Thanksgiving Calendar Connections 2016-2018

Several  years ago we released the Thanksgiving Calendar Connections cards. Each year the date of Thanksgiving changes, so updates are needed.This new update will give you the pages you need to use this set from 2016-2018!

Thanksgiving Calendar Connections 2016 through 2018

The premium version of the new Thanksgiving Calendar Connections cards updated for 2016-2018 can be downloaded on the main Calendar Connections webpage, for FREE! Just scroll down to the Thanksgiving section.

The facts are written at a 3-6th grade level but you will be able to water them down for younger kids. It’s a great way to involve your entire family in exploring a particular theme.

NOTE: these DO print front to back, as they are the premium design.

I am no longer updating the small set, just the large set!

These fit perfectly in the calendar shown in the Amazon widget below.

You can use most of our Calendar Connections cards for any month! There are even more here!

Calendar Connections Set 1

Some of our favorite Thanksgiving books…

More Thanksgiving Fun…

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Fall Graphing and Counting Printables

Free Fall Counting and Graphing Printables

We have another fall freebie for you! A mini set of graphing and counting printables!

My 2nd grader still loves to play roll and graph, and she has since her Tot School days!  When she was younger we used the 1-5 graph, but now we use the 1-10 graph!

Fall Graphing Printable Fall Graphing Printable


She plays with or without me, which is great. I taught her to choose her ‘winner’ from the images! she likes to ‘race’ the images. She likes to use small objects {our fall bowl is filled with small items from Dollar Tree, collected over the years} to record so she can play again and again.

2nd Grade -8156


Here’s a peek on Instagram of her playing roll and graph…

A video posted by Carisa (@1plus1plus1) on


Here are more ideas for using Roll and Graph printables!

Ideas for Using Roll and Graph



She saw me setting up some of these for photos and said, “Mommy, I will do them for you for your blog!” I love having a child who still thinks the ‘little kid’ activities are fun! This photo below was taken before she helped me out, I used our bowl of fall themed minis {thank you Dollar Tree over the years}. When using this printable, it is helpful to encourage your child to place small items on the images to keep track of how many have been counted, as shown below.

Fall Counting -7783


She also did the 1-10 puzzle, I made it a tad bit more challenging for her by cutting the strips an extra time to make more pieces! Still easy for her, but she likes stuff like this! It’s more geared towards Tot-K.

Fall Counting -8098


All of these fun counting and graphing printables are included in this free set!

Fall Graphing Printable Fall Graphing Printable Fall Graphing PrintableFall Graphing Printable Fall Graphing Printable Fall Graphing PrintableFall Math Worksheet Fall Printable Puzzle


This freebie is from our new Fall Mega Bundle, filled with over 50 pages containing 36 different activities for tots-Kindergartners.

Download your FREE Fall Graphing & Counting here!

Some of these will be released as freebies over the next couple of weeks, but not all. A few favorites in the Mega Bundle! Great for those of you with younger kids, there is a wide variety of activities that you can pull out year after year all in one place.  

Fall Mega Bundle  Fall Mega Bundle Fall Mega Bundle  Fall Mega Bundle


Want all 36 activities? 

Grab the Fall Mega Bundle here from our shop on Teacher’s Notebook!

Fall Mega Bundle

Fall Play Dough Mats

Fall Play Dough Mats

As I was creating these new fall themed play dough mats, my 7 year old daughter peeked over my shoulder and begged me to print one out for her!  She chose the turkey and got to work creating an absolutely adorable turkey!

Fall Play Dough Mats -7806

She has loved play dough for years and still enjoys our Busy Hands Play Dough Box regularly. We like to make our own play dough and I am planning to make a new fall batch this week, but she had some store-bought Play-Doh so she used that!

Fall Play Dough Mats -7813

At first she was upset that we didn’t have the ‘proper matching’ turkey colors. Once she was done she loved her colorful creation and so did I!

Fall Play Dough Mats -7822


Playing with play dough and using printables to inspire creative play is a great addition to an early childhood learning environment. Playing with play dough is great for developing fine motor skills and is an awesome sensory experience. The printable mats bring an added element of play and expose letter and print identification also!

This set includes 5 different pages, perfect to use throughout the fall!

Fall Play Dough Mats (1) Fall Play Dough Mats (2)Fall Play Dough Mats (3) Fall Play Dough Mats (4) Fall Play Dough Mats (5)



Download your FREE Fall Play Dough Mats here!

Free Fall Play Dough Mats

This freebie is from our new Fall Mega Bundle, filled with over 50 pages containing 36 different activities for tots-Kindergartners.

Fall Mega Bundle 1 Fall Mega Bundle 2Fall Mega Bundle 3 Fall Mega Bundle 4

Want all 36 activities?

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through Oct. 21, 2016

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Fall Mega Bundle

Songs for Saplings ~ Questions with Answers Volume 1 NEW Printables

Songs for Saplings Questions with Answers 1 Bible Verse Tracers and Fill in the Blank Printables


A few years ago I created some printables to go along with one of my favorite CDs, Songs for Saplings Questions with Answers, Volume 1. You’ll find a poster for each song and some quiz cards about the Biblical truth taught in the song in that set.

In our new set of printables, you will find two new items to use with these songs.

 Songs for Saplings -7708


One is a fill-in-the-blank with missing words from the lyrics.

Songs for Saplings


The other is a verse card sharing the Bible verse{s} the song is based on. She uses the cursive set and traces missing words for a small cursive practice. I also have her read the verse to me in cursive to practice reading cursive. I included a manuscript set also in case you prefer those.

Songs for Saplings  Songs for Saplings


My daughter is in 2nd grade and is using these for part of her Bible curriculum this year. She is learning one song per week.

I put the CD on an old iPod and taught her how to find it and play the right song. Once I helped her for the first week, she learned to manage this on her own. 

Here’s what she does each week…

Monday ~ She uses the song lyric poster and just listens to the song.

Tuesday ~ She listens to the song again, and then traces the missing words on the Bible verse card.

Songs for Saplings -7079

Wednesday ~ She listens to the song and uses the quiz card to check her understanding of the truth being presented in the song.

Thursday ~ She listens to the song and fills in the missing words on the printable.

Friday ~ She shows me all of her work and sings the song for me. She mostly has it memorized by then, but I allow her to read along if she needs to. We discuss the truth and review the previous weeks also. Below she was singing her song to me, she had memorized this one and wanted me to hold the lyrics so she wouldn’t peek.

Songs for Saplings -6254


I added this to her curriculum on a whim and am SO glad I did. She loves these songs and is learning so much. I am hoping to find time to make printables for the Questions and Answers 2 so we can keep going when she finishes these!

Here’s a video clip from Instagram showing her signing along as she was tracing the verse.

A video posted by Carisa (@1plus1plus1) on

Download Questions with Answers Volume 1 for FREE here!


For this month only {Oct.’16} use code 1plus1plus1 to download all 6 for FREE!


You can download these new printables here on my Bible Printables webpage, just look for the graphic and click on it!

Songs for Saplings Questions with Answers 1 Bible Verse Tracers and Fill in the Blank Printables


Download the first set of printables for this CD here!

Questions with Answers Volume 1 God and Creation Printables


Looking for the Songs for Saplings ABC printables?


Pumpkin Coloring Pages

Pumpkin Coloring Pages

We have a new set of PUMPKIN coloring pages for you!  The idea behind “Just Color!” is simple ~ theme packs all focused around coloring. The coloring pages are all in one download to make it easier to download and print all at once, in case you have coloring monsters like I do!

Remember, if you want to make a mini coloring book, you can always scale down PDF files! If you have any problems downloading or printing these or other PDF files, seetroubleshooting tips here.

The following pumpkin themed pages are in this set!

Pumpkin Coloring (1) Pumpkin Coloring (2)

Pumpkin Coloring (3)

Pumpkin Coloring (4) Pumpkin Coloring (5)

Download your free Pumpkin Coloring Pages here!

Scroll down until you see this graphic and click to download the set.Pumpkin Coloring Pages

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