Transportation Preschool Fun

We added in a Transportation unit recently and I wanted to share the activities Krash enjoyed! We used Jolanthe’s Transportation Preschool Pack and my Cars Preschool Pack for our learning fun!  It was a short unit, but fun for a small break from RRSP!  I have learned that taking a week here and there to just do a fun theme is good for both of us!


The following photos are all activities taken from the Transportation Preschool Pack.

Transportation Preschool Pack Button copy

Shadow Matching…


3-Part PuzzlesIMG_7200

Sorting Left/Right…IMG_7208

Labeling {he LOVED this}IMG_7228



The following activities were all from the Cars Preschool Pack

Cars Preschool Pack

Labeling Shapes {again, LOVED this}IMG_7387


SO proud!!!IMG_7397



Play Doh…IMG_7412

Counting and Tracing…IMG_7382


He LOVED the Racing Cars game, which we got from Mama Jenn.  We also used our Education Cubes with number inserts to play.IMG_7237


The Transportation Sensory Bin was played with daily!



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Solar System Preschool {& Beyond} Pack

My boys are studying the solar system, mostly because Pac Man has reached that point in his 3rd grade science curriculum.  Krash is very interested so I am planning to include him in a fun filled week all about Outer Space!  WE have already started and had a wonderful introduction by reading through the Magic School Bus chapter book: Space Explorers,image

At first Krash didn’t like it but then he got into it once he accepted the fact that there were few pictures.  I have tried to read the boys a chapter a day as soon as I put Ladybug down for her nap each day.  We have been curling up in our large bean bag all together and pretending it is the moon. 

After reading each day we have been playing extremely ACTIVE games {which I plan to share later} to help reinforce the vocabulary they are learning through the book.  Pac Man is also completing portions from this awesome lapbook  {Space Explorers} too, which I will share when it is complete.

I love Jolanthe’s Astronaut Preschool Pack and also Maureen’s A is for Astronaut unit, and will be  incorporating some of those items into our week also.  I have also created a new pack based on the SOLAR SYSTEM! Solar System Preschool Pack I created it to be able to be used by several different age groups.  Focusing on the skills I want my boys to learn from this unit!

Vocabulary is a huge goal of mine, so I created these Solar System 3 part cards, which are Montessori based.  There is a control sheet for matching and this page is cut apart to match the word to the picture.  For younger children you could just use them as flashcards, for older kids you can leave out the use of the control {self correcting} sheet.Solar System 3 part Nomenclature Cards

A new element to my packs is sentence building cards.  Krash is learning to read currently so I want to give him many opportunities to build this skill!  I created a set of simple word cards and also some space vocabulary cards to build sentences with.  I included a sample sentence sheet also in case you are feeling brain dead ;-).

Solar System Building Sentences sight words Solar System Building Sentences Space Words

This is a mini book focusing on the order of the 8 planets {yes I left out Pluto} from the sun…Solar System Planet Order Mini Book

This might be my very favorite, size sequencing using planets!  I made them in the correct size order {although they are not exactly to scale-I’m not that good}.

Solar System Planets Printables

This is a cut, sort and glue page, for Krash-Solar System Sorting Printable

I will  be blogging all about our unit, but it isn’t scheduled to happen until next week at the earliest {depending on sick kids!}.  I have an entire sensory bin planned out and I am really excited!  There’s also a new PowerPoint show in the Members Only section, I will be sharing more about that later this week!

You can download the entire Solar System Learning Pack here!

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Nativity Preschool Pack

Christmas Nativity Printables

I was not planning on creating an entire Preschool Pack for the Christmas season, BUT we are “stuck” down south for a few more days due to ridiculous car repair issues. I did not bring school books for the boys so they are continuing to play with the grandparents {who gladly soak up the playtime and are wonderful with the kids}.  I am left with a mind that creates when I am frustrated.  So, thanks to my car frustration, we all have a new Nativity Preschool Pack!

I made an assortment of printables, some to be laminated and reused, some are just simple worksheets.  You could use them all as worksheets, or even laminate the worksheets to use again and again.  If you don’t have a laminator, you can slide the pages into sheet protectors to use with a dry erase marker. I have a few ideas of how to use them all myself and will be sharing throughout the month after we get home and get in the swing of things again!

Nativity Preschool Pack Beginning SoundsNativity Preschool Pack colorsNativity Preschool Pack CountingNativity Preschool Pack Easy Reader

Nativity Preschool Pack PreWritingNativity Preschool Pack SizesNativity Preschool Pack Sorting

You can download the Nativity Preschool Pack here! 

{it now includes Kindergarten printables too}

Don’t forget I also have an entire Christmas Fun page and you can see the ideas I have collected from around the web on mytumblrsite!

PS-Aren’t the graphics precious? I broke down and bought them from Stockberry Studio!  I am so glad I did, I love them and hope you do to!

Christmas Printables for Kids

Christmas Printables for Kids

I have made a few new Christmas Printables for kids in my spare time while out of town this weekend ;-).  You can download them straight from this post by clicking on the image, or you can see the entire Christmas Fun webpage where I have a larger collection of links. Here in this post are the new printables I have created this year!

I made a few Christmas song printables for our “Something Special” music time…

Christmas Preschool Songs

This is a set of alphabet tracers based on a poem I found online {the link is in the PDF file}.Christmas ABCs

These are 2 color by shape pages I created for Krash {I may make more of these as he really loves things like this right now}Christmas Color by Shapes


There may be more to come, but I wanted to share these now as I know many of you are in full Christmas-swing right now!

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Thanksgiving Preschool Pack

Thanksgiving Preschool Pack

We haven’t even printed our Thanksgiving Preschool Pack, but since it is time-sensitive, I wanted to share it ASAP!  Below is a sampling of what is included, you can print it all or just pick and choose the things your tot, preschooler, or even Kindergartner would like!  I hope you enjoy and as always-please let me know if you find any typos!

 Thanksgiving Preschool Pack Play Doh Mat

Thanksgiving Preschool Pack Color by numberThanksgiving Preschool Pack ColoringThanksgiving Preschool Pack Sorting

Thanksgiving Preschool Pack T TracingThanksgiving Preschool Pack TracingThanksgiving Preschool Pack numbers

Again, I photographed our Thanksgiving toys and used those images for a majority of the printables.  I got asked last time by a few people how I do this and as much as I would love to explain-it isn’t an entirely easy thing.  I know how to do these sorts of Photoshop/photography things from back in my days as a pro photographer!  I am sure there are fabulous tutorials online somewhere, I just don’t have the time to write them!

You can download the entire Thanksgiving Preschool Pack here!

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