Rainbows ~ Lapbook

Rainbow Lapbook

Our rainbow lapbook is complete!

Cover: Rainbow Coloring SheetInside:
Top Left: Rainbow Snack recipe book
Top Right: Noah’s Ark mini book
Top Middle: Spring Colors Book
Middle Left/Right: A Rainbow of Colors song books
Middle: Roy G Biv
Bottom Left: ABC order color words
Bottom Right: Color Wheel

Bottom Flap folded up: color words in spanish.

On the back we made a paper pocket to hold the kite he made during this unit! He also enjoyed a rainbow snack, and here’s another in-action post.  Be sure to visit our page on Lapbooks from 1+1+1=1 about this lapbook!


In the Works ~ Rainbow Lapbook

We are almost finished with our rainbow lapbook! One of our final activities was to follow a little recipe book (I had the template from when I used to teach Kindergarten and got The Mailbox magazine), to make a rainbow with a pot of gold…He had a blast, I was just thankful he didn’t eat ALL of it!

Outside Learning…

What a beautiful day it was here on Thursday! And it just so happened that our reading lesson for the day was a story about a kite, and the followup activity was to make our own kite! We did everything outside together and enjoyed every minute of it!

He drew a rainbow on the kite (wonder where he got that idea?) It was great because he had to remember Roy G Biv on his own. Then we did some measuring to be sure we followed the directions for making the kite. Here he is measuring 6 feet for the string.
And finally we finished it!
It wasn’t windy at all but he made the best of it, running around the yard and “making” it fly :).

In the Works ~ Rainbow Lapbook

We began our work on the rainbow lapbook today and already we both love it! Here’s how we began…

1st we read the book, Rainbow and You, which was a great way to begin for us! I wanted to start by teaching Roy G Biv, using the printable I created for him. This book did a great job of introducing Roy G Biv and also rainbows in general.

After reading the book, he got to work on his roygbiv mini book, and we also introduced color word spelling using the printable I created from the songs at this site. He really liked learning how to spell color words with these cute songs.Here he is posing with his completed product!

Rainbows ~ Little Laplinks

For April, Little Laplinks is doing a lapbook all about rainbows and we are excited to get started!

First, I created a printable myself, to teach roygbiv. I just couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I made it myself. You can find it in PDF form here. I also have books we will be using and just might make some more items if I can’t find other things I am looking for (I already have one in mind!).
I really wanted an accurate rainbow for P to be able to color that actually had all 7 spaces of the rainbow! I found that here.
We also plan to uses these printables for our lapbook…
We plan to use a few items that others have already linked up…
Noah’s Ark mini book
I’m hoping to make a printable with these songs for learning to spell color words, you’ll have to check back if you’re interested! **edited** I made the mini book for the songs! It is here.
I will add photos of our completed lapbook when we’re done! Jump on over to Lapbook Lesson’s Little Laplinks to see other ideas form other blogs!