Our Homeschool Room 2012-2013

Homeschool Room

Our Homeschool room has evolved greatly over the years.  Here’s a look back, for those of you who like to see how I got to where we are now.

Now, an updated view into our “new” schoolroom which we have now happily and GRATEFULLY used for 2 years!  This will be our 3rd year in this space and I am still so thankful for this amazing space!

Our schoolroom opens into our dining room, as you will see.  This is the view as you are walking in…Homeschool Room-0986

Homeschool Room-0989


This is taken from the back, looking towards the dining room…Homeschool Room-0984


I will take you through the room, with details about each of the main sections.  This is Ladybug’s Tot School area,  her desk is from Ikea {they no longer carry it}, she has this pocket chart hanging behind her desk for easy display of her Animal ABCs right now.  You can see her All About Reading Poster hanging on the wall, and her Ikea Trofast shelves and bins, which hold her rotated Tot School toys and tools.

Homeschool Room-0973


This is to the left of Ladybug’s desk area, it is where we store all of our favorite learning toys, and a few other random things.  We have 4 tall Trofast shelves put together, but the ones we have are not on their website anymore.  I am not sure if they still carry the exact ones we have at the store or not.  The easel is also from Ikea.  The red pocket chart behind the easel is where I store her upcoming units, we are almost done with Animal ABCs which is why it is mostly empty!

Homeschool Room-0977


Each bin is already labeled like this, or in the process of being labeled.  I copied the image from the product site or a Google search and printed them on cardstock, then laminated {no, I don’t have a printable to share, sorry}. This has been a wonderful addition, helping the kids remember all of the great stuff we have to play with!  The kids are allowed to access any of this at any time.

Homeschool Room-0981


This is our calendar/geography area.  We use Calendar Connections, although I didn’t update the Olympic cards from July, just left them there!  You can see our We Choose Virtues stuff, our Little Passports map, our dry erase board, and some storage things above {links on this page}. The puzzle map on the floor is this one.

Homeschool Room-0968

To the left of that area, is where I am now keeping our new Continent Box {on top of the shelf}.  The drawers in the Trofast shelf store various items for each kid, and our All About Reading, All About Spelling supplies.  Their lap trays {from Michaels} are stored to the right.

Homeschool Room-0970


This is Krash’s area, his desk is an old Ikea table donated to use by friends.  Homeschool Room-0934

The green drawers used to be his Workboxes, but we don’t use them anymore, I followed the lead of the child and he wasn’t digging them.  He likes his work better on a list to check off.  So now, he has some storage drawers, which he really needed since he drags things everywhere.  He has 3 random “toy” drawers {when upstairs toys migrate downstairs and he needs to clean up quickly, he puts them there.} The other drawers are labeled: money, junk, magazines, school supplies, pencils/markers/crayons, and words {his sight word cards for review}.

The colored bins on the top are from Target.  Fidgets are things for his little active self to hold when I need him to sit still.  They are random squishy things, mostly from the dollar store.  Krash isn’t diagnosed with anything, I just try different techniques to help him focus, he is VERY active and wiggly. Homeschool Room-0936


To the right of K’s desk area, is another storage area, where a variety of items are stored.  {links to bookshelf and ledges in this post}.  On the top are our ABC Soup cans, middle shelf are various books and our Draw, Write, Now set.  On the bottom shelf is our iPad plug in area, books, and our color sorted crayon area. The crayons are in these, also from Ikea.  On the floor is our All About Reading/Spelling board, which is used by Krash right now.  I also use this board to teach Pac anything that requires a board.

Homeschool Room-0940


To the right is a white bookshelf from Ikea, which stores our MANY books {well, part of them}.  See our book storage post here!  Near the top is where our Continent Boxes are stored, as well as a few math supplies.Homeschool Room-0946

This is Pac’s desk, links to specific items he has are in this post.  The shape string, added by him randomly one day.  He’s creative like that. I keep our red bean bag chair for when we sit and read back there, mostly with Pac for his science, & history.Homeschool Room-0927

New additions are the Target shoe shelf that now sits on top to sort out his school books.  His laptop is stored to the side unless he really needs it, I found it way too distracting last year when open on his desk at all times.  On his red magnetic board, he now has a daily routine pocket chart {got for $1 at Target years ago}.

Homeschool Room-0928  Homeschool Room-0930

This is on the wall opposite of Pac’s desk, the door leads to our mud room/garage/outside the front of the house door.  Much on the wall isn’t school related, but more “front door” related.  We have books and other school supplies stored on the back shelf. In the white cabinet is our games, and other books.  The cabinet is from Ikea too, shocker {no clue what it’s called}.

Homeschool Room-0948  Homeschool Room-0952

These are more learning tools, I moved them out of the homeschool storage room, so the kids could play with them more.  The boxes are from Target.

Homeschool Room-0958

I store office supplies like this, in the plastic Target bins.Homeschool Room-0960

This is a view of my desk from the back of the room {links and more about my desk here}.  The kick out portion of my desk is where the kids come to sit with me individually when they get their 1:1 instruction, or when they have computer time {we have a family desktop computer on the left.}Homeschool Room-0953

I have all sorts of things stored above my desk, my new recent favorites are these boxes from Target, they hold K and P’s school books that aren’t being used right now, but will be this year.  The current manuals and books stand to the right. Below hangs our daily routine {will share later}, and my calendar {also from Target}.Homeschool Room-0964

Hope you enjoyed the little {well, big} tour of our homeschool room.  If you saw something I didn’t link to or share about and you are curious, check the comments below to see if someone else already asked, and if not, leave me a comment and I will share more!

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Behind the Scenes – Storing Printables

Storing Theme Printables

It took me years to develop a method of storing our theme printables.   Many of these themes are used again, and a lot of work goes into prepping many of the printables.  The worst thing is knowing you have already prepped and laminated something and then not be able to find it.  I no longer have that problem, and haven’t had it for over a year since we have been using this method!


Here’s what you need if you’d like to copy my method

  • Canvas Storage Box ~ Target {ClosetMaid Cubicles}
  • Poly Envelopes {5 pack, buy a bunch!} ~ Target {Up & Up Brand}
  • Label maker, got this exact one at Costco a couple of years ago and it is still going strong!

Edited to add ~ I see Target no longer carries the exact poly envelopes I use.  I searched on Amazon and found a couple of alternatives.  These are not the exact ones we have but look like they would work similarly.  Here is one set, and here is another

The poly envelopes fit perfectly inside of the canvas box, and stand up nicely so you can see your labels in a top corner.IMG_2707

I make one envelope for each theme we do, and put all age level {tot-early elementary} work together in one envelope.  The envelopes have snaps on them, so nothing falls out.  Here’s a shot of our Pirates folder, showing the contents also…

IMG_2709 IMG_2716

The canvas box sits up on a shelf above my desk so I can get to it easily.  Sometimes we find stray pieces of printables, and it makes it easy to just toss a theme piece in the box and store it.IMG_2699

I also have a smaller plastic box {got this one at Target in the $2.50 section}, you could use a magazine holder or similar box.  I keep current and upcoming themes in this one. This helps me as I am planning and printing, I can just put things straight into this box.  Right now you see 2 empty envelopes, one for Rainbows {L’s theme this week}, one for Star Wars {K’s current theme}.


A bit of advice, if you get your hands on the Poly Envelope 5 packs from Target, buy them all!  They have the best price I have ever seen for this type of envelope.  I bought some and then my Target stopped carrying them.  If you can’t find them, ask an employee, they will scan the blank spot and then it will auto reorder.  Show them the item on the website if you can’t find where it would be in the store.  Ours are located in the office supply section.  Recently I went to a different Target and they had tons, I bought almost all of them!

I also use these envelopes for our current curriculums, such as Animal ABC.  I prep units in advance and put them in the envelope so I can just pull it out when it is time to do that unit. I don’t label these envelopes, they are rotated out once a unit is done.

IMG_1881 IMG_1880

This is another section on a shelf above my desk, we have graduated from You Can Read, so the yellow box has since been replaced by the Upcoming and Current Themes box.


There you have it, my tried and true theme printable storage method!  We have stored things this way for over a year and it is the best method I have used!  I wish I would have started this way!

See theme printable packs we have here!Printable Theme Packs

Project Simplify ~ Homeschool Storage Room

I recently read Organized Simplicity while on vacation and LOVED it.  I wasn’t expecting to love it, but I did.  I figured it was just another organizing book, but for some reason this one hit me differently, THANK YOU Tsh!  When I saw the Project Simplify was happening in March, I decided to jump on board this year.  I had already dedicated March as our “GET THIS HOUSE IN ORDER” month, with no plans of blogging about it.  When I saw this opportunity, I thought it would be fun to snap a few before and after shots of some projects and join in!

This week’s theme area was KIDS.  I chose to tackle our homeschool storage room, which I originally blogged about here.

Before I show you the recent BEFORE photos, I must share my dilemma with you and how it got this bad.  This room was intended to be homeschool storage only, managed by MOM.  As the warm weather hit last year, it was overcome with bikes, skateboards, rip sticks, roller blades, scooters, and MORE.  Since we live in the inner city and people will literally hop the fence to steal a scooter so they can scrap the metal for cash, we have to put every riding toy inside, every day.  Sine this room has the door that leads out to the riding area, guess where the new toy garage was located?  Yup, the homeschool storage room; aka ~ garage, utility shed, mudroom and more.  I thought we would get a grip this winter when we stored the toys, but the weather stayed mild and we never stored them.  So, I knew I had to revamp the room.  It got SO out of control thanks to my little ones just throwing their toys everywhere.  I couldn’t get to my school stuff to put it away properly so the piles began, and continued, and grew.  It was horrible, really horrible.  I have proof…

IMG_1474   IMG_2365

This wasn’t even on a really bad day, as some of the riding toys were outside when I snapped this.  As you can see, I literally could barely walk in there, let alone find what I was looking for.

Not anymore!!!!  We are in the process of building a small outside storage area for riding toys so they don’t get stolen, and in the meantime we have them all stuffed into an outside deck box thingy. I can walk!

Here is our learning toy shelf {the shelf is from Ikea}…

IMG_1473     IMG_2347

My favorite thing about the new learning toy storage area is my new click boxes from Target {below on left with green top}.  I love that they are clear and that they can be unclicked and brought right into the schoolroom and put on a tray.  I emptied as many toys as I could out of their cardboard boxes and stored them all together in our basement {in case I give them away in the future and need the box}. I also got rid of at least 25-30% of our stuff.  I blessed another homeschooling friend who has 3 little ones younger than mine, giving her all sorts of good stuff!

IMG_2350  IMG_2378

About a year ago I wrote a post about storing our sensory bin items.  In that post you can see that we stored things in this area shown below.  We still have sensory bins now and then, but not nearly as much as we used to back then.  This is also the area that stores misc. Tot Tray supplies.  A year ago I sorted our small items by color, but it was time to change that since all 3 of my kids know their colors!  Our poor sensory bin area got pretty bad too, as you can see on the left, I cleaned it all up as you can see on the right!

IMG_1479    IMG_2355

The drawers still store our small items, they are just not sorted by color groups now, but by like items.  Here are 2 drawers…

IMG_2379  IMG_2383

This is the door that leads to the outside play area and it had gotten out of control too. I didn’t take any before shots.  These are the after, all set up for springtime weather.  I added a shoe organizer to the back door, I was sick of the big pile of nasty shoes in the basket.  On the left is an assortment of items my kids use regularly outside in the warmer weather.

   IMG_2362   IMG_2357

I did one more simplifying task, on the door that leads into the school storage room!  I bought a nice shoe organizer from Target and made a school/office supply zone.

IMG_2389   IMG_2400

I can’t share the cards I made since I grabbed most of my images straight from Google, but here are the categories I have in case you are curious:

  1. rulers
  2. watercolor paint
  3. scissors
  4. colored pencils
  5. paint brushes
  6. tape
  7. index cards
  8. notepads
  9. pencils
  10. pens
  11. highlighters
  12. Sharpies
  13. Dry Erase Markers
  14. Vis a Vis Markers
  15. Modeling Clay
  16. See the Light Art tools
  17. Chapstick {since we are all always losing it}
  18. glue
  19. gluesticks
  20. shaving cream {for fun like this!}
  21. craft cups {disposable}
  22. erasers
  23. sticky notes
  24. index cards

My thought process was categories that many family members are commonly look for.  This door is in our dining room which connects to both our kitchen and schoolroom.  It is a very central location for all of us.

One last thing I did to help simplify homeschooling craft time was to clear off our hutch in the dining room and create an area to store paint supplies. IMG_1421

I got the silver tins from Target recently for $2.50/each.  In them: cloth napkins {for meals and art}, small paint trays & baby wipes, a few tempera paint bottles {our smaller ones}, paint shirts/smocks, paper towels.  It looks so much cleaner and more simple, and has already been a big help!.

I am so thrilled to have this all done and I honestly don’t think I would have gotten it completed in such a short amount of time if it weren’t for Project Simplify!  I was determined to get my after shots done on time! Next week is the KITCHEN/PANTRY!  My husband is loving this!

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Behind the Scenes ~ Homeschool Storage Room

Behind the Scenes

When we were blessed with the new schoolroom, we were also blessed with an amazing storage space. Problem-it was FULL of junk. It has been cleaned out bit by bit over the past year, but it was finally at the point to just take a few days and finish it. That’s just what I did last week!

Here’s a few way-before shots to give you an idea of what has been accomplished over the last 10 months. Originally it looked like this, filled wall to wall, floor to ceiling with stuff. Most of it not even belonging to us and needing to be distributed to the church-this was leftover stuff from when this house use to hold ministry activities.


1st stage last year was to get it ALL out and sort through it. This was not a fun job. Over 50% of the stuff was not ours and was distributed back to the church or to the thrift store.IMG_0538

What was left was put back in the storage room, but was still very unorganized {although this photo makes it look rather nice}IMG_0566

Every single box that was left needed to be gone through—most of them were boxes from my former Kindergarten teaching day. Boxes filled with good stuff, but also lots of stuff that we wouldn’t use. It was a tedious few days with a huge trash pile but I am finally done! Here’s a glimpse into the room…IMG_7145

This is office/school supply storage {part of it-the rest is in our actual school room} for the most part…


This is the outside station, since the door to the backyard is through this room. Setting u this area has been on my agenda for years and finally-it is complete! Each kid has their own drawer {bathing suits, goggles, hats, sunglasses}. There is a drawer for sunscreen/bug spray and also for smaller outdoor toys. On the left {shelves} there are towels, bubbles, outdoor games and a baseball box. The bottom shelf is unused and I stacked PacMan’s completed 3rd grade books there-woops! There’s a laundry basket on the other side of the room for their wet towels and used bathing suits.IMG_7030

The entire back of the room and one side is theme storage!!! I divided up seasons/holidays on large shelves and then created blue bins for my other top themes.IMG_7034


IMG_7044 IMG_7047

I created all of the labels in Publisher and printed on cardstock, laminated and put on with double sided tape. Many of the images I used are just Google images {some copyright protected} so I am sorry I can’t share. The borders I used were free digital papers from here. Here’s a screen shot of one of my pages, in case you are interested in duplicating your own version!Toy Bin Labels

I also have a shelf that contains all of our larger toys and puzzles. This area is not sorted exactly the way I want it, but it will do for now, I am exhausted!


My sensory bin storage area is still the same, I just changed up the theme bins I had and made the areas bigger for my themes!

I still keep our books stored in the schoolroom, the same way they are shown in this book storage post. I just moved the seasonal books into the storage room. {no I don’t have a list of the labels I have-I get asked that a lot! Someday I will try to recreate one!}

I sure hope this new clean storage room helps with schooling this year. Having it a huge mess last year was difficult and frustrating! Portions were clean but then they would get messed up because things would overflow! I am praying it will stay organized and simple this year!

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Behind the Scenes ~ Storing Legos

Organizing Legos

Honestly, my boys haven’t been as into Legos as I thought they would be, especially Pac Man.  I always thought he would be my builder, but he ranks Legos in the same category with other activities.  He likes playing and building but isn’t over the moon about it. Organizing Legos hasn’t always been an issue for us, until recently!

Recently Krash got into Legos and I was left with a dilemma…storage.  I began searching the web and was inspired by a few photos I saw, and ultimately went and wandered around Joann Fabric to see what I could find.  I ended up finding the PERFECT solution for us and it was 50% off that day!!!! I bought 3 of these amazing storage bins {yup, Amazon carries the exact model # I got} and hoped it would be enough, it was!Organizing LegosI then set to the fun task {yes I am nuts and I actually enjoyed the sorting} of putting each piece where it belonged.

Organizing LegosOrganizing Legos

When I was finished {yes, the boys helped me too}  I breathed a large organizational sigh of relief and admired the Lego beauty I had created.Organizing Legos


These little containers are genius, as they have handles on them as well and can be flipped all around and the little pieces stay separated.  I set them up on a shelf in our old school room so the boys could build, build, build!  Above the shelf I put 3 trays {yes our Tot Trays}, and told them they could only have 3 different items built at a time.  When they were ready to create something new, they had to break down one that was up.

Organizing Legos

I stored manuals in the little drawers…

Organizing Legos

Gave them a “to be sorted” bin, so if they found Legos around the house, or were in a hurry, could drop them in there.  As you can see it’s already full ;-).  Someone needs to get to sorting.

Organizing Legos

It is working out well for us!

Here are a few of the sets we own and ones that are on our wishlist!


Edited to add {6/2014} We no longer use this method, mostly because we acquired too many Legos!  When we had a smaller amount this method worked great.  We now use a method that works but makes me cringe because it looks messy!  My mom made us one of those lay on the floor mats that cinch up into a bag.