Phonic/Sight Words

I am always planning for lapbooks, both current and upcoming and with that doubling it to up to 8 categories, I have to be on top of things to not just “forget” about one! So, I have this little chart, to aid in my web-surfing, my brainstorming, and my sanity.

In case you can’t read it:
Holiday: CURRENT, Holiday: UPCOMING
Science: CURRENT, Science: UPCOMING
Bible, Word Family…I always ask P for his ideas about the upcomings, and usually we go with his lead for the science and sometimes even the Bible category. Currently we are doing volcanoes, next on the list is giant pandas…all his requests so he is VERY excited to learn about them.

I pull materials all the way up until the lapbook is finalized, I search on the computer every day and this chart helps me stay focused on what I am searching for. I just use it to take notes on, and it really helps!

__ad, __ap, __am, Word Families

We are sailing through our word families, I got behind with posting so decided to combine these to finish out our short a word family unit.

Everything is from Calvert, except the poem in the top left._ap…

cap stationary from this book
bottom left coloring activity from his Calvert workbook
Everything shown is from Calvert, except, “Pam and Sam