Why I Love Teach Them Diligently

As you may know, I have been a speaker with Teach Them Diligently for the past 3 years and will be joining them again in 2017! I absolutely love this homeschool convention and am so blessed to be able to attend several locations each year. This coming season I will be in Tennessee, Arkansas and Georgia.

This past year was exceptionally awesome for me since I was making final decisions about homeschooling high school. Our oldest son is currently in 9th grade and TTD really helped us iron out all of my concerns and questions last convention season. I attended TTD in Nashville and Sandusky by myself and went to tons of high school focused sessions and spoke with many vendors.

Here’s proof! This is a photo I took during one of my sessions that I jokingly texted to my son to let him know I was getting ready!

TTD -4405

My husband attended with me in Atlanta where we made final decisions and learned together. I can’t explain the peace we felt driving home from Atlanta. It was a peace I never thought I would have about homeschooling high school. I am honestly not sure I would have felt this way without TTD.

This is not speaker-Carisa talking to you, this is homeschool mom-Carisa talking. Forget for a moment that I am a blogger or speaker and remember that I am really just a homeschooling mom like you. I get nervous about making educational decisions for my children, have anxiety over my inabilities in certain subject areas, and need support just like you do! Teach Them Diligently is food for my homeschool-momma soul.

I am meeting more and more moms who are considering homeschooling for the first time and I always recommend attending a homeschool convention if possible. If they can get to a Teach Them Diligently convention, that’s my #1 recommendation.

I would love to meet you at an upcoming Teach Them Diligently convention. There are 4 different locations in 2017, I will be attending all except Ohio since my son has his regional gymnastics competition that same weekend! Below you can see dates for each location I will be at and also the topics I will be speaking on!  Read more about the topics here in a post I shared last year!

TTD 2017 Dates for Carisa from 1 1 1=1

Will you be at Teach Them Diligently in 2017?

My Sessions at Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention

I am heading to Nashville this week to be a part of an amazing homeschool event. This will be my 3rd year speaking at Teach Them Diligently and I wanted to put together a post to help attendees decide if my sessions would benefit them.  There are just so many sessions and speakers, it is difficult to choose.  I personally have a hard time deciding but I can guarantee I will be at most all of the high school focused sessions this coming weekend since we have a rising 9th grader!

I love this convention and am honored to be a speaker with them!  If you attend in Nashville, Atlanta or Sandusky will you come find me and say hi?

General Conventions

I will be leading 3 different sessions this year.  One is brand new and two I have led in previous years. The official titles are in bold, with the descriptions {from the TTD program} in italics.  I have also included the day/times for Nashville and Atlanta to help those of you attending TTD in Nashville or Atlanta. I will also be in Ohio, I just don’t have that schedule yet.

The First 10 Years With A Family Who Never Planned to Homeschool  {Fri. – 6pm in Nashville, Fri. – 1pm in Atlanta}

On the fence about homeschooling? Not sure if you can or want to do it? Look up close at the family behind the 1+1+1=1 blog, who never planned to homeschool. See what their first 10 years looked like — the struggles, the tears, the successes.

TTD Never Planned to Homeschool ~ 10 years Later

This is the new one! In this session I will be sharing a very personal look into our life.  Think of it like reading a book about us, a personal memoir of sorts.  I will be sharing how we came to homeschool, why we never thought we would, our early and immediate struggles, my more personal struggles {anxiety, a strong-willed child, a child who is my opposite, balancing full time ministry and homeschooling, and more}, our seasons of struggle {Cancer, accidents and Hypermesis during pregnancy}, where we are now and our hope for the future.

The Lord definitely laid it on my heart to lead this session, even though it is a bit out of my comfort zone since I usually share about all things early-childhood related.  I can almost guarantee there will be tears {from me at least} as I pour my heart out in hopes of helping even one mom know she is not alone and that she CAN do this homeschool thing if the Lord has called her.

Tot School {Fri. – 9am in Nashville, Sat. – 10:30am in Atlanta}

Have a toddler? This is the session for you! Tot School is all about exposing your young child to early learning skills at home in a fun and engaging way.  It is NOT about teaching your toddler, it is all about exploring together through play.

TTD Session What is Tot School

This is a session I have led for the past 2 years that is based off of the idea of Tot School which began on my blog many years ago.  I share the history behind Tot School and lots of practical advice for those not so comfortable with early childhood. You will walk away with a note taking guide filled in with ideas and steps you can take to plan for the early years at home. If you are a bit nervous and unsure about keeping your young child at home during those early years, this is the session to come to!

Planning Preschool at Home {Thurs. – 6:30pm in Nashville, Fri. – 6pm in Atlanta}

Have fun learning with your child in the early years by creating a plan that works for you, your family, and your specific child. Every child, family, and season of life is different! Gain practical knowledge to help put the preschool pieces together.

TTD Session Following the Lead of Your Young Child

This is another session I have led for the past two years and is my very favorite session. I share my thoughts behind balancing you as a teacher/parent, your child as an individual, your family as a whole, and your season of life.  Developing a preschool plan for your family can be a challenge, especially with all of the many different ideas and methods out there.

Again, we have a note taking guide for this session and it is my goal to have attendees leave with practical steps in mind to help create a plan.  While my Tot School session is geared more towards those who are not as comfortable with the early childhood years, this session is for any family trying to figure out HOW to do Preschool at home.

For those of you attending, I hope that helps some!  I am a big believer in using your time wisely and choosing sessions that truly would be a good use of your hour.  I hope to meet some of you in Nashville, Atlanta or Sandusky.

I’m Going! Are You?

Teach Them Diligently Gospel


You probably know I am a big fan of the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Conventions.  I spoke at 3 conventions last year and was in Nashville this year and am looking forward to speaking in Ohio in just a couple of weeks. Teach Them Diligently has also been a blog sponsor of ours for years now and for that I am grateful.  It is a blessing to be able to partner with such a great ministry.

Recently David Nunnery, founder of TTD, sent out an email newsletter and the message struck me.  I asked him if I could share portions of his newsletter with you. Why? Because he speaks of the Gospel focus of this convention.  It isn’t just about practical homeschooling tips, it is about Jesus.

Below you will find David’s words, with the parts I really, really want you to read in bold {especially if you are on the fence about attending}.

Leslie and I cherish those moments when we get to spend time reading and enjoying the testimonies that come in after a Teach Them Diligently event.  There are literally hundreds each time!  Here is one that we just received shortly after TTD Atlanta,

"Our family attended Nashville and were so blessed by the experience that we attended Atlanta as well. And because of the discipleship at both conferences, my husband’s relationship with Jesus has become so strong that he has decided to be baptized! I cannot thank you enough for blessing our family with your work."

In fact, at Teach Them Diligently in Atlanta, the speakers in the teen program told us that eight young people surrendered to Christ and believed. When people ask me why we are different, this is what I point to! Keep reading, because there is a special offer for you at the end.

The reason I bring this up is because I am not sure homeschool families understand the need or distinctiveness for an event like Teach Them Diligently.  Even though we reach tens of thousands of homeschool families in the U.S., I am still not convinced most homeschool families understand the point, especially if they have not attended one of our events.  When we describe ourselves as a homeschool convention, people immediately assume they will find a number of speakers and exhibitors talking about teaching methods and encouraging moms that are about to put their kids on the Yellow Bus.  While we definitely have an element of our event that helps with know-how and encouragement, Teach Them Diligently is much more. Take a few minutes to "test drive" some of our content by listening to Rachael Carman’s "Seven Simple Steps To Sanity" in which she helps moms see how peaceful walking circumspectly by faith with God can be. After you pick up that one, click here for some more free downloads of sessions recorded at our events relating to organization, curriculum choices, and learning styles. These sessions will give you an even better idea of the content you can expect at Teach Them Diligently.

Honestly, the best way I know to communicate to everyone that we are not like other homeschool conventions is to present what others are saying, and challenge families to witness it for themselves. Veteran homeschoolers will tell you that home education goes far beyond just academics, and the experience at Teach Them Diligently presents homeschooling with a foundation in Christ. To explore other experiences from attendees, just look on our website under testimonies or take a look at this video.

Testimonials Page

You can expect God to work at our event!  Some will receive a nugget of truth that helps them and others will receive a truth that will revolutionize their life.  But, one of the coolest aspects of Teach Them Diligently is the tremendous amount of diversity.  You can see it in the hallways and in the classes and the exhibit hall.  When believers that have very diverse backgrounds gather in the name of Christ and present a shared experience, it is a beautiful picture of the family of God. You cannot help but be uplifted.

So, if you have the "courage" to come to a Teach Them Diligently Convention, and risk edification personally, or even revival, we will be meeting in Sandusky, OH, at the Kalahari Resort, May 28-30th, 2015, and our last event of this season is in Dallas, TX, at the Sheraton Downtown, July 16-18.

Oh, yes!  I guess I should also mention the big exhibit hall filled with curriculum and resources, the hundreds of speaking sessions, children’s program, teen program, men’s breakfast, evening of real refreshment for moms, and just for you in Ohio, the largest indoor waterpark in the country.  We are definitely a homeschool convention, but discipleship is a big deal to us.  Come to Teach Them Diligently!  It is an experience you will always remember– and you will want to repeat!

Register Today!

TTD15_SAOH_250_tag    TTD15_DATX_250_tag

Just for making it to the end of this letter, we will reward you with a special code for a $10 discount off your family registration. Use discount code REVIVE and register before May 20, 2015.

David Nunnery
President and Founder
Teach Them Diligently

Be sure you took notice of the $10 discount if you register by May 20, 2015.  I will be speaking in Ohio and possibly in Dallas {a few details are still up in the air}.  If you will be in Ohio, please comment and let me know!  If you are planning to go to Dallas and would like to see me there, let me know!  If you were in Nashville or Atlanta this year, comment and let others know what you thought.

Gospel Vision 2014

Lately in Our Life

We have had a busy past two weeks! It was one of those times I knew it would be nuts and I am breathing a bit now that it has passed.  All great stuff, just busy!

Lately in our Life March 2015 2


Teach Them Diligently Nashville

What a fun and fast couple of days Teach Them Diligently Nashville was!  I am honored to be a speaker again this year and thrilled to be able to spend time with one of my very best friends, Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations

Lately in Our Life -4596

I led three sessions and will be doing these same sessions in Ohio and Dallas this year!  The Earliest Years, Following the Lead of Your Young Child, and Theme Based Learning in the Early Years {with Jolanthe}. Will I see you there?

Sadly I won’t be attending Atlanta this year as we had planned, this is because my son qualified for the regional gymnastics competition, which is the same weekend!   


State Gymnastics Competition

I actually flew home early from TTD to make it to K’s state gymnastics competition!  He has improved all season, and we were all hoping he would do well, but you just never know on competition day!  Well, he was awesome and I can’t lie, I am one proud momma!  It was fun to watch him succeed and see his hard work pay off. He is the level 5 state champ on parallel bars and pommel horse!  He came in 2nd on rings, high bar, floor and all around!  And his team took 2nd! He was THRILLED!!  This also qualified him for the regional competition so we have one more meet this season!

Here’s a peek at his parallel bars routine that I shared on Instagram.

Lately in Our Life -5795 Lately in Our Life -5912


The Baby Girl is Growing Up 

Girlfriend lost her first tooth.  The day we learned it was wiggly my momma emotions went nuts.  She turns 6 soon too and that just screams BIG girl to me.  Here’s a video clip of the tooth pulling!

Lately in Our Life -5963  Lately in Our Life -5967


Bird Everything

For real, the birds have taken over.  Real birds and stuffed birds.  It’s ALL bird around here!  These two play with the stuffed birds outside now, it’s so cute!

Lately in Our Life -4785

This silly girl set up the stuffed birds in the feeders and told me to come see the beautiful birds!  Then later that night when we asked her if she got the birds and brought them back inside, she calmly said, “no, they all flew away.”  The pretend play is very real for her these days!

Lately in Our Life -4811


Speaking of our birds, these are are new photos {all taken through our window glass}.  We know the one on the right is a Downy Woodpecker and were THRILLED when it showed up, it was our first and only so far!  We aren’t sure what the one on the left is, anyone know?

Lately in Our Life -6204  Lately in Our Life -6180


Bottom right we are unsure of, any bird experts know what that one is?  On the left shows one of our Golden Finches, which we have TONS of.  I think the one on the left {the red one} is a Purple Finch, can anyone confirm that?

Lately in Our Life -6248  Lately in Our Life -6273

See more of what’s been going on lately in our life here on Instagram!

See our other Lately in Our Life posts here!

The Heart of Your Homeschool

I’d like to welcome David Nunnery, of Teach Them Diligently to my blog today!  I had the honor of speaking at the conventions in 2014 and will again in 2015.

For the Heart of Your Homeschool 

Homeschool Population is Growing

Homeschooling is exploding across America. The families that are just starting are from every region and state in the US, and their motivations for homeschooling are diverse. Whether embarking on this journey because of bullying, failing government schools, common core, special needs, or a thousand other reasons, families that homeschool are as diverse now as they have ever been. We all have come to this same journey from different pathways. There is no hierarchy to the inspiration for bringing your children home for school. But the largest mistake most new and veteran homeschoolers make is they never answer the question of foundation. In other words, why are you homeschooling in the first place?

When doing an internet search, there are a wealth of strong resources that all teach parents the hows and whats with reviews on what is good and what is trash. In many cases, it can be overwhelming to new homeschoolers and to veterans as well. For many, when things get tough and routines fall apart, children struggle with Algebra, and uncles and aunts think we are hurting our kids, our families struggle and these tensions overflow beyond simply education to marriages, parenting, and every walk of life. Homeschooling is not easy, but it is rewarding.


What is your Homeschool Foundation?

So for a moment, push all of the how-tos aside regarding homeschooling. When building a home or new building, the contractor does not start with walls, or plumbing. The contractor starts with a foundation so the question I have is what is your heart for your homeschool? Is your goal to simply protect your child from a bully or unwanted influences? Do you just want your child to excel and graduate with honors and get into a stellar university? Are you homeschooling because you were homeschooled? What is your foundation? This is the question you must answer if your hope is to be successful as a parent-educator. What is your anchor? And, while academic or protection reasons are strong and compelling for homeschooling, they are secondary. Academics are what makes homeschooling an education just like walls are what make a house. They are important and should not be overlooked. However, start with the foundation and build up from there. The foundation is what puts everything in order and gives it clarity. Without an anchor, you are just floating and without that strong foundation, your structure will surely be compromised or fall.


How Does Teach Them Diligently Help Your Family and Your Homeschool?

We run a series of homeschool events across the country called Teach Them Diligently. Our events are huge with great speakers such as James Dobson, Barbara Rainey, Ken Ham, Stephen Kendrick, and hundreds of workshops on raising a family, health and nutrition, every flavor of homeschooling with curriculum and resources, plus a huge exhibit and resource hall. We have the how-tos—the meat and potatoes of homeschooling—but the point of Teach Them Diligently is to speak to the heart of homeschooling. Our goal is encouraging parents in the discipleship of their children. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the foundation that all the other curriculum, flavors, and resources are set upon. We believe that homeschooling needs a foundation. Answering this question of foundation and strengthening our hold on it changes everything. This is why so many families come to Teach Them Diligently. And, this is the reason that so many say that we are the best homeschool event they have ever attended. It is all about the Gospel, and we invite you and your family to join us there.


David and Leslie Nunnery ShotDavid Nunnery is the co-founder of Teach Them Diligently (www.teachthemdiligently.net) and the President of Worldwide Tentmakers (www.worldwidetentmakers.com). His heart is to see families strengthened and equipped as they disciple their children and to raise up a new generations of missions-minded families to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ across the street and around the world.