Fall Sensory Bin

Fall Sensory Bin

I have made a few sensory bins before, but slacked off while we were in transition into the new schoolroom.  Now that we are in here, I have no excuses!  We are in full swing and I have the space to store the items and the bins!  I am keeping our bin, in an actual drawer in our Ikea system-it is out of reach, so it only comes down when I can supervise.


I have no rotation plan of any sort-just to create a seasonal bin and try my best to switch things out every now and then. I use many resources to gather sensory bin ideas, but mostly just try to find things I have around, or that I find in the seasonal section of the dollar store ;-).  One excellent resource is Counting Coconuts, she has awesome sensory bins!  Also-Kylie from Our Worldwide Classroom has an excellent link-up with many sensory bin ideas!

Our fall bin has been a BIG hit with all kids, here’s a bit of it in action…


The base items in the bin…

  • black beans, red beans
  • fall leaves {Dollar Tree}
  • crystal looking acorns and mini pumpkins {Dollar Tree}
  • pumpkin shaped cookie cutters {from this set}
  • fall colored spoons and scoops
  • mini orange and green gourds {Dollar Tree}



Other items have been added in and I am sure will continue to be added in.  The kids got some Webkinz to pretend play with, mostly using the items for their food.  ;-)IMG_9227


It truly amazes me how much all 3 of the kids love this…something SO simple.  IMG_9069

SO many skills can be exposed in such a fun and easy-going way. IMG_9081

The best is when Ladybug sets up camp, IN the bin.IMG_9089

I loved how the boys just carry on around her! ;-)IMG_9103Great fun has been had and is to be had as we enjoy our fall sensory bin!

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Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ The Notebook and Assessment Tools

Raising Rock Stars Preschool Notebook and Assessment

Since we are taking the week off or Raising Rock Stars Preschool around here, I thought I would take some time to share a bit more about how it works in our house. Two major components to the program are ones I rarely {if ever} blog about or mention, so I thought they might need their own post; The Notebook and the Assessment Tools.

I knew before I created the program that I needed a storage solution so I could save his PreK work easily and also refer back to it for review. I decided on a 3 inch/3 ring binder, utilizing sheet protectors and baseball card holders. I purposely made the mini cards from each unit to fit perfectly into the baseball card sheets. Here is how our notebook is laid out…

The Cover ~ I used the sheet I created {which you can also download} and put his photo on the front{he really likes this}…

I store the main board components in sheet protectors so I will be able to reuse them with Ladybug, I 3 hole punch his worksheets and place them behind those. Here’s a page open so you can see part of it…

The notebook is a great for review and I try to remember to bring it out often. We review all aspects of it, especially the vocab cards…IMG_8129
I created some simple preschool assessment tools to use both before starting the program and also throughout to see growth. For those of you who have already downloaded the assessment tool, you may want to go back..I added in a number ID page to the set. You can download the assessment tools here.

I also made a simple list of goals for the program which you can find here.

Here’s a video I made walking you through the notebook and how I use the assessment pages…

You can see more videos on my website here!

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