__ad, __ap, __am, Word Families

We are sailing through our word families, I got behind with posting so decided to combine these to finish out our short a word family unit.

Everything is from Calvert, except the poem in the top left._ap…

cap stationary from this book
bottom left coloring activity from his Calvert workbook
Everything shown is from Calvert, except, “Pam and Sam

_an Word Family

We completed our 2nd word family mini-lapbook today, for the _an family. I got the poem (top right) from this site.
The book, Jan and Dan, is from here.
And, here is the book I got the word family stationary from for the pan sheet.
The book Dan is from his Calvert curriculum set.

__at Word Family

We are working on word families, and creating a mini-lapbook for each one. Here is our first one, for the _at family.
In My Hat
“A Cat” taken from the book, 25 Read & Write Mini-Books That Teach Word Families
__at stationary, taken from the book, Word Family Stationary
The Cat and Pat, his reader from his Calvert Kindergarten curriculum
**the cat word slider on the front is also from Calvert