Ideas for Using ~ Dot Fun Printables

I get questions frequently about certain printables I offer, from moms wanting to know what they are intended to be used for.  In honor of these questions, I am doing a series of blog posts, based on the printables I get the most questions about! If there is a printable included in a Preschool Pack, Tot Pack, or others,  that you have wondered about, let me know in the comments and I will add it to my list of future posts!

First up, dot fun printables!

Ideas for Using Dot Fun Printables

I am certainly not the only one to offer these, they have been around for years.  I offer dot fun printables in a few locations on my site.

Animal ABC {this is mostly what you see in the post since we are currently using these.  These are a part of the Animal ABC Bundle, or can be purchase by themselves at Teacher’s Notebook here.Animal ABC Dot Fun


Facebook Fan Freebie ~ this is an additional set of dot fun animals {not a complete a-z set, just extra animals for the letters that had them}Animal ABC Dot Fun Extra Animals


Tot/Preschool Packs that have dot fun: Dora, Little Einsteins, Baby Animals, Octonauts, {there may be more, those are the ones I could remember!}

You can also find TONS of dot fun activities on Making Learning Fun {look under letter M they call them magnet pages}, Homeschool Creations, and more. Here’s a great post from Simply Montessori with a great collection of dot printables she has found online! People call them different things, but they are all the pages with the blank dots on them!

Here are a few of my ideas of how to use these printable in a variety of ways! If you have more ideas, leave them in the comments!

The most obvious is usually dot paint!  This is fun, and a one use item.  Once it’s painted on, it’s usually done.Dot Paint Fun

Another one use item is small stickers.  Stickers work on many fine motor skills and are really good for tots to explore.  When my tots are young, I line the stickers up as shown on the left, to allow as much independence as possible.

Stickers for Tots Stickers on Dots


Markers are another way to use dot fun pages.  My daughter likes to color in the circles, which is great fine motor work also.  If  you’ve ever seen the Kumon Let’s Color workbook, you’ll notice the similarities.

Toddler Coloring

If you are brave, get out the glitter for your tot and let him/her shake it on the glue you put on the letters!Glitter Fun


Glitter Fun


Finger Paint is another fun use.  It takes great concentration, as you can see!  She really loved this!Finger Paint

Want to use your dot fun multiple times?  Slip it into a sheet protector or a dry erase center, then get out your play dough! Roll balls with your tot, then find a small object for your tot to smoosh into the balls for extra fine motor work!Play Dough Dot Fun


Play Dough Dot Fun

Grab a cookie sheet and use small home made magnets to put on the dots.  You can buy magnets, or you can make your own.  We have pom pom magnets and gem magnets.  I made both with a glue gun, mini magnets, and that’s it!

Magnet Dot Fun

Homeschool Tot School Letter R -8531

Helpful Dot Fun Items…

Remember ~ when using small objects with young children, they need constant supervision.  Many of the items suggested are choking hazards and should never be in the hands of a young child who isn’t properly supervised.

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Calvert 1st Grade Printables

Krash is using Calvert 1st grade, and it is still the same as when PacMan used it!  I remember thinking during Pac’s year how much a few things would have helped me.  I am working now to create those things and will be sharing them here as I get them done for any of you who are using or will be using Calvert First Grade!  If you aren’t using Calvert, these posts won’t be of much interest to you, sorry!

First up, Lesson Planning Printables!

1st Grade Lesson Planning Sheet

The manual is wonderful, but large!  I find it easier to have the basics on one page for each week.  I listed the main subject areas on the left, in no particular order.  I also included a blank page in case you’d like to list yours differently!

I use a pencil to write on these, then put them in a binder for the year.  We also use their ATS assessment service, so I file the assessments in groups also.  That way everything is in one notebook all year long. I do it the same way with PacMan too, he will be in 5th grade this year.

>~> Download Calvert 1st Grade Lesson Planning Printables Here <~<

I have these lesson plans available for 3rd Grade Calvert here.

More Calvert 1st Grade Printables coming soon!  See our curriculum post here.  I will be updating our curriculum post for the 012-2013 school year soon!

Summer Sight Word Work

Summer Sight Word Work

My boys are working on the Summer Challenge, and one of the ways they earn points is by doing extra schoolwork.  PacMan has the Summer Bridge 4th-5th workbook and it is perfect for solid review.  I may order Krash the K-1st edition if he completes what I already have for him, we’ll see!  Currently Krash is hard at work using printables!

Summer Learning Kindergarten (1 of 4)

I have two main goals for him during our review time, handwriting practice and sight word review.  Sure, there are other things we will review, but those are my two simple goals.  Simple helps keep me focused and not get too overwhelmed.

I made him packets, based on the You Can Read units.  Here is his Unit 1 Review Packet.  On top, I put the box handwriting practice…Summer Learning Kindergarten (3 of 4)

Under that, I added an extra printable set I am creating.  If you use YCR, you are familiar with the “Find the Words in the Sentence” printable, it looks like this:Slide19

I took those same sentences and made a handwriting practice sheet for each sentence, the first worksheet is shown below…Summer Learning Kindergarten (4 of 4)

This style helps with so many objectives; including handwriting, sight words, reading, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, comprehension and more.Summer Learning Kindergarten (2 of 4)

I am in the process of creating sentence practice worksheets for all 18 units of You Can Read.  The bundled set will be added into the You Can Read Bundle.

For now, I am offering what I have for FREE, if any of you want to try them out as some extra summer work for your rising first grader!  I have completed the first 4 units and put them together with the box handwriting printables {also a YCR extra} for a free Summer Sight Word Work packet! 

~>~>~>~ Download Summer Sight Word Work Here <~<~<~<~

More Summer Work…

We are also using another freebie for our summer work, The Handwriting Book from Growing Kinders.


I LOVE these pages, for so many reasons, they touch on so many skills.  Summer Learning Kindergarten (2 of 7)


Finally, I have a notebook I put together for him, using some free samples from Creative Teaching Press.  I just browsed through their workbooks and printed a few that are at his review level.  Summer Learning Kindergarten (7 of 7)


Krash is motivated to do work like this in the summer thanks to our Summer Challenge.  Recently he got his first prize, a Beyblade!  Here he was moments before he earned it, working hard!

Handwriting Practice

Happy Summer Learning!

Shapes Printables & More

Shape Ideas

As my site grows, I realize it becomes more difficult to navigate.  I promise I do my best to keep it organized, but it is so hard!  In addition to my theme posts, I am putting together 5 basic posts: ABC Printables,123 Printables, Colors Printables, Shape Printables, and Bible Printables.  My goal is to link everything I can think of that is on my site under those categories.  I may even miss something of my own, let me know if I do!

Daily Calendar Notebook

There are shape printables included in the Daily Calendar Notebook set.  Slide14 Slide15


Shape of the Day Printable

Shapes Printable

Tot School Printables

Each Tot School Printable unit has a shape printable, with the theme object inside of shapes.Apples in Shapes

Tot Time Notebook

Numbers & Shapes Set

Tot Time Numbers and Shapes

Animal ABCs

Units can be purchased in bundle format, or individual letters can be downloaded for free when available. Each unit has a shape tracer printable.Alligator Shapes

Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten

Colors and shapes worksheets are located within each specific letter unit.Color the Shape

Shape Tracers

Shape Tracers

Shapes Around Me

Shapes Around Me

Shape Wheel

Shape Wheel

Shape Printables

from Preschool Packs and Tot Packs

You can find shape printables within many packs.  Download the entire pack and you will find these pages within!  Below are a few examples.

Example from Candy Preschool PackPreschool Pack Candy10

Example from Little Einsteins Tot PackLittle Einsteins Tot Book 2

Example from Mickey Mouse PackMickey Mouse Shapes

Example from Princess Preschool PackPrincess Preschool Pack 6

Example from Toy Story Preschool PackPreschool Pack Toy Story3

Example from Veggie Tales Tot Booksimple rectangle bookVEGGIE TALES shapes1

Example from Rainbow Tot Pack

Rainbow Shapes Rainbow Shapes

Clip & Learn Wheel

Cat Shapes

PowerPoint Shows

{available to members of this section-info here}

Shapes PowerPoint Show


A Few Favorite Shapes Products

Beginner Pattern Blocks  Shape Puzzle  Shape Bean Bags

Top Shape Apps We Have

{for our iPad}

image  image66  image  image

Shapes Ideas on Pinterest


A Few Favorite Shapes Books

Mouse Shapes A Circle Here A Square There Shapes Color Zoo Shapes Shapes Shapes

I will add more as I create, this post will be linked up top in my navigational menu under the “Printables by Theme” link.

Summer Challenge 2012

It’s that time again!  Time to give the kids something productive to do, so they don’t drive me nuts with their boredom!

Summer Challenge

We have been doing the Summer Challenge for years and it has really helped us!  I adapt the challenge each year for the current ages/stages of my boys, here I will share this year’s version!

The forms are the same as they were last year, I just updated the cards outlining what the boys can choose to earn points, and I also added in a couple of new checklists for the boys to fill out.


Keeping Track…

Each boy has a graph, these hang up on our dry erase board this year. I keep a pencil and a highlighter nearby for recording points, they are in the little silver things {from Ikea}.

Summer Challenge Set Up

To record points, I write in the box what the point was earned for {so we don’t forget if it was marked} and color with a highlighter.  Krash is blue, Pac is green. I offer these for you to download, and there are 2 forms for girls too {link is at the bottom of post}!

Summer Challenge Graphs  


Let’s Earn Some Points!

Each boy also has a set of cards, they can flip through to choose point earning tasks.  These cards include the following…

Summer Challenge Krash 

Summer Challenge Pac

Their cards are printed on cardstock, laminated, cut apart, and hung up using a metal ring.

For extra schoolwork, PacMan is using the Summer Bridge workbook for 4th-5th grade.

Once his 5th Grade box from Calvert arrives, and I have time to plan out his first 20 lessons, he will also have the option to get a jump start on school work.   Krash has already begun his 1st grade curriculum, so he can get points for any schoolwork he completes.  I am probably going to get him a review workbook too, for more independence, since he needs to work with me for much of his 1st grade work.


Contribution Checklists

This year I also added in morning/evening contribution checklists.  If the boys check these off, and turn them into a parent BEFORE doing anything “fun” {tv, video games, playing, etc.}  they get a point. In the evening, they have to put it on my desk before going to bed.  The kicker is filling the sheet out and remembering to turn it in.  This is SO difficult for them to remember, but we do it to help them learn responsibility.Summer Challenge Krash Checklist

I do not offer a printable to download for these, but you could make your own using the table feature in Word or another program.  I use Publisher and PowerPoint to work in to make most of my printables. Summer Challenge Pac Checklist


What About the Prizes?

Daddy and I are still editing the prize list, I just didn’t want to wait to post this, since school is out or getting out soon for most of you!  You can see the prize sheets from last year, we are just adjusting based on each boy’s interests. I provide blank prize sheets in the printable set, you can write your info in, or use the idea to create your own!


~>~>~> Download Summer Challenge Printables Here <~<~<~