You Can Read Sight Words Unit 1

You Can Read Sight Words ~ Unit 1

Ladybug started You Can Read Sight Words! She hasn’t been interested in learning to read, but recently that interest spiked and thankfully I had all of my You Can Read stuff organized and we pulled it out and got busy! She is currently 5 years, 1 month old.

Here’s a post sharing You Can Read Unit One with Krash when he did it!


Unit Organization

You can see how we store ALL of our You Can Read stuff here.  For current units I use this metal file container {Target}  and hanging folders.  The pink ones are You Can Read units, the yellow are her Kindergarten Literature Unit Study Printables.  I have a daily lesson plan for both in a sheet protector in the front.  The You Can Read printable lesson plan is here.

You Can Read -7714

We won’t necessarily always get a unit done in 5 days, sometimes it will be more.  I do have the activities divided out into 5 days but then shift things around as needed.  It gives me a starting point to grab from each day.

You Can Read -7717

She was thrilled to begin and had just recently shown an interest in learning how to read.  Before then she displayed all of the reading readiness skills except the desire to learn!  Now she has the desire and we are rolling!

I have been asked a lot how we do things so I am trying to outline it for you as much as possible, there’s even a couple of video clips!  I am not sure if I will blog all the way through You Can Read like this, but if it is helpful, I might, let me know! Below you will see exactly what we did on each day and how I spread it out. During this same time period we did our Hi! Pizza Man unit also, working with that in the morning and this in the afternoon.

This is a LONG post, and it’s meant to be, hopefully to help those of you who want massive details!


Day One

Here’s a before shot showing what we did together on her very first day using You Can Read.  We focused a LOT on the sight word caterpillar and instead of hanging him on a wall we are using our pocket chart so we can take the circles down and use them during the lesson.

You Can Read Unit 1 -7756

I introduced the words to her and had her repeat after me, using the caterpillar.  Then we went to trace the shapes, in the dry erase center.  She enjoyed this a lot!

You Can Read Unit 1 -7765

Next, we made the words using the cut out letters.  I pulled the word she was working on down from the caterpillar so she could copy it.

You Can Read Unit 1 -7767

We read her very first easy reader together and then she read it to me {was sitting in my lap for that so no picture}.  Then I got the word circles and asked her if she could find the words in the book!  She is reading Farm Friends from the Scholastic First Little Readers set.

You Can Read Unit 1 -7772

Her first color by number sight word!  And she was gladly using her pom pom pencil grip correction!

You Can Read Unit 1 -7780

She ASKED if she could write a sentence using her new words.  Why YES sweetheart, you sure can!!!  She was so excited to know how to spell the new words and so proud of the word she already knew {CAT}. Here’s her first invented spelling story.

You Can Read Unit 1 -7783

Here’s the translated version of her story.  She said, “Look at the cat hanging from the letters!”

Invented Spelling Kindergarten

Day Two

Here is the before shot for day 2.  We are doing You Can Read activities in the afternoon and do our Kindergarten Literature Unit activities in the morning.

You Can Read -7844


She went straight for the puzzles!

You Can Read -7846


We read the easy reader book next {in my lap of course}.  The book I chose is School, from a very old Scholastic set we have.

After reading together she wanted to trace.

You Can Read -7847


She loved the stamping!

You Can Read -7850


So proud of her for being willing to use her pom pom pencil grip corrector, it continues to help so much!

You Can Read -7854


I am SO excited about the new addition to the You Can Read program! I have added all of the You Can Read units plus review units to Bitsboard so our children can play games with the words on the iPad. In Bitsboard she can choose which games she wants to play with her words.  She chose Photo Touch {the word cards are considered “photos”}, Word Builder, and True or False which are all three shown in the photos below.

You Can Read -7855  You Can Read -7857

You Can Read -7859

I will be writing up a tutorial soon, but if you already know how to use Bitsboard, you’ll be able to find the You Can Read boards on your own and use them too! I’m almost positive this app is only available in the Apple market and not Android, unless my searching was not showing me something, I am sorry for those of you who use Android. If you install Bitsboard to your iPad/iPhone, use the search feature and search “You Can Read,” and our boards will show up for you to download.

Day Three

You Can Read -8005

This was down below, I used the magnetic letter construction kit to make her words for her.  Within minutes she had turned them into cats.

Hi Pizza Man -7865


We played BINGO first, with mini Spielgaben pieces.

You Can Read -8007


I premade the letters for her words from the Letter Construction Kit and she put the words together.

You Can Read -8012

Here’s a video showing her putting them together


Here’s a video of her reading them when she was done!


Dot Painting her funny font words…

You Can Read -8014


Here’s a video of her dot painting her words


We read our easy reader and then found words in the book.

You Can Read -8021


Here’s a video of her finding her words…


Finally, she colored her color by number sight word.  Funny thing, she doesn’t really like this and Krash LOVED it!

You Can Read -8024

Day Four

{this is the 2nd week, we did 3 days the first week}

We worked with this unit for 2 weeks.  I only set up two activities for her this day, since I knew the sensory bin word search takes awhile!

You Can Read -8100


She loved this as much as Krash did.

You Can Read -8104


Here’s a video of her doing the word search


You Can Read -8108


Here’s a video of her graphing the words after she found them all.


A quick word search and we were done!

You Can Read -8112

Day Five

{week two}

I set up a few activities for her and she chose what to do first.

You Can Read -8114

Play Dough words was her choice!

You Can Read -8123

You Can Read -8131

We then went on to play throw and read.  We used our Education Cubes inserts for our words and took turns tossing the cube and reading the word it landed on.

You Can Read -8137 You Can Read -8139

Finding and circling words in sentences…

You Can Read -8141


We read our new easy reader and found our word…

You Can Read -8145

Finally, she played two mini games on Bitsboard for practice…

You Can Read -8148 You Can Read -8150

Day Six

{this was week 3, since we traveled over the end of week 2}

For our final day, I wanted to be sure she knew these words before moving on.

You Can Read -8224


I set up a matching game {using her color by number cards and her brother’s since I still had those too!  She asked to play twice and really liked this.

You Can Read -8233


Roll and graph the sight words was also a popular choice.  It took a bit longer than usual since she drew a picture in every single square and had a story to tell me {see more on Instagram here}.  Oh, homeschooling a girl is so different!

You Can Read -8236

Here’s a video clip of this activity


She colored Color by Word picture but I didn’t get an action shot. You can see it below in the completed work display {items used in the dry erase center aren’t up here, only consumables}! I am happy to say she knows all of her words and has been finding them in books we are reading and in other places! My Kindergarten teacher heart is overflowing!

You Can Read -8264

Download the FREE printables for You Can Read Unit 1 here

Purchase the You Can Read Bundle here {get access to the bonus items}

See our You Can Read YouTube playlist here

Organizing You Can Read

Organizing You Can Read Sight Words

As I prepare You Can Read to use with Ladybug, I am appreciating some organizational methods I put into place when using it with Krash!  It is making it very easy for me to get things ready for her! I have never shared how I organize it all and thought maybe I should! 

Not familiar with You Can Read?  It is a sight word program for younger readers who are eager to learn to read, but still need lots of hands on fun in the process. It can be used with younger kids who are showing interest or for any age child who is just learning to read.  The 18 units are based on the Dolch Pre Primer & Primer Sight Word lists, as well as a few I added in, for a total of 72 words. There is also a color and number word set.  The base 18 units are available for free here.  There is also a Bundle for $10 which gives you the additional word units plus all of the extras, plus one simple download for the base units.


The main organizational tool I use with this program…

Accordion File Folders

Organizing You Can Read -7156

I got mine at Target when they were in the dollar section {maybe for $3, I can’t remember}. I have 3 folders like this to fit all of the units in, this is just the one that holds the first units {there are 18 base units plus color and number words}. I used the little tabs that came with the folder to write the unit number and the actual words in that unit.

Organizing You Can Read -7149


What’s in the folder?


All of the base printables {many are laminated to be reused, so I had none of that to do for Ladybug}. I just looked for what was missing {consumable like the color by word} and printed those for Ladybug.


Printable Extras from the You Can Read Bundle~ You Can Read includes many special extras that are ONLY available in the bundle.  I chose which ones I want to use for her and print those also.

You Can Read Bundle Extras

One of the extras is a sensory bin word search which has tons of tiny laminated words.  I sort ours in this awesome plastic tray. I had to re-sort all of our words {such fun} since I dropped it as I was pulling it down off of the storage shelf!

You Can Read -7474

Extras from other sources ~ I use a few printables from other sources. First, the sight word color by number printables that are located here. I printed her a new set to color, and also included the set Krash colored which is laminated so we could play matching games with them! We also use Education Cube inserts that were made specifically for You Can Read by my friend Jenn.


Sight Word Readers & First Little Readers ~ We have 2 sets of small easy readers we use and I have them all labeled with the key sight words in the books. Some books could go along with different units, so I just sorted them based on how many we had for each unit. If you use other sight word based easy readers, you can find key sight words in them and sort them out by unit.  We also have an old set of Open Court K readers which I have sorted also. 

Organizing You Can Read -7141

The Sight Word Readers already have the key sight words printed on the front.

Organizing You Can Read -7146

I sort the books I want to use for each unit and file them in the pockets so I don’t have to go hunting when we get to each unit!


Here’s a peek at the stash for Unit 1…

You Can Read -7471

You Can Read Sight Word Caterpillar Extra

You Can Read Sight Word Caterpillar

I am preparing to use You Can Read with my daughter and my brain is spinning again! I recently made a new sight word caterpillar and I have a couple more “extras” coming which are free for those of you who own the You Can Read BundleThe extras are added to your private download page! If you have the bundle & lost your private page link and password, just email me and give me your information {PayPal email if you purchased, or any other info I would need}. I can resend your login info if necessary.

First, we have a new You Can Read Sight Word Caterpillar.  Sight Word Caterpillars are a popular way to display sight words that kids are working on, you can see them on a lot of blogs and in classrooms.  This caterpillar has all of the You Can Read words in order, to make it easier to use alongside of the program. I needed a new one since I lost many of the circles from Krash’s caterpillar!

As Ladybug goes through the units, we will slowly build our word caterpillar and use it for easy review each week! The first 4 YCR words are shown below…

You Can Read Caterpillar -7178-2


Not using You Can Read, but want a caterpillar for free that you can print?  Here’s one you can download from Confessions of a Homeschooler! Or, here’s a blank one I saw, you could write your own words on!

See more about the You Can Read Bundle here!

See ALL of the EXTRAS only in the You Can Read Bundle here!

I have more You Can Read goodness coming your way, stay tuned!

Kindergarten with Krash ~ at a glance

Homeschool Kindergarten with Krash At a Glance

As I prepare to teach Kindergarten to my daughter at home, I have spent time looking back at our homeschool Kindergarten year with my middle son, since I blogged throughout his K year.  I wanted an easy place to be able to glance back at his posts, and figured it might help some of you also!  This post has direct links, in order, to all of our homeschool Kindergarten with Krash posts!

Homeschool Kindergarten with Krash

{disclaimer ~ affiliate links used below}

Krash began Kindergarten at age 4 years 11 months, in the spring of 2011, and finished the following spring, right before he turned 6. We used Calvert as a base {very loosely}, You Can Read, Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten, All About Reading Level 1, and themes. You’ll notice we did not do all of the RRSK units, he did finish them I just didn’t blog after he finished Kindergarten {all of You Can Read, and all of Calvert K}.

IMG_8435 IMG_8132

In the {brackets} you can see details about the posts, including themes, and specific units of YCR and RRSK.  YCR = You Can Read, RRSK = Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten


Homeschool Kindergarten with Krash

Kindergarten Plans for Krash You Can Read Sight Word Caterpillar

You Can Read Intro and Unit 1

K with Krash ~ 1st post {YCR Unit 2}

K with Krash ~ 2nd post {YCR Unit 3, Birds Theme}

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K with Krash ~ 4th post {YCR Unit 5, Dragons Theme}

K with Krash ~ 5th post {YCR Review}

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K with Krash ~ 7th post {Camping Theme}

Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten Intro

K with Krash ~ 8th post {YCR Unit 7, RRSK Letter A, Pirate Theme}

K with Krash ~ 9th post {YCR Unit 8, RRSK Letter B, Phineas & Ferb and Rainforest Theme}

K with Krash ~ 10th post {YCR Unit 9, RRSK Letter C}

K with Krash ~ 11th post {YCR Unit 10, RRSK Letter D, Fall Theme}

K with Krash ~ 12th post {YCR Unit 11, RRSK Letter E, Monsters Theme}

K with Krash ~ 13th post {YCR Unit 12, RRSK Letter F, Pumpkins Theme}

K with Krash ~ 14th post {YCR Unit 13, RRSK Letter G, Thanksgiving Theme}

K with Krash ~ 15th post {YCR Unit 14, RRSK Letter H, Christmas Theme}

K with Krash ~ 16th post {YCR Unit 15, RRSK Letter I, Christmas Theme}

K with Krash ~ 17th post {YCR Unit 16, RRSK Letter J}

K with Krash ~ 18th post {YCR Unit 17, RRSK Letter K, Angry Birds Theme}

K with Krash ~ 19th post {YCR Unit 18, RRSK Letter L, Webkinz Theme}

K with Krash ~ 20th post {YCR Review,  Skylanders Theme}

K with Krash ~ 21st post {YCR Review, RRSK Letter N & M, Star Wars Theme}

K with Krash ~ 22nd post {RRSK Letter O, Cats Theme}

Summer Sight Word Work


Other Helpful Homeschool Kindergarten Posts

Summer Sight Word Work

Summer Sight Word Work

My boys are working on the Summer Challenge, and one of the ways they earn points is by doing extra schoolwork.  PacMan has the Summer Bridge 4th-5th workbook and it is perfect for solid review.  I may order Krash the K-1st edition if he completes what I already have for him, we’ll see!  Currently Krash is hard at work using printables!

Summer Learning Kindergarten (1 of 4)

I have two main goals for him during our review time, handwriting practice and sight word review.  Sure, there are other things we will review, but those are my two simple goals.  Simple helps keep me focused and not get too overwhelmed.

I made him packets, based on the You Can Read units.  Here is his Unit 1 Review Packet.  On top, I put the box handwriting practice…Summer Learning Kindergarten (3 of 4)

Under that, I added an extra printable set I am creating.  If you use YCR, you are familiar with the “Find the Words in the Sentence” printable, it looks like this:Slide19

I took those same sentences and made a handwriting practice sheet for each sentence, the first worksheet is shown below…Summer Learning Kindergarten (4 of 4)

This style helps with so many objectives; including handwriting, sight words, reading, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, comprehension and more.Summer Learning Kindergarten (2 of 4)

I am in the process of creating sentence practice worksheets for all 18 units of You Can Read.  The bundled set will be added into the You Can Read Bundle.

For now, I am offering what I have for FREE, if any of you want to try them out as some extra summer work for your rising first grader!  I have completed the first 4 units and put them together with the box handwriting printables {also a YCR extra} for a free Summer Sight Word Work packet! 

~>~>~>~ Download Summer Sight Word Work Here <~<~<~<~

More Summer Work…

We are also using another freebie for our summer work, The Handwriting Book from Growing Kinders.


I LOVE these pages, for so many reasons, they touch on so many skills.  Summer Learning Kindergarten (2 of 7)


Finally, I have a notebook I put together for him, using some free samples from Creative Teaching Press.  I just browsed through their workbooks and printed a few that are at his review level.  Summer Learning Kindergarten (7 of 7)


Krash is motivated to do work like this in the summer thanks to our Summer Challenge.  Recently he got his first prize, a Beyblade!  Here he was moments before he earned it, working hard!

Handwriting Practice

Happy Summer Learning!