Community Helper Dot Fun Printables

Community Helper Dot Fun Printables

Sometimes I find cute clipart and just have to make something with it.  Cute community helper clipart leads to some new community helper printables for you!  This mini printable pack features dot fun letter mazes, dot fun large letters and a dot fun beginning sound activity. The following jobs are featured in this pack: doctor, teacher, farmer, firefighter, construction worker, pilot, & police officer.

Community Helpers Printables (3) Community Helpers Printables (4)Community Helpers Printables (5) Community Helpers Printables (6)Community Helpers Printables (7) Community Helpers Printables (8)Community Helpers Printables (9) Community Helpers Printables (10)Community Helpers Printables (11) Community Helpers Printables (2)

Download the Community Helper Dot Fun Printables here!


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U.S.A. States and Capitals Worksheets

USA States and Capitals Worksheets

We have been learning all about the United States of America this year, with an emphasis on locations and capitals. I have been using our U.S.A. geography plan that I shared here with my 1st and 4th grader.  I will expect my 4th grader to master this, the 1st grader is participating mostly for exposure.

USA States and Capitals Worksheets

We are almost done with all 50 states and all along I have wanted review worksheets to use with them but I didn’t like any I found online so I finally took the time to make my own.  We will be using these as a review starting now and working until the end of our homeschool year.

We personally go in ABC order with states, so I am sharing that version for free here!  I have had others ask for a regional version, so I took time to create that version also and put it in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop and Educents Shop.

Each version has a worksheet and an answer key. Here’s a peek at the ABC order version…

USA States and Capitals Worksheets USA States and Capitals Worksheets


Below you can see my kids using the first worksheet. I scaled it down to print half size to save on printing. I had to help Ladybug a lot, which is fine, she is joining just for exposure.  Krash was able to do it all on his own and actually LOVED it.  He begged to do the rest all in one day!

USA States and Capitals Worksheets -3729

We will continue to use these for review, I am glad I finally created something I like!  Hope may of you enjoy it too!

Download the ABC order version for FREE here!

USA States and Capitals Worksheets

Grab the REGIONAL version

here in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop

or here in my Educents Shop!

Teacher's Notebook USA States and Capitals by Region

See our entire USA Geography plan here and our USA PowerPoint here.

United States Geography Homeschool Plan for Elementary USA PowerPoint

Books of the Bible Poster ~ Free Printable

Books of the Bible Poster

A few months ago I shared an updated Books of the Bible Song Book printable. I am still {slowly} working on more printables that are Bible based.  I have a new Bible printable for you today, a color-coded Books of the Bible poster! The books are divided by type of book. I realize there are various ways to divide by type. I chose to use this code:

  • Law: red
  • History: orange
  • Poetry & Wisdom: yellow
  • Major Prophets: dark green
  • Minor Prophets: lime green
  • Gospel: light blue
  • History: aqua
  • Paul’s Letters: dark blue
  • General Letters: purple
  • Prophecy: pink
    This Books of the Bible poster can be printed on plain paper, cardstock, or even photo paper to display however you desire!
    Use it along with the Books of the Bible songs to help your kids memorize the books and also give them a visual for the types of books through the color code. Stay tuned for more printables to go along with this color code!

Download your free Books of the Bible Poster here!

Bible Printables

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    Books of the Bible Songs 

Animal Alphabet Coloring Pages Letters G-L

Animal Alphabet Coloring Printables G through L

We have a new set of Animal Alphabet Coloring Printables for you!  Letters G through L are free to download here and other free sets will be coming.  if you don’t want to wait, you can grab the full set here in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop.

Each letter features an animal and a fun coloring picture to go along. G is for giraffe, H is for hedgehog, I is for iguana, J is for jaguar, K is for koala and L is for lion.

G for giraffe coloring page H for hedghog coloring pageI for iguana coloring page J for jaguar coloring pageK for koala coloring page L for lion coloring page

You will also find the name of the animal at the bottom of the coloring page too.  This helps with print awareness in young children. These coloring pages are a great addition for children who are learning their letters and love to color! 

Download G-L for free here!

Grab the entire set here in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop!


Grab A-F here!



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Spring Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Spring Bible Verse Coloring Pages

We have a brand new set of Spring Bible Verse Coloring printables. These are great for adults who like to color as well as children. 

The idea behind “Just Color!” is simple ~ theme packs all focused around coloring. The coloring pages are all in one download to make it easier to download and print all at once, in case you have coloring monsters like I do!

If you want to make a mini coloring book, you can scale down PDF files.

Here’s a peek at the different Spring Bible Verse pages in this free printable coloring set! Pick the ones you like and enjoy some coloring time {with or without your kids}!

Spring Bible Verse Coloring (1) Spring Bible Verse Coloring (2)Spring Bible Verse Coloring (3) Spring Bible Verse Coloring (4)

Download the Spring Bible Verse coloring printables and more here!

Spring Bible Verse Coloring

Look for this graphic and click to download!


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