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We had an awesome home preschool year and I am a bit sad to know it is over.  My days of homeschool preschool are completely done {sniff, sniff}.  It is such a special and fun time for me, even with all of the trials that preschoolers can bring {especially my little drama mama}.

Here’s a look back at all of our posts in order from start to finish, with my daughter.  I hope this helps you jump around when looking for ideas for home preschool! If you are just looking for preschool letter based ideas, here’s my A-Z home preschool round up.  Those posts are included in the list below also, so you can see how it all fit together.

We began home preschool with my Raising Rock Stars Preschool {RRSP}, and then switched gears. I will link the posts in order so you can see how it all happened. She began preschool in January of 2013, when she was 3.5 years old. We schooled through the summer and then I revaluated near the end and we began a new plan for the fall of 2013.

You can see it all linked in order below…

Here’s a few more of our preschool posts…

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We are now enjoying homeschool Kindergarten, if you missed our Kindergarten math and literacy goals they are linked below…

Homeschool Kindergarten Literacy Goals    Homeschool Kindergarten Math Goals

Homeschooling Tots and Preschoolers

Homeschooling Tots and Preschoolers

Awhile ago I wrote a 10 Day series entitled, Homeschooling Tots and Preschoolers, which shared ten posts all about early learning at home. 

Below you will find links to the 10 posts from that series, as well as any other I felt might help you if you are on this amazing journey of homeschooling little ones!

First, I shared our Where to Begin with Tot School™ eBook, which is a free bonus for all newsletter subscribers!

Where to Begin with Tot School eBook 


Next, I reminded moms {me included} that we don’t have to do it all!

You Don't Have To Do It All


My friend Becky from This Reading Mama shared a guest post with us about Developmentally Appropriate Practice for Homeschoolers.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice and Homeschoolers 


Next, I share the time I invest in planning for Tot School or Preschool, and how I do it.

Planning for a Theme


My friend Maureen from Spell Outloud shared tips for studying nature with tots.

Studying Nature with Tots


Next I shared the difference between Exposure and Mastery with young children.

What is Tot School


Next I share my heart behind using themes in early childhood.

Why Themes


Maureen came back and shared about homeschooling tots in a large family.



Our VERY favorite learning toys for tots was next!

Favorite Learning Toys 


Finally, I launched a new series sharing theme based printables from around the web.  This series is now complete and you can see links to other letters in that post too.Theme Printables A through E


If you are homeschooling your young children at home, here are the top posts from my site that I recommend reading {in no particular order}! I am a visual person so I opted for graphics rather than a list.

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Here’s a list of a couple of early childhood Pinterest boards you may want to follow. You can see them all here, they are at the top of my boards {themes sorted alphabetically are below my early childhood boards}.

Number Coloring Printables

Free Number Coloring Printables 1-10

We have a new set of number coloring printables in our All 123s section!  This set could be used in a variety of ways.  Your child could color the number and the animals, practicing number identification, number writing and 1:1 correspondence while counting. Get out play dough and make the number and then roll dots for each animal for a hands on way to practice counting. Scale the pdf file down and use them as smaller flashcards. Print full size and use as posters when your child is learning each number.

Click here to download

{look for this graphic on the page and click on it for the PDF file}Number Mats 1-10


Looking for more number based printables? You can find all of these on our All 123s webpage!Free Math Printables from www.1plus1plus1equals1.net

Pencil Grip Correction with a Pom Pom

Pencil Grip Correction with a Pom Pom

You may have noticed in many photos on my blog that my daughter has struggled with pencil grip.  I can’t tell you how proactive I have been about this, yet she still has the worst natural grip of all of my kids.  She will hold the pencil with all 4 fingers on her grip along with her thumb.  She writes neatly for her age, but I know her pencil grip needs correction.   I tend to not push it all the time, which is why you often see the uncorrected version in school photos on my blog.  We specifically spend time working on the correct grip, but she defies me and is stubborn.  Because I want her to LOVE LEARNING, I choose not to fight it all during our school time.

Here’s a recent photo showing her uncorrected grip, which she prefers. It has her entire hand on the pencil!

Uncorrected Pencil Grip


Here’s a photo of the ONLY intervention we have tried that she has accepted.  I seriously was ready to give up and then suddenly, she accepted the pom pom and even will remind me now. You can see the red pom pom in her hand. Her grip still isn’t picture perfect, but it is so much better!

Pencil Grip Correction with a Pom Pom

I first saw this idea here, on Dr.Jean and Friends blog.  You can read the explanation of how to present this correction there. I have tried everything but somehow I had never seen this before.  I figured it was worth a shot.  Thank goodness I tried it.  She accepted it and likes her new little bucket of pom poms to choose from when we are working on grip.

We are continuing to work and using our pom pom to practice a lot.  She will even use it during school time some now.  Her natural grip hasn’t improved much so far, but we are trying! I pay attention to her when she isn’t thinking about it and noticed she still puts all fingers on the crayon/pencil.

I have more pencil grip articles and ideas pinned on my Preschool at Home Pinterest board.  Scroll down, they are mostly about halfway down on the board right now.

Home Preschool with Ladybug A-Z

Home Preschool A to Z from www.1plus1plus1equals1.net

We have completed Ladybug’s Home Preschool and I am working to get all of our posts organized for you to be able to access them easily.  Here is the entire Home Preschool Plan we followed, here is the journey that led us to that decision. Our weekly letter focus was only part of our home preschool and in this post you can see all of the letter based posts, A-Z! We also had our regular Learning With Ladybug feature which shared the other parts of our home preschool. I will get those organized into a post for easy access soon.

Click on each letter to see the post, and you can also see them all on our Home Preschool A-Z Pinterest Board here!

Home Preschool Letter A  Home Preschool Letter B

Home Preschool Letter C   Home Preschool Letter D

Home Preschool Letter E   Home Preschool Letter F

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Home Preschool Letter I  Home Preschool Letter J

Home Preschool Letter K   Home Preschool Letter L

Home Preschool Letter M  Home Preschool letter N

Home Preschool Letter O  Letter P Home Preschool

Home Preschool letter Q  Home Preschool Letter R

Home preschool Letter S  Home Preschool Letter T

Home Preschool Letter U  Home Preschool Letter V

Home Preschool Letter W  Home Preschool Letter X

Home Preschool Letter Y   Home Preschool Letter Z


Here’s the Pinterest board in case you want to pin straight from there!

Home Preschool A to Z Pinterest Board from www.1plus1plus1equals1.net

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