What We Gave Jesus for Christmas

The Sparkle Box became heavier and heavier as Christmas Day approached, although none of us knew how much money our family had collected to spend on gifts for Jesus.

After the morning festivities on Christmas Day, we sat together and opened the Sparkle Box!

Sparkle Box-5827

Daddy and I had put our family donation in the box, mixed in with the money the kids had donated.  As it all fell out on the floor, we heard screams of delight!  They all knew this money was for buying gifts for others, but you would have thought they were going to Disney World! It was cool!

Sparkle Box-5828

After the money was counted, down to the penny, we began finalizing our list.  Each child got to choose a couple of things they really liked.

Sparkle Box-5832

After Ladybug’s initial shock that we were buying chickens and not toys for her, I am happy to say she was on board for the project all the way through to the end!  She wanted to give the sick baby some medicine and buy the girl a fruit tree. Prior to this day I had spent some time reading the catalog with her and telling her what our money could do to help kids like those in the photographs. In her little mind, she understood to the best of her ability.

Sparkle Box-5835

This list was finalized, all during a beautiful discussion of why certain things were needs around the world. We totaled up each item and kept adding until we had the entire amount spent!  On our list; soccer balls, send a child to school, mosquito nets, a pond, small farm animals, fruit trees, medicines, school supplies, and more.

Sparkle Box-5836

Ladybug was tired and only participated in the counting money part, but the boys stuck with me until the end.  After writing down our selections, we went to the computer to order our items.  The website is set up really nicely so the boys could see the photographs and even read more about their gifts.

Sparkle Box-5842

It really was awesome, I am so glad God brought this idea to me and that we did this.  I pray it is a tradition we will continue to do year after year.  Such a nice break in the middle of Christmas Day to spend some time focusing on giving to others. As the kids get older I hope it becomes even more and more a part of our yearly celebration of God’s gift to us!

Christmas Gifts for Jesus