Preschool Printables ~ Shape Tracers


Shape Tracer and Matching Printables

Shape Tracers, Shape Memory, Shape File Folder Game, Shape Flashcards…whatever you want them to be!  I plan to use them for all of the above.  I tried to make a set of printables that could be used over and over again but in many different ways.  You’ll be able to see how we use these in my weekly Preschool Corner posts, I hope you can find a use for them too!


They are printed on white cardstock, and laminated.

You can download Shape Tracers here!

See more ideas for learning shapes here…


Labeling Your Home {school}

Labeling your home for early literacy development

Being a former Kindergarten teacher, my brain thinks in classroom mode sometimes, and early literacy development is on my mind a lot. But, my home is not a classroom, at least not by decorating standards ;-). I don’t think my husband would appreciate a house full of Kindergarten classroom decor.

However, there are ways to modify ideas that are wonderful for Pre-K and K students in a visually appealing way that doesn’t make your home look like 25 kids need to move in.

When I saw this post on Teach Mama I remembered my little tacky labels from teaching {that I actually used for Pac when he was homeschooled K}. I loved the sticker labels Amy used, but knew I couldn’t afford to do that! I saw the simple labels she made and offers for download {which are perfect for those of you who don’t want color or design} and loved them.

Labeling the classroom {or home for homeschoolers} is a wonderful way to bring print awareness into a child’s life in a natural way. A child automatically knows how to “read” the word since it is attached to a known object. This process increases a young child’s confidence and makes print come alive in a very real way. From these simple labels, many activities can be done, which I hope to share more about in the future.

I was inspired to make some home-decor friendly labels for our home {school}




I printed on white cardstock, laminated and put a tiny removable mounting square on the back {so I can easily take them down when we are done with them, but I can also pull them back out when it’s time for Ladybug to have them up}. The mounting squares I have are 1”, but I cut them to be smaller. They do carry smaller ones also. You can get them on Amazon or I have seen them at Target.

Supplies I used

Of course I can’t make something without sharing with you, right? You can download the labels I made here on my Misc. Preschool Printables page.

House Labels image

If you don’t like teal and orange {obviously I do}, you could print on grayscale for a black/gray/white version ;-).

A little giggle for you…my husband walked in after work on the day I put most of the labels up and came upstairs and told me he thought he walked into Sesame Street ;-). So much for making them home friendly huh? He giggled and told me he loved them.

Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ 1st Review Unit


I created the first review unit for Raising Rock Stars Preschool! I hadn’t planned on creating this but the idea popped into brain and I thought it would be good for Krash. As I have shared before, I need things simple and similar, I am a creature of habit and will often feel very scatter-brained with out structure. This is the whole reason I designed RRSP with the main board and notebook {see a new video about the notebook here} in mind. I created the review unit the same way, so as we move along I can add printables from each review unit to the rings and have a complete set when we are done!

You don’t necessarily need to take a week to do a review unit, but could use these materials as a supplement for ongoing review. We will probably do an entire review week when we get home from the beach {we are actually there right now-this post is set to auto-publish}. I will have another post to share how we use our review materials.

I printed the pages on regular paper and laminated, punched a hole and used a metal ring to attach different parts. Included in the review unit:

  • Find the Letter Sheet {I included 2 of each letter-upper and lower case, I laminated ours and plan to have K use a dry erase marker to find certain letters}
  • Bible Verse Cards
  • Sight Word Cards {which K will not be using much yet, he is not grasping sight words at all, and that’s totally fine! The light will click soon enough and we’re ready when it does!}
  • Letter Writing Cards {3 versions so you can choose which you like best. I used 2 and laminated back to back so I can have Krash trace on either} This photo show the front of E and the back of F.


  • Beginning Sound Cards {these can also be used for tracing inside of the letter, which is why I made the letter puffy}


  • Number/Shape/Color Cards {I laminated them back to back so K could work on identifying the number and then flipping the card over to count to check}


The review units are only in the RRSP Bundle!

Preschool Printables ~ Pom Pom Numbers

Pom Pom Number Printables

Yesterday you got a sneak peek of my latest printable, Pom Pom Number Printables.  I made these to help Krash with number ID, counting 1:1, and fine motor practice.

IMG_8678 Print on Cardstock, laminate, put tiny velcro pieces on the cards and stick the other side to a small pom pom.  I matched mine by color, but you certainly don’t have to, I am just anal like that. I also made a set with colored dots, in case you just wanted to use the cards without using any velcro or pom poms.  Your child could practice counting the dots to help with number ID.

If your child is younger make sure you don’t give them all at once, I only gave Krash 1-5 his first time.

I order my velcro dots in major BULK here, and I am set for my homeschooling life I believe.  I was sick of spending too much per dot on Amazon and bit the bullet and bought a ton at once {plus they are smaller so I like them better}.  Specifically I got the 3/8” white dots, in case you’re wondering!

 Download the Pom Pom Number Cards here!

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Preschool Printables ~ Color Puzzles #2


I couldn’t decide which color puzzles I wanted to make, so I made 2 sets {you can see the other set of color puzzles here}!  Here is set #2, which is basically one long board like you see below.  I added velcro to the crayon piece and the color word piece to match on the sides.  These are also laminated and printed on cardstock.IMG_7233-2You could also cut the white parts off of the bottom part if you want, but Krash gets frustrated if puzzles don’t fit perfectly together, so for him I left them solid.  If you cut them out as puzzles, you could use them with magnets on a fridge, or a cookie sheet.  Many, many possibilities!  Enjoy! 

You can download the entire set of Color Puzzles here!