Summer Sight Word Work

Summer Sight Word Work

My boys are working on the Summer Challenge, and one of the ways they earn points is by doing extra schoolwork.  PacMan has the Summer Bridge 4th-5th workbook and it is perfect for solid review.  I may order Krash the K-1st edition if he completes what I already have for him, we’ll see!  Currently Krash is hard at work using printables!

Summer Learning Kindergarten (1 of 4)

I have two main goals for him during our review time, handwriting practice and sight word review.  Sure, there are other things we will review, but those are my two simple goals.  Simple helps keep me focused and not get too overwhelmed.

I made him packets, based on the You Can Read units.  Here is his Unit 1 Review Packet.  On top, I put the box handwriting practice…Summer Learning Kindergarten (3 of 4)

Under that, I added an extra printable set I am creating.  If you use YCR, you are familiar with the “Find the Words in the Sentence” printable, it looks like this:Slide19

I took those same sentences and made a handwriting practice sheet for each sentence, the first worksheet is shown below…Summer Learning Kindergarten (4 of 4)

This style helps with so many objectives; including handwriting, sight words, reading, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, comprehension and more.Summer Learning Kindergarten (2 of 4)

I am in the process of creating sentence practice worksheets for all 18 units of You Can Read.  The bundled set will be added into the You Can Read Bundle.

For now, I am offering what I have for FREE, if any of you want to try them out as some extra summer work for your rising first grader!  I have completed the first 4 units and put them together with the box handwriting printables {also a YCR extra} for a free Summer Sight Word Work packet! 

~>~>~>~ Download Summer Sight Word Work Here <~<~<~<~

More Summer Work…

We are also using another freebie for our summer work, The Handwriting Book from Growing Kinders.


I LOVE these pages, for so many reasons, they touch on so many skills.  Summer Learning Kindergarten (2 of 7)


Finally, I have a notebook I put together for him, using some free samples from Creative Teaching Press.  I just browsed through their workbooks and printed a few that are at his review level.  Summer Learning Kindergarten (7 of 7)


Krash is motivated to do work like this in the summer thanks to our Summer Challenge.  Recently he got his first prize, a Beyblade!  Here he was moments before he earned it, working hard!

Handwriting Practice

Happy Summer Learning!

Color by Number Sight Words

I recently saw an awesome idea involving sight words on another blog, which led to emails between us!  Although Annie created her own set of printables for her daughter {and to share} she also gave me her blessing to make a set to go along with my RRSP program!  Mine are a bit different than hers, but many of the words will be the same.  I invite you to check out hers also to see which design will better suit your child!  If you are looking for other sight words, she probably has those, her set has more!

This set includes include all of the sight words introduced in the RRSP program…

Color By Number Sight Words all they Color By Number Sight Words for little Color By Number Sight Words it is

Color By Number Sight Words see can Color By Number Sight Words the and Color By Number Sight Words you your

Color By Number Sight Words away do Color By Number Sight Words down one Color By Number Sight Words good not

Color By Number Sight Words in he Color By Number Sight Words me my Color By Number Sight Words said we Color By Number Sight Words to go

As you can see, I made them 2 per sheet, mostly because Krash doesn’t like to color huge things and I thought he would enjoy the smaller version, and he does!  I made the color words in color, but if your child is already reading color words, you could print in gray scale for a bigger challenge!  These are a great review of colors, number ID, and lowercase letter ID as well as sight words!  I provided a place for the child to trace the word also.


After Krash colors his word, I am cutting the right side off to make a set of flashcards for him.  For this reason, I print mine white cardstock to make them a little sturdier.  You could also laminate them—I haven’t decided if we will or not! 

I hope you enjoy these, you can find the entire set here on my website.  If you are having trouble printing PDF files, this post might help you!

add to tumblrI still LOVE tumbr, if you haven’t seen my large stash of ideas lately, be sure to take a peek!  They are all ideas I have found from others online! Not sure what in the world tumbr is?  Read more about how to use tumblr.

Sight Words

We are still using the great book, Sight Word Puzzles and Activities, Gr. K-2 for enrichment in the area of sight words. We are up to lesson 5 (each lesson has about 15-20 words, plus 5-10 activities) and he’s still loving it! We actually took some time off from it in December and he reminded me, asking…”where are our folder words?” He was ready to get back into it! It is amazing to notice how far he has come since we first began using this book, his ability to complete the worksheets on his own amazes me. Even though it is a worksheet activity, it is very interactive and we always work together and have fun with it. Yesterday he was funny as he hung up his crossword puzzle under his desk light as he read each sentence to me so we could figure out the word together. Here’s the link to my first post about this book, which has photos of the mini lapbook we make when we complete a unit.

Sight Words

I picked up a great book while at a teacher store, Sight Word Puzzles and Activities, Gr. K-2 , not even knowing how much I would love it! Our K curriculum is great but my son is far beyond the sight words they are teaching so we had to create something for him to move at his own pace. Of course my mind went immediately to a mini-lapbook!

When we begin, I go through and highlight any of the words he can already read. Then we go over the remaining words and do one activity each day. When we begin each day we repeat the process, day by day marking off all of the words!

This is the cover… And inside:
We also got a really inexpensive book, which had these reading cards, on the top left, along with a lot of other mini books. The bottom left is his “spelling test.” When we finish working with the words, I give him a test to see if he can actually write them correctly, I have been amazed. We focus on reading them during our teaching time, but through that he has learned to write many of them as well.
These are the activities that he does each day, they are in the Sight Words Puzzles book.
I am honestly amazed at how his sight word vocabulary has improved in SUCH a short amount of time and with very little teaching effort on my part. I knew it was a long shot buying this book but it turned out to be a blessing!