Fun Printables for Kids from The Crafty Classroom!

One of my very favorite curriculum publishers is The Crafty Classroom! FOUR of their products are in this year’s BYB! My very favorite is the WRITE Interactive Notebook. This product is valued at $9 and is included in the Thematic Units Bundle which is only $9.95!

We have been using this for awhile and absolutely LOVE it! I got it for my daughter who is finishing up 2nd grade this year. This front cover says “Kindergarten” but it is definitely appropriate for K-2 and maybe even some 3rd graders who enjoy this type of thing. It is a fun and creative way to review grammar skills, which is what she needed!


Grammar Notebook-21  Grammar Notebook-27

Grammar Notebook-27-2

Grammar Notebook-28  Grammar Notebook-2

Grammar Notebook-18

Grammar Notebook-18-2

Grammar Notebook-18-3

Grammar Notebook-18-4


My next favorite is the Super Sequence Activity Pack, I wish I had this when my kids were younger, it is a great science resource…lots of life cycle sequencing! This product is valued at $5 and is found in the Thematic Units Bundle also!!


Crafty Classroom Super Sequence (1 of 1)

Bible Memory for Kids is another awesome product, and so is the Periodic Table of Elements.



Find BM4K in the Character Bundle and the Periodic Table of Elements in the Elementary #3 Bundle.

character elementary3 thematic-units


You can also grab all of these with a Build Your Own Bundle option!


How We Print All of the Homeschool Curriculum

Print it all with HP Instant Ink

{Note- this is not a sponsored post, I bought our printer on Amazon and pay full price for Instant Ink. My Instant Ink referral link is used in this post. I have also used affiliate links for the products linked in this post}

Homeschoolers print a lot. We use a lot of ink. For our family, HP Instant Ink has been an incredible solution for our printing needs! We have had this specific printer for over 2 years now and it is still going strong!  It’s an HP Deskjet 8610, it is here on Amazon. I am using HP’s Instant Ink service and love it!

One of the BEST things about Instant Ink – each page counts as 1 page no matter how much ink you use! If you are printing full color pages this makes the subscription a HUGE savings! I wish I had this service back when I was printing loads of Tot School and Preschool printables!

HP Instant Ink -18


There are many HP printers that are compatible with Instant Ink, here’s the list from their site. Be sure to double check yourself on their site before purchasing. I copied this list in May 2017.

  • HP ENVY 4500 Series
  • HP ENVY 5530 Series
  • HP ENVY 5660 Series
  • HP ENVY 7640 Series
  • HP Officejet 4630 Series
  • HP Officejet 5740 Series
  • HP Officejet 8040 Series with Neat®
  • HP Officejet Pro 6830 Series
  • HP Officejet Pro 8610 Series
  • HP Officejet Pro 8620 Series
  • HP Officejet Pro 8630 Series

The basics of Instant Ink…

You sign up and they send you a starter pack.  When you use my referral link we BOTH get a free month of Instant Ink!!! You wait to install the starter pack until your initial ink runs out.  Your Instant Ink subscription does not begin until you install the first instant ink cartridge.

The printer connects wirelessly to HP and automatically tracks your pages printed and how much ink you have left.

New ink is sent to you before you run out, you don’t even have to think about it! The ink sent to you is “free” as it is included in your monthly cost.


Monthly Plan Options…

I am now on the $9.99/month plan for 300 pages. This also means I can roll over up to 300 pages to the next month if I don’t use them. I can go over 300 pages if needed an pay $1 over 25 pages. Below you can see the different monthly options.



If you are in need of a new printer, I highly recommend getting an HP printer that is compatible with their Instant Ink subscription service.


This wee konly you can get LOADS of homeschool curriculum to print with your new Instant Ink subscription! Be sure to check out the Build Your Bundle sale before May 30!


June 2017 Calendars for Kids

2017 Calendars for Kids June

We have all new 2017 calendars for you! You can download both the tracing and dot version of our calendars for June for free in this post!

Slide7   Slide7


Learning ideas to go along with the tracing printables ~

  • At the beginning of each new month, trace the name of the month, the year, and color the focus picture.
  • Each new day, trace the number and talk about what day it is.
  • Practice counting each day up to the date.
  • Use 2 or 3 colors to write in each month to create a pattern.
  • At the beginning of each month go through and mark the special days {holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or anything your family celebrates}.  Have your child decorate those special dates so you can look forward to them!

Learning ideas to go along with the dot fun printables ~



  • At the beginning of each new month, color the focus picture. If your child doesn’t like to color, color together…make it fun!
  • Each new day, dot paint the day, or use a dot sticker and talk about what day it is.
  • Practice counting each day up to the date.
  • Use 2 or 3 colors to create a pattern.


Don’t have Dot Paint {or don’t want to be messy with little ones}?  Use Dot Stickers instead! 


Download your free June 2017 Calendars here!


We added some calendar fun to our collection this year and have some sets for sale in our Teacher’s Notebook Shop for those of you who want more! You can buy the entire year of either, or a blank version to use any year! You can also buy all 3 in a bundle deal. There’s notebook covers and a year-at-a glance in the sets!

Click on each image to see the individual sets…

2017-Dot-Fun-Calendar-for-Kids20225 2017-Tracing-Calendar-for-Kids19225 Blank-Calendar-for-Kids-Use-Any-Year[1]

Or click here to get them all in a bundle deal!



Get your Calendar Notebook covers here

Calendar Notebook Covers

Looking for more calendar fun?

Add these printables to our Calendar Notebook printables!



Here’s one set up for homeschool calendar time we have had.  Lots of free printables!



Here’s our Calendar Connections for more fun learning!


On the Farm Nomenclature Cards ~ Montessori Printables

We have a new addition in our Montessori Printables collection!


We have a new ON THE FARM Nomenclature set. This set contains 14 different farm animals as well as a tractor, farmer, barn and hay!  Here’s a peek at the cards…

Slide3 Slide5 Slide8 

Unfamiliar with Nomenclature cards, also called 3-Part cards? 

Nomenclature cards are a Montessori based idea. The word Nomenclature comes from the Latin “nomenclatura” which means assigning of names to things. Nomenclature cards are also called “3 part cards” for obvious reasons!

Here’s a couple of articles sharing more about the what, why, and how!


Download your FREE On the Farm Nomenclature Cards here!


Look for this graphic!

On the Farm Montessori Printables Nomenclature 3 Part Cards

The sets available are also listed in alphabetical order, at the bottom of the page, look for the words “On the Farm” and click!


See more Montessori ideas on our Pinterest board!

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Looking for more FARM fun?

Farm Printables Farm Work Drawer Labels Five Little Chicks Kindergarten Literature Unit


Follow {1plus1plus1} Carisa’s board Farm Theme on Pinterest.

Farm Pinterest Board

Let’s Explore Colors Mega Bundle

Let's Explore Colors Mega Bundle Printables


I am excited to share our new Let’s Explore COLORS Mega Bundle with you! If you have a tot, preschooler, Kindergartner or 1st grader be sure to take a look! This bundle is filled with over 20 different activities focusing on 11 different colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, gray, & white.

This set includes many fun printable activities that not only focus on colors, but also literacy skills, early math skills and more. It’s a great early childhood set!

Buy Yours Here…

Let’s Explore Colors Mega Bundle

Let's Explore Colors Mega Bundle


Let’s Explore Colors Mega Bundle

Here’s all that is included in this bundle…


Flashcards ~ print 2 sets and you can play memory with these also.

Color Flashcards (2) Color Flashcards (3) Color Flashcards (1)



BINGO boards ~ use the above flashcards with the BINGO boards to call out the colors.




Color Posters

Color Posters (2) Color Posters (3) Color Posters (4)Color Posters (5) Color Posters (6) Color Posters (1)



3 Part Cards

Color 3 Part Cars (1) Color 3 Part Cars (2)



Color Graphing

Color Graphing (1) Color Graphing (2) Color Graphing (3)



Color Accordion Book and Which One is Different?

Colors Accordion Book Find the Difference



Colors Clip & Learn Wheel and Patterns with Colors

Color Clip and Learn Color Patterns



Clip the Color Word

Clip the Color (2) Clip the Color (1)



Spell with Tiles

Build the color word (2) Build the color word (3) Build the color word (4)Build the color word (6) Build the color word (7) Build the color word (8)



Finish the Picture

Finish the Picture Colors (1) Finish the Picture Colors (2) Finish the Picture Colors (3)Finish the Picture Colors (4) Finish the Picture Colors (5) Finish the Picture Colors (6)Finish the Picture Colors (7) Finish the Picture Colors (8) Finish the Picture Colors (9)

Finish the Picture Colors (10)



Color Matching

Color Matching (2) Color Matching (3)



Color Play Dough Mats

Color Play Dough Mats (2) Color Play Dough Mats (3) Color Play Dough Mats (4)Color Play Dough Mats (5) Color Play Dough Mats (6) Color Play Dough Mats (7)Color Play Dough Mats (8) Color Play Dough Mats (9) Color Play Dough Mats (10)Color Play Dough Mats (11) 


Cut and Match the Sentences

Cut and Match (1) Cut and Match (2)



Easy Reader

Color Easy Reader (2) Color Easy Reader (1)



Matching Memory and Matching Worksheet

Color Matching (1) Color Matching



Sort By Color

Sorting Colors (1) Sorting Colors (2) Sorting Colors (3)



Trace the Color Word

Tracing Color Words (2) Tracing Color Words (3) Tracing Color Words (4)Tracing Color Words (5) Tracing Color Words (6) Tracing Color Words (1)



Tracing Letters

Tracing Letters (1) Tracing Letters (2) Tracing Letters (3)Tracing Letters (4) Tracing Letters (5) Tracing Letters (6)

Here’s a FREEBIE from the bundle!

Fun with Colors Bundle -8 Fun with Colors Bundle -8-3Fun with Colors Bundle -8-2


Download the Color Sorting for free here!


Grab the entire bundle here!