Penguin Painting ~ Home Art Studio Project

We have been using Home Art Studio for a long time now.  You can see all of the projects I have blogged about here! Home Art Studio sent us curriculum to review years ago and has been a blog sponsor ever since.  We love working with them and sharing Home Art Studio with you!

Penguin Art with Home Art Studio

For our most recent project, I actually jumped up to our 3rd grade dvd and chose “Penguins On Ice” after looking at the instructions.  I thought she could handle it and she did!

I completely enjoyed this project with her, which is rare for me.  She is really embracing the idea that art is creative and that everyone’s outcome is different.  Her attitude was fabulous and she smiled a lot. It hasn’t always been this way so I celebrate!

Home Art Studio -2697


Her favorite part was learning the texturing technique taught by Ms. Volin in the video.  She thought this was so fun!

Home Art Studio -2708


She practiced drawing penguins, and then practiced painting them.  She really enjoyed perfecting the types of penguins she wanted on her final piece.  Finally, she decided she liked what she had done and got to work on the final project!

Home Art Studio -2778

Home Art Studio -2783


She LOVED it, and so do I!  She kept saying, “make sure you tell the art teacher I’m only in 1st grade and I did the 3rd grade project!”  She cracks me up!

Home Art Studio -2790


Home Art Studio Information

Home Art Studio is an award winning DVD/ROM based art education program, taught by Lindsey Volin,  designed for homeschooling families. Every fun art project teaches students experience, but who want to ensure that their children receive a well-rounded arts education.

Here are some helpful direct links:

Penguin Doodle Coloring Pages

Penguin Doodle Coloring Pages

We have a brand new set of Penguin Doodle Coloring printables for you! These are great for adults who like to color as well as children. 

The idea behind “Just Color!” is simple ~ theme packs all focused around coloring. The coloring pages are all in one download to make it easier to download and print all at once, in case you have coloring monsters like I do!

If you want to make a mini coloring book, you can scale down PDF files.

Here’s a peek at the different pages in this free printable set! Pick the ones you like and enjoy some coloring time {with or without your kids}!

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Look for this graphic and click to download!Penguin Coloring

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Winter Theme Printables and Ideas

We have lots of printables to help little ones enjoy winter!  Snow, snowmen, penguins, arctic animals, snowballs, winter clothing, igloos, and even Frozen!  Tons of printable fun and other ideas to help you have some educational fun this winter with your kids.

Winter Theme Printables and Ideas


Do you have kids who like to color?  We have two sets of Winter Coloring Printables free to download and print!

Just Color Winter  Winter Coloring Printables

Want to do a bit of learning each day during one of the winter months?  Maybe try our Arctic and Antarctica Calendar Connections {free}.  If you like the version that prints front to back and has the eBook to go along, you could purchase Let’s Explore The Arctic and Antarctica Premium Bundle.

Arctic and Antarctica Calendar Connections  Arctic Bundle

We love our Winter Fun Sensory Bin each year and making Indoor Snow is easy and super fun!

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Have some Q-tip painting fans?  We have a few sets to choose from: Winter Clothing Q-Tip Painting, The Mitten Q-Tip Painting, and Frozen Q-Tip Painting.

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Snowballs in the bath

Snow Painted Snowmen are a super fun winter craft.


Looking to create a winter theme for your tot or preschooler?  See what we did when my daughter was younger: I is for Igloo Winter Tot School Theme, and Winter Theme Preschool Fun.

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Grab our free Winter Fun easy readers!  We have a color version for digital devices, or a black and white printable to color!

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We love Q-tip Painting and have a fun winter themed setSnowman sequencing is fun for tots and preschoolers, we have two sets in color and BW!

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Winter Books for Kids

Looking for even more ideas?  Be sure to visit our Winter Printerest board!

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Just Color! ~ Winter Fun

The idea behind Just Color! is simple ~ theme packs all focused around coloring. There are mostly coloring pages, and a few coloring activities. The coloring pages are all in one download to make it easier to download and print all at once, in case you have coloring monsters like I do!

I just added a new Winter Fun Coloring set! This set features penguins, kids having fun in the snow, winter clothing, and winter sports!

Winter Coloring Printables

Remember, if you want to make a mini coloring book, you can always scale down PDF files! If you have any problems downloading or printing these or other PDF files, see troubleshooting tips here.

We also have 1 other Winter Coloring set…

Just Color Winters


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Winter Theme Printables & More

Winter Theme Collection


I am gathering a wide collection of free printables within certain themes. In order to better organize these online, I have created theme blog posts for the themes I have created many printables for!  Links to these pages in the top navigational bar labeled “Theme Printables” so you can jump to them easily.


In this post, I will direct you to the page where the file is hosted on my website or blog, since they are in various places! I hope this helps you find things within themes! I will try to gather anything I have done, created, or posted about surrounding this theme. Slowly I am adding more blog posts like this to help you find everything for the major themes we have done and will do.

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Let’s Explore The Arctic & Antarctica Bundle


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Winter Tot Pack


Letter Crafts {from Totally Tots}

image image

Penguin Lapbook


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image  image

Winter Bible Verse


Raising Rock Stars Family Night ~ Snowflake Theme


“The Hat” Story Props & More


“The Mitten” Story Props & More


 Snow Painted Snowmen

Snow Painted Snowmen

Use white glue, and white shaving cream to make puffy “snow” paint!


Winter Books & More…


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