You Can Read Sight Word Caterpillar Extra

You Can Read Sight Word Caterpillar

I am preparing to use You Can Read with my daughter and my brain is spinning again! I recently made a new sight word caterpillar and I have a couple more “extras” coming which are free for those of you who own the You Can Read BundleThe extras are added to your private download page! If you have the bundle & lost your private page link and password, just email me and give me your information {PayPal email if you purchased, or any other info I would need}. I can resend your login info if necessary.

First, we have a new You Can Read Sight Word Caterpillar.  Sight Word Caterpillars are a popular way to display sight words that kids are working on, you can see them on a lot of blogs and in classrooms.  This caterpillar has all of the You Can Read words in order, to make it easier to use alongside of the program. I needed a new one since I lost many of the circles from Krash’s caterpillar!

As Ladybug goes through the units, we will slowly build our word caterpillar and use it for easy review each week! The first 4 YCR words are shown below…

You Can Read Caterpillar -7178-2


Not using You Can Read, but want a caterpillar for free that you can print?  Here’s one you can download from Confessions of a Homeschooler! Or, here’s a blank one I saw, you could write your own words on!

See more about the You Can Read Bundle here!

See ALL of the EXTRAS only in the You Can Read Bundle here!

I have more You Can Read goodness coming your way, stay tuned!

Kindergarten with Krash ~ at a glance

Homeschool Kindergarten with Krash At a Glance

As I prepare to teach Kindergarten to my daughter at home, I have spent time looking back at our homeschool Kindergarten year with my middle son, since I blogged throughout his K year.  I wanted an easy place to be able to glance back at his posts, and figured it might help some of you also!  This post has direct links, in order, to all of our homeschool Kindergarten with Krash posts!

Homeschool Kindergarten with Krash

{disclaimer ~ affiliate links used below}

Krash began Kindergarten at age 4 years 11 months, in the spring of 2011, and finished the following spring, right before he turned 6. We used Calvert as a base {very loosely}, You Can Read, Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten, All About Reading Level 1, and themes. You’ll notice we did not do all of the RRSK units, he did finish them I just didn’t blog after he finished Kindergarten {all of You Can Read, and all of Calvert K}.

IMG_8435 IMG_8132

In the {brackets} you can see details about the posts, including themes, and specific units of YCR and RRSK.  YCR = You Can Read, RRSK = Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten


Homeschool Kindergarten with Krash

Kindergarten Plans for Krash You Can Read Sight Word Caterpillar

You Can Read Intro and Unit 1

K with Krash ~ 1st post {YCR Unit 2}

K with Krash ~ 2nd post {YCR Unit 3, Birds Theme}

K with Krash ~ 3rd post {YCR Unit 4}

K with Krash ~ 4th post {YCR Unit 5, Dragons Theme}

K with Krash ~ 5th post {YCR Review}

K with Krash ~ 6th Post {YCR Unit 6}

K with Krash ~ 7th post {Camping Theme}

Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten Intro

K with Krash ~ 8th post {YCR Unit 7, RRSK Letter A, Pirate Theme}

K with Krash ~ 9th post {YCR Unit 8, RRSK Letter B, Phineas & Ferb and Rainforest Theme}

K with Krash ~ 10th post {YCR Unit 9, RRSK Letter C}

K with Krash ~ 11th post {YCR Unit 10, RRSK Letter D, Fall Theme}

K with Krash ~ 12th post {YCR Unit 11, RRSK Letter E, Monsters Theme}

K with Krash ~ 13th post {YCR Unit 12, RRSK Letter F, Pumpkins Theme}

K with Krash ~ 14th post {YCR Unit 13, RRSK Letter G, Thanksgiving Theme}

K with Krash ~ 15th post {YCR Unit 14, RRSK Letter H, Christmas Theme}

K with Krash ~ 16th post {YCR Unit 15, RRSK Letter I, Christmas Theme}

K with Krash ~ 17th post {YCR Unit 16, RRSK Letter J}

K with Krash ~ 18th post {YCR Unit 17, RRSK Letter K, Angry Birds Theme}

K with Krash ~ 19th post {YCR Unit 18, RRSK Letter L, Webkinz Theme}

K with Krash ~ 20th post {YCR Review,  Skylanders Theme}

K with Krash ~ 21st post {YCR Review, RRSK Letter N & M, Star Wars Theme}

K with Krash ~ 22nd post {RRSK Letter O, Cats Theme}

Summer Sight Word Work


Other Helpful Homeschool Kindergarten Posts

Summer Sight Word Work

Summer Sight Word Work

My boys are working on the Summer Challenge, and one of the ways they earn points is by doing extra schoolwork.  PacMan has the Summer Bridge 4th-5th workbook and it is perfect for solid review.  I may order Krash the K-1st edition if he completes what I already have for him, we’ll see!  Currently Krash is hard at work using printables!

Summer Learning Kindergarten (1 of 4)

I have two main goals for him during our review time, handwriting practice and sight word review.  Sure, there are other things we will review, but those are my two simple goals.  Simple helps keep me focused and not get too overwhelmed.

I made him packets, based on the You Can Read units.  Here is his Unit 1 Review Packet.  On top, I put the box handwriting practice…Summer Learning Kindergarten (3 of 4)

Under that, I added an extra printable set I am creating.  If you use YCR, you are familiar with the “Find the Words in the Sentence” printable, it looks like this:Slide19

I took those same sentences and made a handwriting practice sheet for each sentence, the first worksheet is shown below…Summer Learning Kindergarten (4 of 4)

This style helps with so many objectives; including handwriting, sight words, reading, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, comprehension and more.Summer Learning Kindergarten (2 of 4)

I am in the process of creating sentence practice worksheets for all 18 units of You Can Read.  The bundled set will be added into the You Can Read Bundle.

For now, I am offering what I have for FREE, if any of you want to try them out as some extra summer work for your rising first grader!  I have completed the first 4 units and put them together with the box handwriting printables {also a YCR extra} for a free Summer Sight Word Work packet! 

~>~>~>~ Download Summer Sight Word Work Here <~<~<~<~

More Summer Work…

We are also using another freebie for our summer work, The Handwriting Book from Growing Kinders.


I LOVE these pages, for so many reasons, they touch on so many skills.  Summer Learning Kindergarten (2 of 7)


Finally, I have a notebook I put together for him, using some free samples from Creative Teaching Press.  I just browsed through their workbooks and printed a few that are at his review level.  Summer Learning Kindergarten (7 of 7)


Krash is motivated to do work like this in the summer thanks to our Summer Challenge.  Recently he got his first prize, a Beyblade!  Here he was moments before he earned it, working hard!

Handwriting Practice

Happy Summer Learning!

Kindergarten with Krash … Skylanders


You Can Read: review

RRSK: Letter Mm {I have NO photos of it!}

Theme: Skylanders


We used assessment and review materials from You Can Read.  He has completed all 18 of the base units!  We are taking a break fro You Can Read as a whole, but may bring in the color and number word units soon.  We will be focusing on lots of review at this point in the school year, and playing tons of word games.

Here he was reading words, IMG_1924

he was thrilled that he knew more words this time around!IMG_1933

He did the 10 minute writing word assessment also and was thrilled with how many words he could write!IMG_1929

This is the Teacher’s Prompt sheet.  All of these assessment materials and more are a part of the You Can Read Bundle!IMG_1930

Check out Word Play ideas here, and add yours!


We began reviewing All About Reading Level 1 awhile ago, and Krash continues to make consistent progress.  You can read more about why we are choosing to review this homeschool reading program here in our “Current Curriculum” post {see FAQ}.

I wrote a lot about our initial thoughts and experiences with AAR in this Kindergarten with Krash post.

I plan to up our All About Reading work now that our You Can Read work is complete.  We didn’t do any All About Reading work during Skylanders time, as he was VERY into Skylanders and I worked in his reading practice through the theme!

Skylanders Kindergarten Printables

Our Skylanders school theme lasted for 2 weeks, he absolutely LOVED it!IMG_1553

Matching names, using our mini pocket chart, and his Skylanders…IMG_1737


Dot painting fractions…IMG_1650

I made him Skylander paper for his Morning Messages, he LOVED this! {I just copied clipart onto plain lined paper using Publisher.}IMG_1592

Matching rhyming words…IMG_1596

Matching descriptive sentences…IMG_1597

Seriously, does it get any better than this?  He was working on cutting out the SKylanders to sort them…IMG_1607

Taping names in the correct boxes…IMG_1748

He used our Rainbow Blocks a LOT to make different forts for his Skylanders, this was just one of them!IMG_1651

One day I looked over and saw the Skylanders using my slippers as transportation devices…IMG_1834


Here he was copying his Bible verse in his Calendar Notebook on the left, and on the right he was working on a drawing from our Draw, Write, Now book…

IMG_1762 IMG_1772

He loves the We Choose Virtues characters.  He always asks to look at the cards!IMG_1773

We finished up learning a lot about Brazil & South America through Little Passports.  This sheet is from Montessori Print Shop, we used it to identify South American animals together!IMG_1780

My little block builderIMG_1906

iPad learning fun, always fun to see where and how he chooses to sit!IMG_2025


I get asked a lot about our case-it’s the Trident Kraken II and yes we love it! Educational iPad Apps here, also, iPad Apps-part 2!  The stylus we have that he uses sometimes is this one.

A few items we used…

Visit Preschool Corner {& 5K too} for more fun learning ideas!

Kindergarten with Krash ~ RRSK/Ll, YCR/Unit 18, Theme/Webkinz


You Can Read: Unit 18 {new, was, under, be}

RRSK: Letter Ll

Theme: Webkinz


You can download all of the printables for this unit FREE here on the main RRSK page, just scroll down until you see them!  We have backed off from doing all 10 of the provided activities in the RRSK units.  As he progresses, some items aren’t necessary anymore and either we skip them or go through them quickly.  My main goal in using the RRSK lessons is the Bible work and simple review of other K skills.

Here he is taping his verse together, he prefers tape over glue…IMG_1437

He likes the new RRSK Verse Check list.  He was excited to get his star for all of the verses he remembered.  He only struggled with Letter B, but after a few times, he remembered it!  IMG_1444

He completed the graphing activity and really liked this.  All those roll and graph games in Preschool Packs really helped a lot!IMG_1529

Here is Krash singing letter L for you, the tune is “London Bridge.”  This is a tricky one, he never quite got it, so I sang along with him.  We always continue to practice them even after the week is over!  The printable written out the way you sing it is here!

RRSK Letter Ll Printables Here!

If you want early access to printables beyond what I have blogged about, you can see info about purchasing here!  Currently I have units Aa-Pp available in the early access section.


We used unit 18 from You Can Read.  Here’s a glimpse into some of the You Can Read work he did.  He didn’t quite grasp these words in one week, so we are using them again next week too.  Here he has his notebook set up, we use our Education Cubes inserts on the cover during the week and then transfer them to our cubes for word play.  IMG_1531

He was working on putting his words together…IMG_1534

He always loves BINGO…IMG_1535

He circled words using our dry erase activity board, then pointed them out by color and read them to me.IMG_1875



We made words with cubes and played the game we played in this post!IMG_1792

Check out Word Play ideas here, and add yours!

We began reviewing All About Reading Level 1 awhile ago, and Krash continues to make consistent progress.  You can read more about why we are choosing to review this homeschool reading program here in our “Current Curriculum” post {see FAQ}.

I wrote a lot about our initial thoughts and experiences with AAR in this Kindergarten with Krash post.

Recently we hit a big milestone in reading, lesson 16 in All About Reading which introduces the digraph “th.”  I knew this would be a bit tricky for Krash we we did the same lesson twice.  Thankfully he loved the egg flipping activity!

IMG_1786  IMG_1782

imageIt was Webkinz week for Krash and he loved it!  We brought all of our Webkinz friends down to the schoolroom for the week, which was a big treat for all of the kids!IMG_1522

He loved his Webkinz work, here he was writing a sentence about a frog.  He was intimidated at first, but once he did it he thought it was easy!  He is using a neat spacing tool I have had for years {here is a set of 20 on Amazon, but we bought ours individually at a teacher store}.  I use these when my kids are first starting to write sentences so they master spacing right off the bat.  You can easily use a popsicle stick for a spacer if you don’t have this nifty tool.  IMG_1431

He really liked matching the sentences to the animals…IMG_1519


Sorting rhyming words…IMG_1399

He did all of the printables, I just didn’t take photos!


He had tons of fun with the magnetic pattern blocksIMG_1622

We found a new fun website thanks to Pinterest,  It has tons of cute games for young kids and the layout of the site is easy to navigate.  Krash has already found a few favorites.  PacMan was sweet and looked through it with him to help him find games he might enjoy!  Here he was playing “Counting Coins.”


iPad learning fun. Here he was playing Teach Me First Grade!  He has gotten so far in it!IMG_1391

I get asked a lot about our new case-it’s the Trident Kraken II and yes we love it! Educational iPad Apps here, also, iPad Apps-part 2!  The stylus we have that he uses sometimes is this one.

A few items we used…

Visit Preschool Corner {& 5K too} for more fun learning ideas!

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